Wedding (or event) Skin Prep

So my wedding is less than a month away! Scary! But aside from seating plans and flowers I'm also worrying about my skin. Obviously I want it too look the very best it can be, so enlisted the help of some lotions and potions. So I thought I'd share them with you today. The products can be used for an event of if you just fancy a pamper!

PMD Personal Microderm* | £135

I first saw this over on Rosi Pearce's Youtube channel and I was instantly intrigued. This multi awarding winning, hand held device is basically a Micro Dermobrasion tool than can be used at home. It comes with 3 different heads that each provide a different intensity of deep exfoliation, whilst the suction action removes dead skin cells. At first I didn't notice anything too dramatic but I've slowly been building up the most intense head and I've really noticed some improvement. I have some red blemish marks and it's really helped reduce them. It also leaves my skin smoother and more glowing. My pores are also smaller. I plan on using this once a week on the run up to the big day!

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalising Mask | £16.50 | POST

To give my skin a deep clean and tackle any blemishes that appear, this mask is my favourite! It's an exfoliating mask that removes dead skin cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin. Which is what it does, but it's not drying or irritating at all. It also leaves my skin feeling surprisingly nourished and smooth. This doesn't dry down like most masks so it's really easy to remove.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Sheet Mask (pack of 4) | £19.99

Sheet masks are a big thing at the moment and I've tried my fair share. None of which live up to these! After sitting with it on for half an hour it leaves my skin so soft, plump and more radiant. My only issue with these is it doesn't fit my face overly well, the eyes are too close together and the mouth part is too low. But that aside the results are undeniable. I get mine from TKMaxx where they're significantly cheaper than Boots, so keep an eye out in your local store!

DR Botanticals  Advanced Anti- Oxidant Super Food Facial oil* | £42.99

I've been using this right after the PMD to give my skin and extra hydration boost. And this leaves my skin so soft and nourished feeling! I've also been using this as part of my evening skin care routine and it's loving it so far! It absorbs quickly and gives my dehydrated skin the extra shot of hydration it needs. This brand is also cruelty free and organic.

LA Roche Posay Ultra Tolarine Fluid | £17 | POST

This isn't anything extra I've been doing for the wedding but I wanted to mention it because it's made such an improvement to my skin. I recently had some really bad breakouts and this almost immediately soothed them and reduced their size. I find with creams that target sensitive, dehydrated skin to be thick, oily and just not practical for everyday use. But this is so light, absorbs instantly, sits well under makeup, but still keeps my dehydration at bay!

So theres a few products I've using to help my look the best it can be. What are you top products before an event?

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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