Affordable Eyeshadow palettes | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I've found that drugstore / affordable palettes can be so hit and miss. The drugstores have come on tremendously in terms of eyeshadows over recent years. But there are a few that really aren't worth the money, not matter how cheap they are. So I thought I'd bring them to you in the form of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I've kept this post purely to palettes that are under £10 or this post would have been ridiculously long. I do plan on doing a part 2 featuring Zoeva and brands of that price range. So let's get into it...

The Good (the really good)...

Makeup Revolution New-trals Vs Neutrals | £6.99

I own far too many Makeup Revolution palettes but this is my ultimate favourite. I actually prefer this to some of my high end palettes! This little palette has 16 shadows; ranging from some wearable neutrals to something a bit brighter and bolder. The formulation of the shadows is incredible. They are all super pigmented, long lasting, soft and easy to work with. The top row with the warm shades is my favourite. This is also a good dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renascence palette (see this post for more details) - but Makeup Revolution brought this out first!! A brilliant affordable palette to some it up!

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette | £7.99 | POST

I Heart Makeup comes under the Tam Beauty umbrella which basically means it's Makeup Revolution. This is one of the newest affordable palettes in my collection. But one that is greatly loved none the less. This palette that looks like a bar of white chocolate housing a range of warm tones, and a few cool ones, shimmers and mattes. Nearly every shadow is really pigmented, and easy to work with and have good staying power. The only downside to this palette as with all Makeup Revolution palettes is it doesn't have the shade names written on the actual palette! But that aside this is a great affordable palette.

The Bad (the ok but not for me)...

I've found with affordable palettes I either love them or hate them. So this was a tricky category. I've found a few that would fit in here though, just purely because I don't reach for them. Please bare in mind that there is nothing wrong with these palettes I just have similar ones that I prefer...

W7 In the Buff Nude Palette | £4.90

I picked this up in a set with 2 other W7 palettes from TK Maxx. And to be honest I brought them because they were cheap. I think this palette is a dupe for the Naked 2 palette, I don't have that palette so can't be sure. But this palette is nice. It has a good mix of mattes and shimmers, that have good pigmentation. But I just don't reach for this. I have many other palettes that I like much more. If you don't have a lot of palettes and are looking for something similar to the Naked 2, then yeah this would be great. But for me it doesn't offer anything better than I already have.

Sleek Idivine All Night Palette  | £8.99 

I do really like this palette it has some really nice shades in it. The shimmers in the palette are really pigmented and soft. The mattes are pretty good too. But there isn't enough matte crease shades in this palette. There is a really pale one, that works well as a highlighter. Or a mid toned cool Brown, that isn't quite as pigmented as I would like. This palette needs some more warm mattes. So for that reason I don't reach for it!

Seventeen Easy on The Eye Birthday Suit Palette* | £7.99

This palette contains 8 powder shadows and 4 cream formulas. Which is a nice idea. But I haven't even used the cream shadows. The powder formulas are ok, they're nothing revolutionary and they're not terrible. Theres one shade in this palette I really like which is Baked Chestnut - it's a stunning bronze shade that is really pigmented and super soft. But the other shades just don't speak to me. They're all Pink toned, which is nice but they're just not my kind of shades. 

The Ugly (The Really bad)...

Barry M Natural Glow Shadow and Blush Palette | £6.50

Barry M is a brand I really like, but I don't actually have anything from the brand I really love apart from Nail Polishes. I don't like this palette. The shadows look nice - they're all natural hues - but they don't perform well. The mattes are pigmented, but really powdery and give a lot of fall out. The shimmers aren't that pigmented, which is strange because the drugstores seem to do shimmers really well. But these lack pigmentation and they're really difficult to build up. The palette also houses a blush. Which I actually really like. But the majority of this palette is pretty pants.

Barry M Super Natural Palette | £6.99

I just realised this palette was a limited edition to Superdrug. So I don't think it's available, so I probably wouldn't of included this if I had realised - update, the palette is still available. But to some this up, it's rubbish. Like the other palette, the mattes are really pigmented, but powdery. The shimmers are more pigmented than the other palette, but a few are chuncky and contain a lot of glitter.

So there you have some the affordable palettes I love and not so love! I hope this was helpful. 

Have you tried any of these? What are you thoughts?

Until next time... 

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