An AHA Report

AHA , BHAs and other types of acid are all the rage in skincare at the moment. If you didn't know, most of these types of acid are used to exfoliate the skin, to revel new, fresher skin. Many people have seen dramatic, good effects to their skin. I've tried my fair share of products containing these 'promising' acids. Some have really been beneficial to my skin and some haven't. I have dehydrated skin, which is prone to breaks outs. I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin, in the sense that products cause irritation but I find some products break me out. And through trial and error I've found that the products that do break me out tend to contain One of these promising Acids. So today I have a run down of these AHA products, or if they work for me.

Oskia Renaissance Cleanser Gel | £29.50 | POST

While this isn't marketed as an AHA type cleanser. It has some ingredients that are. AHA's are basically chemicals derived from fruit acids and this is packed full of fruit acids. At £29 a pop this stuff isn't cheap and I had high hopes. The product itself is a very luxurious gel. It's a real pleasure to use and melts makeup away with ease. On initial application this made my skin smooth and feeling really nourished. However, the next day I had the most horrendous breakouts. They were so sore, and nasty looking (nice). I have tried to persevere with this but each time I get the same nasty results. Which is such a shame because I really wanted to like this.

Key ingredients include: Pumpkin Enzyme, Vitamin E, C and A, Omega 6, and sunflower oil.

PIXI Glow Tonic | £18 | POST

This stuff has earned its cult status. And it's a firm favourite of mine. This contains gylcolic acid, which is know for being a gentle exfoliator. These types of exfoliator are said to be better for the skin than manual scrubby ones, Because they are more gentle on the skin. This is really gentle and the effects I've seen are undeniable. It really helps my dehydration lines and really makes my skin look more healthy and fresh. I use this every morning and I'm on my 3rd bottle so it's safe to say this is a favourite!

Key Ingredients: Gyclolic Acid, Horse chesnut, seed oil, witch Hazel.

Alpha H Liquid Gold | £33.50 | POST

This is another Gylcolic acid enriched product, But one with a much higher potency than  the Pixi Glow tonic. It recommends this to be used 3 times a week at night. It's like a toner consistency so it has to be applied with a cotton pad. This promises to dissolve dead skin cells, improve fine lines and leave skin looking brighter, younger and more radiant. Following the success I had with the glow tonic I was sure this would be good for my skin, but unfortunately it wasn't. This made me break out and it stung my skin when I applied it. Every morning when I used it, I had the same stinging experience and I woke up with breakouts. I think this is just too harsh for my skin.

Key ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Alcohol, Gylercial, Hydrolysed Silk.

REN Glycolatic Radiance Revel Mask | £32 | POST

This is a Gycolic mask which, like most AHA products promises to melt away dead skin cells, reveal new skin, improve the look of fine lines and leave skin looking fresh, radiant and nourished. It's also suggested that this is great for congested dull, lack luster skin. The texture is really thick and like jam and once left for 15 minutes this does everything it claims! It really does transform the skin in that little time. I can't recommend this enough. It's pricey but worth every penny!

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Latic Acid, Grape seed oil, Fruit extracts, Natural Fragrance, Vitamin E.

Soap & Glory Scrub your Nose in It Special Pore Refining AHA Facial Scrub  | £9

I do like a good scrubby exfoliator. I know they're not the best thing for my skin. But sometimes you just can't beat that clean feeling they give. This one doubles up as a mask and contains the chemical exfoliator AHAs for double the power. The scrubby particles are really fine so they're not too scratchy or harsh on the skin. I like to leave this on for 5-10 minutes and my skin feels super fresh and looks brighter.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Koalin, Fruit Acids, Lauric Acid

Super Fatalist By Una Brennan Salicylic Clay Mask | £9.99 | POST

Now this is a BHA mask, which is similar to AHAs but they penetrate the skin deeper and are more effective on spots, blemishes and blackheads. This is a great affordable mask. It has a whole host of ingredients that are targeted to decongest pores, fight breakouts and absorbs excess oils. I like to apply a thick layer and leave it on for 15 mins. After my skin feels and looks a lot cleaner and brighter. My only issue with this mask is it far to drying for dehydrated skin, so I like to follow with a hydrating mask and penalty of moisturiser. See this post for more details.

Key ingredients: Avocado, Vitamin A, C & D, Salicylic acid, Shea Butter, Honey, Fragance, Koalin

REN Wake Up Wonderful Night Time Facial | £32

A mask that promises brighter, fresher, younger, more refined look skin, over night while you sleep is right up my street. This contains Glycolic and Lactic acid to repair and help the renewal process the skin under goes while you are sleep. Its recommend that you use this 2-3 nights a week. I did really like this. However, on the second night of use this also makes me breakout. But with continued use these breakouts do go, but I just don't like having them in the first place. I would recommend this if your skin has a good tolerance to AHA and acid exfoliators, but for me this a just a bit to harsh.

Key ingredients: Lactic Acid, Shea Butter, Rice Germ Oil, Grape seed oil, varias seed oils, Alcohol Denat.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalising Mask | £16 | POST

This is a hydrating and exfoliating mask. Two words you don't often hear in a sentence. But this mask uses AHA enzymes from fruit extracts to dissolve away dead cells and hydrating ingredients and vitamins to leave skin brighter, nourished and fresher. It recommends that this mask be left on for 20 minutes which is slightly longer than most. But the results are really amazing. This does do everything it promises and it isn't dry at all. My skin really does feel nourished after using this! The mask itself also dries on the skin, but not to much so it's difficult to get off. This doesn't irritate my skin or cause me to breakout. I can't recommend this enough!

Key ingredients: Gylerin, Titian dioxide, Fruit Extracts, Oat flour, Acrylic Acid, Corn Oil. 

So there you have my report and experience on some AHA products. Skincare is so subjective and it really depends on the individual, and what might work for some may not work for others. Please remember just because they work on me doesn't mean they will work for you. But if you've had a similar experience with the products please let me know in the comments if you think it's a certain ingredient that your skin loves or hates!

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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