Battle Of The Liquid Lipsticks - Kylie Jenner | Jeffree Star | Kat Von D

I've talked in detail about whether or not I think the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks are worth the hype or not here. But there is so much hype around her products, along with Jeffree Star and Kat von D. All these people have their own version of liquid Lipsticks that everyone including the Blogging community seems to go crazy for. So I've tried a liquid lipstick from each of their brands. I have been testing them against each other and I'm ready to report back...

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick | $17  | POST

As I said I have a whole post on whether I think these are worth the hype along with the whole shipping process. And to some it up I don't think they are. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Kardashian / Jenner gang. And to be honest I remain fairly neutral on the family - I don't love them, but I don't hate them. So when I tried the liquid lipstick I remained pretty impartial.

First thing that put me off these was the shipping. I live in the Uk meaning shipping from the US is costly. Kylie Cosmetics charge $15 dollars and there's a chance of customs charges which I got. Which was £14. Making them quite expensive.

I have two shades of the Lipsticks. Exposed and Koko K. Koko K is a dusky Pink nude and Exposed is Orange toned nude. I do really like the shade. The formula is very liquid-y, easy to apply and they're opaque in one swipe. They dry drown really matte within about 30 seconds. I liked how matte they were but they felt really dry on my lips. The didn't dry my lips out but I could feel them on my lips. They lasted around 4 hours before the colour went patchy and it needed re-applying. But I found as soon as you attempt to re-apply it goes flakey and looks gross. So aside from testing them for review and comparisons I don't use these. And considering how much it costs to get them here, disappointed is an understatement.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick | £16

I can't say Jeffree Star has ever been my cup of tea even before all the controversy came out. It has basically been suggested that he's a bully, racist and just not a very nice kind of person. I had no intention of trying his products, I didn't want to give my money to this type of person. His products used to be difficult to get hold of in the Uk so I wasn't about to go out of my way to spend fortunes getting them. But recently BeautyBay has started stocking some of his line and curiosity got the better of me. And here I am with the shade Androgyny. These are £16 which I think is reasonable for a good liquid lipstick.

First of all the shade is stunning. It's a muted Plum, Mauve colour. The formula is very liquid-y like the Kylie ones. It gives a strong colour pay off in one swipe, And it dries down matte very quick. This felt very comfortable on my lips and wasn't drying at all. In fact after a while I had completely forgotten it was on my lips. This also had really good staying power. It lasted a good 6 hours, even through eating and drinking, before it needed re applying. When it did, it reapplied just fine. Unlike the Kylie ones. I really didn't want to like this but I do. I really do. I've been reaching for it a lot and the shade is perfect for autumn.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | £16 

I think Kat Von D is the only one who doesn't have a lot of controversy surrounding her (Well not that I've heard) , aside from her spat with Jeffree over not paying her friend for some work he did for Jeffree. Anyway her makeup line again was difficult to get hold of in the Uk. Until it recently launched in Debenhams. With her liquid lipsticks being really hyped I had to try them. They retail for £16, the same as Jeffree Star. I went for shade Lolita 11 which is a beautiful warm Terracotta nude. I love the shade. The formula is liquid-y like the others. The doe foot applicator covers the lips in a rich colour that dries down completely matte, really quick too. This one is by far the most comfortable, it's so light weight on the lips and not drying at all. The wear time isn't as good as the Jeffree Star offering though. I got around 4 hours. But the colour fades evenly and can be re applied without any flaking or anything. I guess this is the price you pay for a liquid lipstick so light and comfortable. I really like this and plan on adding more shades to my collection.


So who has the better Liquid Lipstick? Kylie Cosmetics is straight up, the worst. Giving the difficulty to get it to the Uk, the cost and how the product actually performs, It is by no means worth it and there are far better, more affordable liquid lipsticks out there. The Jeffree Star one is very good, a nice formula and the shade is beautiful. Will I buy more though? I don't know, but the quality of the liquid lipstick is undeniable. To be honest, given the controversy or lack of it around Kat Von D, and the liquid lipstick itself is very good! I really like it and will definitely be adding more. So there you have it Kat Von D wins! 

What are you thoughts around these people? Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks?

Until next time... 

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