Best in Beauty | November

EEK its nearly December! I love Christmas and the winter so I'm super excited the festive season is nearly in full swing. I'm also really excited to start opening my beauty advent calendar. But anyway another month has past so it's time for another Best in Beauty. So let's get into it...

Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27  | POST

I've rediscovered the Too Faced Hangover Primer this month. With the cold weather starting to take its toll on my dehydrated skin I've been looking for ways to make my makeup look at least half decent. And this does a really good job! It's a hydrating primer packed with skin loving ingredients to help skin look more plump and radiant. It leaves my skin really soft, smooth and makeup glides on with ease.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation | £9 | POST

Since I brought this foundation at the beginning of the month, I've been using only this. So as a foundation junkie I think that says a lot for how much I like it. It gives good medium coverage, in a super light blend-able formula. It is more on the glow-y side so I do like to set it and it has incredible staying power. For £8 this is amazing, it easily rivals some high end ones. I have the shade Nude Beige which is a perfect match me! See my full review with swatches here. 

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.50 | POST

If you follow me on any form of social media this with come as no surprise. I love this powder!! I'm sure I'm not alone in hearing American beauty gurus raving about this stuff, so I think I screamed with delight when BeautyBay started stocking it. This is easily the best setting powder I've tried. Having dehydrated skin means I struggle to find powders that aren't too drying, cakey looking or that actually work. But this does everything I want. It sets makeup perfectly without being drying at all. It keeps my makeup looking flawless all day. And it also blurs my pores which is an added bonus. The only downside is the packaging  - It's in a bottle which makes it so messy. But that aside this is a brilliant powder!

Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette | £18 | POST

For eyeshadow I've been loving this new launch from Zoeva. This palette houses 10 beautiful warmed shadows that are all incredibly pigmented and butter soft. It has a range of finishes from matte, shimmery and foiled. The pigmentation of the foiled shadows are out of this world. So I've found myself reaching for this palette a lot. See my full review with swatches here.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks | £16

I'm obsessed with Jeffree Stars makeup line, despite not being a fan of him. But I don't deny he has nailed the liquid lipstick formula, which actually makes me dislike him more haha. But the shade Celebrity Skin is gorgeous Pink toned Brown nude colour. I was a bit worried that this would be too Pink for my skin tone but it works really well. It's perfect for everyday wear. The formula of these is easily one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. They're non drying, comfortable and so long wearing, whilst still being easy to apply! I can't recommend these enough.

John Frieda Unwind Curls Calming Cream | £5.99

I have one hair care product that I've been loving and it's this Unwind Curl Cream from John Freida. I was kindly sent a whole bunch of John Freida hair care goodies but this is the one standout product for me. I have super thick curly, dry hair so I'm alway looking for products to hydrate and smooth my hair. And this not only does that but it also makes my waves look so much nicer and more defined. It's not heavy and it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy. I put this on damp hair before blow drying and styling.

Caudaile Hand Cream | £12 (for a set of 3)

I recently got this in the LoveMe Beauty Bag (see this post for more details on that subscription) and I've been obsessed. This is such a great nourishing hand cream. It really moisturises and hydrates the skin without being heavy or greasy. It absorbs almost instantly. I've never been so impressed with a hand cream! I can't actually find this sold separately so I've linked a set of 3.

So that's everything I've been loving throughout November.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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A Few Drugstore Discoveries | The Tam Beauty Edition

Tam Beauty is the Umbrella company of Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, Freedom and many more affordable brands. Available at Superdrug in store and online and from They are so cheap I find myself picking up so many products. I have a few that are not so great, so today I wanted to show you a few things I've been putting to the test recently...

Freedom Pro 12  Audacious Mattes Eyeshadow Palette | £4

I have another one of these called Secret Rose which I really like, the shadows are brilliant for the price so I thought I'd go for this all matte option. It has a range of 12 warm, neutral and cool toned mattes. It's great for everyday wear. This palette came in at £4! But unfortunatly I don't love this. The shadows aren't as pigmented as I would like. Some are very sheer and do take a lot of building. They blend out well, but I'm not sure if this is because they are so sheer. The darker shades also have a bit of fall out, but they last well on the lids and don't crease. Overall, this isn't the best Freedom palette I have tried and they have some far better ones.

Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder | £5

Straight off the top of my head this looks very similar to Ben Nye Banana Powder. I haven't tried that one so I'm not sure how similar they are in terms of formula or how they perform. But I really like this! It's actually one of the most brightening Yellow powders I've tried, I tend to find most Yellow powders don't really do a lot. It sets my under eye concealer pretty well too. My only gripe is the packing, it's in a bottle so you have to tip the powder out, which is really messy. But as £5 powders go this is very good one!

Freedom Makeup Correct & Camouflage Concealer | £3 | POST

I'm on a constant mission to find the perfect concealer for my dark circles. So I picked this up in the shade Yellow. The consistency is not like a pot concealer I've tried before. It's kind of sticky but more moussey than most. The shade of the Yellow isn't like any I own either (and I own a few!) It's really bright almost neon! It's rather thick, but relatively easy to blend it, I apply with my finger and then blend it in with my Beauty Blender. It does a really good job at concealing my dark circles. It stays put all too. It also comes a huge range of colours and shades, which is great considering it's so cheap. If you're looking for an affordable concealer like this, I highly recommend this!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Lipsticks | £3

I noticed they had a new matte line of lipsticks. I've tried their original lipsticks which I really liked so I thought this would be even better. I picked the shades Chauffeur and Exposed. Both are from the iconic Matte line. Exposed has a really nice Rose Gold packing and Chauffeur is matte Black bullet. The packaging does look nice but they don't feel expensive, it's just plastic. Chauffeur is a really nice Pink, Brown nude. This is actually a good dupe of MACs Velvet Teddy. And Exposed is a pale creamy nude colour. Exposed is far too nude for me, it gives me concealer like lips, so unfortunatly I won't be getting wear out of this shade. Both the formulas are well pigmented. Although they're not the creamy-ist matte lipstick I've tried but they still apply well and look good on the lips. They last a good few hours on me to. Overall, I'm really happy with Chauffeur and I will certainly be getting more shades from this line!

Makeup Revolution Precision Pro Oval Face Brush | £10

I've been really intrigued by these 'tooth brush' style brushes so when I saw this one for £10 it went straight in my basket. The brush itself looks really nice, I like the Gold handle. The bristles are really soft, yet firm and densely packed. I have a medium sized brush which is a good size for applying foundation. The brush itself does take a bit of practice to get used too and it does require good circular motion, to really make the foundation blend in. But I just don't love this brush. I don't think it works as well as the BeautyBlender or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I think this would be the case with this style from other brands too. If you like these kind of brushes this is a good cheap one, it's just not my preferred method.

So that's everything I discovered from the Drugstore (well Superdrug) in October. There were some hits and misses this month, but I guess that's always the case.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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The Facial Oil Edit

Facial oils have been a total game-changer in my skincare routine. Not only do they add hydration they promise to do a load of things like fade marks, boost radiance and refine the skin. There is even oils out there that are designed to be used in the morning, I haven't quite plucked up the courage to try one of these though.  I have dehydrated skin so they really help lock in extra moisture. I've also heard using oils can be great for oily skin too. I've been testing loads recently so I thought I'd compare them for you guys. I also have a few more waiting to be tested so there will probably be a part two at some point. But anyway, let's get into it...

Kielhs Mid-night Recovery Concentrate | £37 | POST

This is a highly acclaimed oil that is loved by so many. I've been using this for a good six months and I can safely say it's one of my favourites. It promises to help hydrate, add radiance and help skin look younger all in one night. The ingredients are also 99.8% natural. Which normally I'm not too worried about but it's good to know your putting something good onto your skin. But the results this gives are really something to write home about. In the morning my skin looks dramatically better, it really does help give skin a glow. And this takes skin to another level! My skin is so silky and so hydrated in the morning. I also think this is helping to reduce the marks blemishes leave behind. It has a pipette dropper applicator, which makes it easy to dispense the correct amount. I find 3 drops is enough to cover my whole face. I use this as a last step to lock in all the other products I have used. This is a great all rounder.

Key ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender essential oils, Squalane

Dr Botanicals Advanced Anti-Oxidant Super Food Oil*  | £32.24 | POST

I feel like the name 'super food' is very fitting for this oil, because it is really like super food for skin. It's jammed packed with vitamins, nutrients, and anti oxidants that all work to help nourish the skin and protect it from environmental damage. Like Kielhs this is mostly natural ingredients and it has the same pipette dropper. I also use this at night and as the final step to my skincare routine and the results are incredible. This absorbs a lot quicker than the Kielhs one, so it's great if you don't like the feeling of oils on your skin. It instantly leaves my skin softer and smoother. I really feel like this is having a long term effect on my skin; When I use this regularly my skin doesn't feel as dehydrated. I can't recommend this enough.

Key ingredients: Cherry Kernal Oil, Blackcurrant Extract

Simply Argan  Night Oil* | £24 (currently on offer for £12)

I went to a Simply Argan event during the week which was so much fun (I'll be posting more about that soon), but a few weeks before this dropped through my letter box and I was super excited. I've not really come across Argan oil skincare, It seems to be big hit within hair care. But it's supposed to have great healing and nourishing properties. This night oil, again contains all natural ingredients. With Argan oil being the top of the list, which is pretty impressive! The oil is a lot thicker than others which makes it easier to apply, without it running all down your hands. It also has a pump as opposed to pipette, which I'm still on the fence about,  This doesn't absorb instantly but does completely absorb by the morning. The result - I'm left with super soft smooth skin, that feels and looks hydrated and plump. This is also really soothing on angry breaks outs! I'm really loving this oil and I'm excited to try more from the brand.

Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Herb Oil, Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil, Santalum Austrocaledonicum Wood oil.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-oil | £15

This bodyshop offering is a serum and an oil in one. Which is great, anything that saves time in my lengthy skincare routine is a winner. This has a pipette applicator that functions well. The oil itself contains vitamin e which is known for it's hydrating properties as well as other great ingredients. The oil itself is quite light weight, not as light weight as the Kielhs or the Dr Botanics one but not heavy. Because this is a serum it's recommended to use it before moisturiser. But I don't like it this way, I find it's too oily and doesn't absorb quick enough, so I use it last. But the results are really good. It definitely leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I do really like this oil and it's a great affordable option. But I don't love it as much as some of the others.

Key ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Wheat Germ oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance 

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Repair Oil | £55 (full size) | POST 

Aurelia is another all natural brand that uses probiotic technology to be bring us effective skincare. I only had a small bottle that I've polished of but I will definitely be re-buying the full size one because this stuff is amazing! Like the other oils it has a functional pipette applicator. The oil is slightly thicker than the others but not as thick as the Simply Argan option. But it's still fast absorbing. I use this lastly in my night time skincare routine. This really hydrates my skin, since using this my dehydration lines have significantly reduced. My skin feels firmer, softer and so smooth. It also helped my skin to glow and just look more awake and alive. This stuff is pricy but I think it's worth it!

Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Hemp oil, Wheat Germ oil, Olive oil.

Can you tell I love facial oils? I have so many more that I'm currently testing that I will be posting about soon!

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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Winter Haircare Heroes | Lee Stafford Argan Oil Range Review

The colder weather just completely dries my whole body out - skin and hair. Recently I've spoken a lot about skincare for the skin concern but not really haircare. But I have found the Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco range has really transformed my dry hair. So today I wanted to share them with you. For reference I have really thick, dry, corse, curly hair.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Shampoo* | £10.99

First up the shampoo. I think shampoo is such an over looked product in haircare routine, I find myself just using anything and not wanting to invest in a shampoo because how good can it really be. But since trying many different ones, I've found they are important - as many can be drying or too stripping, or don't clean my hair as well as I'd like. But this one has a good balance of actually cleaning the hair without it being overly drying. It lathers up well, it's easy to rinse and smells divine!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Nourishing Conditioner* | £10.99

This conditioner is enriched with Argan oil to smooth and protect the hair. The conditioner itself doesn't have thick consistency - it's quite runny, so at first I didn't have high hopes. But once I had rinsed it off, my hair instantly felt smoother and softer! I'm really impressed with how quickly it worked, it gave me results that I would normally get from an intense conditioning treatment.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment* | £14.99

Every time I wash my hair I use a deep treatment. I found this really helps keep it smoother and healthy looking. Regular readers will know how much I love the Lee Stafford Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length Treatment, it's my holy grail. So I was super excited by this. And I can safely say this is on par with it! This is a rich intense treatment, that aims to smooth hair, restore shine and leave it looking healthy. I like to leave this 10-15 minutes or longer if I have the time. This really does do everything it claims, without weighing my hair down, or leaving it looking greasy or lank. I can't recommend this enough.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Nourishing Miracle Oil* | £11.99

This nifty serum is the star of the show! If dry, frizzy hair or split ends is your problem you need this! It definitely has more of a serum texture than oil, which I prefer - I find oils can be a bit messy. It can be used on wet or dry hair. I use a small pump on wet hair before drying it and the results are brilliant! My split ends look a million times better! And my hair is super soft, shiny and smooth! I also use on dry hair when my hair is looking frizzy and knotty and tames everything and adds more shine. I would recommend only using a small amount though, I think it would be easy to use too much and weight the hair down.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Heat Defence Spray* | £12.99

I think Heat defence spray is essential to anyone using heated appliances on the hair. Although, I do find it difficult to measure how effective a heat defence spray is. This is not only a defence spray, it again contains that trusty Argan oil. Which again smoothes the hair, making it easier for hair straighteners to glide through the hair, without snagging or pulling. The spray is really nice, and is super light weight. I also like to use this on dry hair, just because it leaves my hair smelling so nice!

Overall, I really rate this range, there wasn't any duds! I highly recommend these to anyone with dry, damaged or frizzy hair!

Have you tried this range? What are your haircare heroes?

Until next time...

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A Warm Shadow Roundup

For me warm eye shadows aren't a seasonal thing. I wear them all year round. But there's something about Autumn that makes everyone dig out their favourite warm, Bronzes and Orange tones. So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite warm eye shadows...

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | £41 | POST

This palette is a warm lovers dream! It has 14 shades that are mostly warm with the exception of two more neutral shades. Every shadow in the palette is incredibly pigmented and so buttery soft! This palette is easily my favourite formula of shadows - they really are amazing. The majority of the shadows in the palette are matte, which makes it great for everyday wear but there are also a few shimmer shades in there, if thats your thing. My favourite shades are Red Ochre, a warm toned, Reddish Brown, and Burnt Orange, which is, as the name suggests, a Burnt Orange colour. See my full review with swatches here. 

Makeup Geek Shadow Pans | £6 - £9.25 | POST

Buying single shadows and customising my own shadow palette has been a real game-changer. And I've found myself drawn to all the warm tones! But I have managed to pick just 4 to include in this post:

Peach Smoothie - although this isn't the warmest shadow out of the bunch it works well along side warm tones. It's a light Peachy colour that works well as an initial crease colour. It adds an extra dimension to any eye look. It's buttery soft and really pigmented.

Frappe -  this is a gorgeous mid-toned, matte warm Brown. Again this works so well as a crease colour. I actually reach for this for any eye look. It's super blend-able, pigmented and lasts well on the eyes.

Morocco -  This is a scary vibrant warm, matte, Orange colour. This does look scary but used with a light hand, it's easy to use and looks great on the lids. I like to lightly dap a fluffy brush into it and then just use it in the crease to warm up the whole look. It's so pigmented so a light hand is a much needed but it's so easy to blend and work with.

Grandstand - This is the most gorgeous, shimmer colour. It's from the Foil Finish line, which are so pigmented! And it's possibly the softest, buttery shadow I've ever come across. This works well as a lid colour. See this post for swatches.

ColourPop Shadow Shock Eye Shadows | $5 | POST

ColourPop have developed such a unique, incredible formula. The shadows are like a dry mousse. But they are so pigmented and last well on the lids. At first I did find the matte shades a little difficult to apply and get used to. I find a Synthetic brush works the best, I like to my Sigma E38, to apply them to my crease.

My current go to shades are:

Kathleen Lights - Which a beautiful warm Gold, Bronze colour. This looks stunning all over the lid. I find this applies well with just my finger.

Elixir - This is from the fall collection and this really is a fall colour. It's a lovely warm Orange, Brown colour. It has a matte finish, so it is an ideal crease colour. But I also like to use this all over the lid and along the lower lash line.

So there's a little round up of my current favourite warm toned shadows.

P.S Apologies for the lack of swatches. Lighting was not on my side and I ran out out time. I have linked above posts with swatches in them though!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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Making Matte Products Work For Dry / Dehydrated Skin

Autumn / winter calls for matte skin and bold matte lips. Which is great as long as you have normal skin. But for those who are dry or dehydrated matte products become a real struggle! So today I wanted to share you with my top products for achieving matte but not flat or cakey looking skin....


Skincare is the most important step for any makeup look. But for a matte look in particular you need a good hydrating skincare!

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It AHA Facial Scrub | £9 (Currently on offer for £6 here) | POST

A good scrub will help lift away dead skin cells and buff away dry flakey patches. I really like this offering from Soap and Glory. The scrubby particles are really fine and not too abrasive on the skin, but they still do the job well. It also contains AHA acids which also help dissolve dead skin cells, to reveal, brighter, healthier looking skin.

The Ordinary Hydraluronic Acid 2% + B5 | £5.90

Serum is also an essential for adding an extra hit of hydration. This one from The Ordinary contains Hydraluronic acid which acts as a magnet for moisture, so it helps keep moisture locked into the skin. This serum is quite thick as serums go but absorbs into the skin instantly and leaves it feeling so smooth. I have noticed that my skin feels a lot softer when I use this and my skin doesn't seem to be drying out throughout the day as much.

La Roche Posay Ultra Tolarine Fluid | £17.50 (currently on offer for £13.12 here) | POST

Anyone with dry or dehydrated skin knows moisturiser is a step that cannot be missed! I think it's safe to say that is offering from La Roche Posay is my holy grail moisturiser. It just works so well at adding hydration and pumping the skin. It's formulated for people with sensitive skin so it's pretty no fuss. But it really works! It also sits well under makeup and makes a great base!


When using matte foundations I've found that a good primer also really helps it from drying out or looking cake-y on my skin. They also smooth over any dry patches and add a glow if my skins looking particularly dull.

Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27 | POST

This is a primer infused with added skincare benefits. It contains Coconut water and other probiotic ingredients to not only smooth and prep the skin for makeup but also to help hydrate, boosts skin radiance and help protect it over time. This makes an amazing base for any foundation and makes matte products look a million times better!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £32 | POST

This primer is dry / dehydrated skins best friend! It adds a glow, makes an amazing base and sits beautiful under any foundation. This is a glow-y, dewy primer and this really does give a glow! I find one pump is enough for my whole face to give it a good, lit from within glow.


Now time to add the matte foundation

Lancome Teint Idole Cushion foundation* | £30 | POST 

Lancome have formulated a winning foundation in a cushion form. This is so convenient to use! It's a full coverage foundation with a satin finish. I know satin isn't technically matte, but for someone with dry or dehydrated skin it's a good compromise. This is actually one of the first formulas like this I've tried in cushion form and pleased to say it really works! It's also really long wearing and sits well on my dehydrated skin. See my full review here. 

Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation | £5.99 | POST

This is probably one of the only fully matte foundations I've found that work for me, well from the drugstore anyway. Most tend to be thick and cakey, and cling to every area I want to hide! But not this. The formula itself is very liquidy and easy to blend. It's not thick or cakey, it's just a great matte foundation. See this post for more details.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation | £27 | POST

Another foundation I really rate for dry skin. It is a little thicker in consistency than the other foundations here but still easy to work with. It is super full coverage so I find one small pump is enough to cover my whole face. This again is more of a satin finish than a fully matte but it sits well on my skin and don't find it drying. As the name suggests the staying power is amazing!

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.50 | POST 

Since this came into my life it has really revolutionised the way I see powder! This stuff is amazing! I find most powders too drying for my skin but not this! it really sets any product without being drying at all. It has no colour pigments so it won't alter the colour of foundations, or leave a White cast on the skin. If you love matte skin but struggle with powder, you need this!

So there's a little round up of my favourite, effective products that help make matte products work.

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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My Autumn Pamper Routine

There's nothing I love more than a good pamper. Especially, as the weather is getting colder. It just makes me feel a millions time better. So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite pamper products and how I like to use them...

Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser | £38 | POST

First of all I like to remove my makeup and have a good cleanse. This Aurelia cleanser is amazing at removing makeup and really nourishes the skin. It's packed full of skin loving ingredients, that in my opinion really work! My skin feels so soft and nourished after using it.

Body Shop Shower Gel | £4

Next I like to hop in the shower. I know most pamper routines include a bath, but I'm not a bath person at all, I much prefer a nice hot shower! I've been really enjoying this shower gel. It smells divine, like Honey and it's so soothing and instantly makes me feel less stressed. It's also not too stripping on my skin.

Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar / Oil scrub | £4.99

To scrub any fake tan off and buff away dead skin cells, I've been loving this. It's a sugar and oil scrub so it leaves my skin super soft and removes fake tan well.

Dove Nourishing Shower Oil | £4.99

I picked this up on a bit of whim and I'm so happy I did. It's an oil that you wash off in the shower. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. I also really like to use this for shaving. Plus it's super cheap. It absorbs into the skin really well, without leaving any oily residue behind. I like to massage it all over and leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. It's that simple.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo & Conditioner* | £5.99 each

Obviously my hair needs a good pamper sesh too. My hair is super thick, curly and frizzy so I like to spend some time on it. The John Frieda shampoo and conditioner have been great additions to my routine. The shampoo is aimed at curly, frizzy hair and it leaves my hair feeling super clean without being stripping. Next the conditioner is amazing. It really nourishes my hair and leaves it feeling instantly softer. It isn't like a regular conditioner, I found it super nourishing like a deep treatment conditioner. My hair is also less frizzy and more shiny since I've been using these.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment* | £14.99 (currently half price here)

After I've washed and conditioned my hair I like to go in with a deep conditioner. And this one has really wowed me! It contains Argon Oil to smooth, nourish, protect and add shine. This does everything it claims. After leaving it on 10-15 minutes my hair is transformed from its frizzy state, to soft nourished and shiny!

John Frieda Daily Styling Spray* | £5.98

Once I'm out the shower and dried off I like to blow dry my hair. So I liberally spritz this through my hair to help add shine and reduce frizz some more. It also helps my waves look more defined and bouncy. This also acts to detangle which is really helpful for my thick hair. This is really light weight and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. So I think this would be great for many different hair types.

Lee Stafford Argan From Morocco Nourishing Miracle Oil* | £11.99

I then like to add a hair oil and I forgot how much a loved this. I used to use it a few year ago but I was kindly sent a new bottle. And this is a hair saviour for dry, damaged hair. I like to use a small pump, on wet hair through the mid lengths and ends. It really soothes the ends and leaves it looking shiny and more healthy. it can also be used on dry hair to tame frizz and smooth fly aways.

Lee Stafford Argon Oil from Morocco Heat Defence Spray* | £12.99

To help protect my hair from heat I like to use this. It's a light weight spray that doesn't weigh my hair down. It also helps smooth the hair and reduce frizz. I think it's difficult to tell how well a heat defence spray is actually working but so far I'm liking this!

NKD SKN Medium Tan Mousse* | £14.95

After my hair is done I like to fake tan. Tan just makes me feel a million times better, plus without it none of my foundations match me! NKD SKN is one of my favourite tan brands. The colour is perfect and natural looking  - it's not too Green or too Orange it just gives the perfect sun-kissed glow. The mousse option is so easy to apply and dries quickly, but not too quick it's difficult to work with. I have never experienced streaks or patches with this. It's practically fool proof. It is tinted so it does need washing off in the morning. It also lasts a good 7 days on me before it starts going patchy or needs removing! It's also odour less. If you're looking for a good, easy, streak free tan, I can't recommend this enough.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder | £11.50 | POST

I don't tan my face so next I like to use a face mask. This normally varies on what skin issue I want to address but recently my skin has been dull and congested so I've been reaching for the Mario Badescue Silver Powder. This is a bit faffy because it's a powder so to apply you have to dampen a cotton pad to pick up the powder. But the results are well worth it. This really does draw out impurities and reduce congestion. And after 20 mins on, my skin is brighter and just looks way better.

Kiehls Mid Night Recovery Oil | £37 | POST

To nourish my skin I then like to apply an oil. I love this one! It's a light weight oil that absorbs really quickly. My dehydrated skin drinks it up. This leaves my skin so much softer, has more glow about it, and of course feels hydrated,

Essie Polish | £7.99

To complete my pamper routine I like to paint my nails. The nail polish I've been reaching for Essie's Cocktail Bling. It's a lovely Blue Grey colour, that is perfect for Autumn. Essie polishes are my favourite - they're easy too apply, have a high gloss finish and are pretty long wearing.

So that's everything I like to use when I want a good pamper!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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5 Fabulous Affordable Foundations + Swatches

I'm starting a new series - '5 fabulous' and today I'm starting with affordable foundations. I've tried my fair few and found that some can be so hit and miss. Then there's the whole shade matching issue, which I know a lot people struggle with. I personally don't really have an issue and some how manage to make most foundations work. But anyway let's get into it...

L.A. Girl PRO. Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation | £9

This foundation inspired this whole post! I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, before hearing anything about it and now it seems a lot of people are wanting to try it. The 1st thing that springs to mind is how similar it is to the Make Up Forever HD Foundation, especially the older packaging. But I'm pleased to say these two foundations are very different, I really dislike the MUFE one. But I love this! I hadn't seen this foundation at all before I brought it, which made shade matching an issue. But I went for Nude Beige which is a spot on match! I'm normally a MAC NC 30. It comes with a regular pump, which is always handy! The consistency is quite watery and so easy to blend. It works well with a buffing brush or the BeautyBlender. It has a dewy finish, not too dewy though, but definitely not satin! Because it's dewy-ness the foundation does remain a little tacky so I do like to set this. It leaves my skin looking pretty flawless - the coverage is a good solid medium but build-able, I found it covered most blemishes in the first layer. When set with a powder this lasts all day on me, no problems at all! I love this foundation, it quickly knocked my trusty BareMineral Complexion Rescue off the top spot! Which is very impressive considering it cost a mere £9.

Milani Conceal And Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation And Concealer 
| £11 | POST

Milani have pretty much formulated the perfect foundation. With a really creamy, blend-able formula, amazing coverage, without being cakey-  this will be loved by many! The finish is satin, which is perfect for the autumnal weather, I also really like satin foundations because they're easy to make matte, or easy to up the glow of them. This also isn't too drying for my dehydrated skin, which I tend to find is a problem for full coverage, long lasting foundation. I have the shade 4 which is the 1 I can work with. I have heard the shades do run dark, so something to bare in mind if you're very pale. Overall, this is a great foundation that rivals many high-end options.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation | £9.99 | POST

The original True Match gained quite a cult following, I unfortunatly didn't like that one - it was far too drying and cakey looking on my skin. But has since been reformulated, with added skincare benefits and oils. And it's so much better! It's so lightweight and natural looking on the skin, but still gives a nice glow. The coverage is light to medium but build-able. The staying powder is ok, it lasts around 4-5 hours before it starts going patchy, but with a good powder it lasts a lot better. I have the shade W4. Which is slightly too pale but it works when my tan is fading. I have also heard people say that although L'Oreal claim to cater for all skin tones they actually don't, which is a shame considering they've made a whole line dedicated to it!

L'Oreal Sculpt Foundation | £8.99 | POST 

Now this offering isn't actually marketed as a foundation, it's supposed to be a base for contouring. But it's basically a lightweight foundation. I really like it though. Because the coverage is light it doesn't overly mask the skin and keeps it looking natural. While adding a subtle glow and even out my complexion. It does make a nice base for layer contouring and highlighting products but no better than any other foundation. This only comes in two shades though. Light & Medium. I have medium so this doesn't hold much hope for anyone at either ends of the colour spectrum. But I still really like this and I find myself reaching for it a lot when I want something more natural.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation | £9.99 | POST 

For me I think L'oreal are the kings of drugstore foundation. And this one is a firm favourite of mine. It's a lightweight super dewy foundation! The consistency is very watery and so easy to blend. I do prefer to apply this with a brush rather than the BeautyBlender just because it's so light, I find it easier to build coverage with a brush. The staying power is incredible too, considering it is so glow-y. This is a dry skins best friend! I have the  shade Pure Beige Which is good match. I don't think this range has an extensive colour selection, but I think it's definitely worth checking out!

So there you have 5 Fabulous Affordable foundations.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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Dark Circle Correctors | Review & Comparison with swatches

Correcting concealers aren't a new concept, who else can remember the Rimmel Green Stick concealer? but at the moment everybody seems to be going crazy for them! And for good reason. You can get a whole range of colours that are aimed at correcting different problems - Green for Red-ness, Lilac for dullness and the list goes on. But today I'm just going to focus on shades for dark circles. Which is the biggest problem for me and I have tried quite a few different concealers and corrects. So today I thought I'd review and compare them.

LA Girl Pro HD Concealer | £5

LA Girl concealers are loved by so many. And I can really see why. They're cheap, perform well and have a huge colour range - which is really impressive for such an affordable brand. They also have a few concealers specifically for colour correction. I have 3 shades that are all aimed at targeting dark circles:

Yellow - this is my favourite concealer ever for correcting the darkness under my eyes. My shadows are more Blue than Purple in tone, so Yellow is better suited for correcting them. The concealer itself is super creamy and easy to blend. The Yellow pigment is also really strong, but this doesn't pose an issue concealing over it. I do always set this with powder because it can be prone to creasing.

Orange - I always see this shade being used in Instagram videos and it seems to work really well for the people using it. But this is so orange. Bright Orange! It does conceal my dark circles but it's so pigmented no concealer can cover the orange-ness. Not even the most full coverage concealer I own. I think this would be better suited to very dark toned complexions. So as much as I hate dark circles and I don't want Orange under either.

Salmon - LA Girl recently launched some new shades to their collection and this was one of them. I think this is supposed to be a paler version of the Orange one. And this is a lot paler and easier to work. Salmon is a great shade if your under eyes are Purple toned. However, this did do a good job at covering mine and regular concealer over the top concealers is fine. I do like this shade but I just find Yellow works best for me.

NYX Concealer Jar | £5.50

This is a thick Yellow cream in a pot. I know these types of concealers aren't for every one but for me they work really well. The consistency is thick but creamy enough to blend out, a beauty blender makes light work of blending and ensures it's blended seamlessly. I have the Yellow shade which is more of a pale Yellow, it's a lot paler than the LA Girl Yellow concealer, but still works well at concealing my dark circles. I do have to set this with a powder though or it does crease like crazy! As you can tell I really like this. And again, it's really cheap! It also comes in a range of shades.

Freedom Cover and Camouflage Concealer | £3

This freedom offering is very similar to NYX one. But the shade Yellow is a lot brighter, its almost neon! I was worried that i wouldn't be able to cover this but my trusty NARS radiant creamy concealer covered it just fine. This consitancy is more mousse and tacky than the NYX one too. This does make blending it out a little more tricky but nothing to bad. It concealed my dark circles well and for £3 you can't really complain. Because of the consistency this does need setting but it doesn't crease as much as nYX one without. Over I'm really happy with this and for the price you can't go wrong!

Becca Under Eye Brighten Corrector | £21

Another pot concealer but this one I had high hopes for. I have loved everything I've tried from Becca and I feel like it's a brand I can trust, so I didn't think too much about investing in this. It's a Salmon shade which promises to act as a backlight for concealer, similar claims to the Famous Primer (which I love). But this is probably the most rubbish of the bunch! It's so oily and not creamy at all. It kind of just slips about under my eyes when I'm trying to blend it. The shade is easy to put concealer over, but as the day goes on they kind of separate and I'm left with weird, shiny under eyes.

Bourjois Happy Light Concealer | £8.99

I used to love this stuff back in the day. The shade 22 is a Salmon tone, but still works well at correcting the area, not as well as the Yellow though. The formula is light, creamy and easy to blend. This does need setting to prevent creases though. This is good all round concealer.

NYX Correct, Conceal and Contour Palette | £10

Now this little palette houses some corrector shades and some that are ideal for contouring. The Yellow and Salmon are perfect for under the eyes. The Salmon shade is the better one and corrects my dark circles really well, which is a surprise considering I tend to prefer Yellow. But they are a lot thicker than the other concealers here. And they don't sit as nicely under other concealers. They do need setting and sometimes crease anyway. This is a good palette but I have others I much prefer.

Overall, for me nothing beats the LA Girl Yellow Corrector. Aside from the Becca Concealer I do really like the others, but in terms of coverage, formula and the way it performs, LA Girl just can't be beaten!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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The Everyday Liquid Lipstick Edit

I've noticed that 9 times out 10 I'm reaching for liquid lipsticks over anything else. With winter rolling in nothing says winter like a good matte lip. And you just can't beat the matte-ness of liquid lipsticks. I normally suffer from really dry chapped lips but with a good scrub and lip balm I've really been enjoying Liquid Lipsticks despite the cold weather. So today I have a round of current favourites that are perfect for everyday wear...

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | £16 | POST

The shade Lolitia 11 has been one of my favourites since I got it! The shade is a lovely warm terracotta nude. The formula is really nice. It's definitely on the liquidy side, but the doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply. It dries down matte really quickly. This actually the most comfortable on the lips out of the bunch. The only down side to this is it isn't as long wearing as some. It lasts around 4 hours before the colour starts to wear, but it's easy to re apply without flaking or bunching up.

Lime Crime Velevtines | £15

This is a new addition to the liquid lipstick family and I've been reaching for it a lot! I have the shade Riot, which is a lovely deep Rose colour, thats not too Pink nor to Red. It's a simply beautiful shade. It's more than a nude shade but not too bold. The formula is again, very liquid-y but easy to apply. They don't dry as quick as some liquid lipsticks and remain a little bit tacky for quite a while. But it's very long lasting, this stays pretty much in tact all day!

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick | £11.50 | POST 

I  think 'hydra' is a bit of an over statement. But these aren't drying at all. The formula is actually pretty spot on! They dry quick, are really long wearing (around 6 hours)  and really comfortable. I have two shades, Serenity and Everything Nice. Everything nice is a beautiful Brown nude colour, it's actually quite a bold colour on me, but I really like it. It finishes off any look well. Serenity is more of a Pink nude, definitely more of a nude on me. Both are perfect for everyday wear.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme | £5.50

It took me a while to get on board with these. I do really like the formula. They are definitely more of a cream, with a mousse like texture and dry down matte without being drying at all! But I just couldn't find a shade that suited me well, most of them pull really Orange on me and I tend to like something more Brown toned. Until I discovered the shade Abu Dhabi. It's the perfect Brown toned nude, it's a perfect nude on me. It's as long wearing as some of the other formulas here, but it's perfect for on the go - it's so easy to apply and touch up.

NYX Lip Lingerie | £6.50 | POST

These get a bit of bad press for being drying. But I actually don't find them drying at all! I have a few shades but my most worn is Ruffle Trim. It's a beautiful Rosey, dusky colour. The formula is not as creamy as Soft Matte creams but not as watery as some liquid lipsticks. It's really easy to apply and so long lasting. It's actually one of my favourite formulas.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick | £16 | POST

The formula of these has to be my favourite out of all that I've tried to date. It's liquid-y, dries quick, it's so matte - but not the matte that sinks into all the lines or bleeds on the lips, it just looks perfect. I don't find this drying at all either, it's actually really comfortable to wear. And the wear time is the best, easily all day! The applicator is spot on too, it's really easy to draw a crisp line round the lips. I have two shades Androgyny and Leo. Androgyny is a stunning dusky Purple colour that is something a bit different to your everyday shades. Leo is a neutral Brown. It's actually quite a bold colour on me but I really like it. I really can't recommend these enough, which really pains me because I don't like Jeffree Star but in the quest for the perfect Liquid Lipstick here I am.

Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip | $6 | POST

I couldn't do this post and not include Calypso. This is probably my most worn shade at the moment out of the lot! It's the perfect nude colour, not too Pink, not Brown. I've heard lots of people with different skin tones rave about this too, so it's pretty universal. Although it might be too light for very dark toned people. The formula is probably the least matte of the lot, as the name suggests it's a satin finish. But I'd say it's matte like most matte lipsticks claim to be, if that makes sense. But this means it's not drying at all! The wear time isn't the best either, if I apply it in the morning it's usually gone by lunch time. But in terms of formula and comfort it makes up for it. I'm not a huge fan of the applicator either it's kind of just a fluffy thing, that makes it difficult to get a crisp line. But I just use a lip brush if I have the time. All the bad points aside this is an amazing liquid lipstick and I find myself reaching for it a lot!

So there is a little round up of my current favourite everyday, liquid lipsticks!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next...

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Love Me Beauty Review | The Night Fall Edit

I don't normally post on Monday so aren't you a lucky lot! I just wanted to get this post out quickly because I'm really excited about it! Love me Beauty is a new monthly, beauty subscription that is a little different to what I have come across before. I used to subscribe to all the main ones but they just didn't excite me. I mean I love to have beauty samples every month but I just found I ended up with loads of mini samples that I didn't use or weren't suitable for my skin type. But Love me Beauty is different, you get to pick your products each month, so there won't be any disappointments. I'm on my second month and I'm so happy, they deserve some blog recognition!

The first thing I love about this subscription is you get a makeup bag rather than a box. The makeup bag is actually a really good size and big enough to fit most makeup brushes in. I'm not going to lie, ordering your bag and products is a bit confusing (well for me anyway) It works on a credit system. So each month you get £10 worth of points, which is 60 points. What I do really like is you add extra credits so you get more products if you want! Last month they had some amazing products from Benefit to Merumaya and Nuxe! This month they had some really exciting stuff too. Here's what I got:

BareMinerals Skin Longevity (7.5ml) | 10 credits

BareMinerals is a brand I really want to try more from. I love their Complexion Rescue and I've heard good things about the rest of their products, so when I saw this it went straight in the bag! It's a serum that promises to add hydration and maintain skin glow. I'm really excited to try this.

Eco Tools Bronzing and Blending brush (Full Size) | 20 credits

There was a whole range of Eco Tools brushes to choose from. They even have some sets on there. Which is amazing value for money considering you can pay £10 for 1 brush. I have a lot of Eco Tool brushes though so I went for the Bronzing and Blending one. This is a large fluffy brush that is so soft! This does work well at applying bronzer and blush. But I really like it for blending foundation, it makes light work of blending liquid products in. I did find this works better with lighter foundations, rather than thick ones though.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick | 20 credits

Kat Von D is causing quite a stir in the Uk at the moment, now her products are available from Debenhams. And I was so surprised to see such a big brand in a subscription service! You could choose from the Tattoo Me Liquid Liner, A Liquid Lipstick or a Lipstick. I've already tried the liner and her liquid lipstick (both of which are amazing and I highly recommend them) so I went for the Lipstick in the shade Magik. This a sample size but it's so cute! The shade is a lovely wearable Pink nude. Another welcomed addition!

O.P.I Nail polishes | 20 credits

Next I chose a full size O.P..I Nail polish. Which are around £9.50 to buy, so again, incredible value! They have a few shades to choice from too. I went for the shade Lucky Lucky Lavender, which is a lovely pale Purple colour. I've used this already and it applied evenly, had a high gloss finish and lasted a few days before chipping. I was actually tempted to buy credits just to get the other shades!

Exucviance Clay Mask | 10 creditis

My skin is having a melt down at the moment so I thought this clay mask would be a welcomed addition. It's a clay mask that promises to draw out impurities and remove excess oils. It has a range of skin loving ingredients including a range a vitamins and PHAs. I haven't used this yet, but I have high hopes!

Other brands this month included Caudile, Merumaya and Benefit.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the Love Me Beauty subscription and will continue it each month. And for £10 plus postage (£3.95) I think it's really good value for money! This post wasn't sponsored I just love the concept!

If you fancy giving it a go yourself you can get £21 worth of credits free with the code:


Have you tried this subscription? What are you thoughts?

Until next time...

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