A Warm Shadow Roundup

For me warm eye shadows aren't a seasonal thing. I wear them all year round. But there's something about Autumn that makes everyone dig out their favourite warm, Bronzes and Orange tones. So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite warm eye shadows...

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | £41 | POST

This palette is a warm lovers dream! It has 14 shades that are mostly warm with the exception of two more neutral shades. Every shadow in the palette is incredibly pigmented and so buttery soft! This palette is easily my favourite formula of shadows - they really are amazing. The majority of the shadows in the palette are matte, which makes it great for everyday wear but there are also a few shimmer shades in there, if thats your thing. My favourite shades are Red Ochre, a warm toned, Reddish Brown, and Burnt Orange, which is, as the name suggests, a Burnt Orange colour. See my full review with swatches here. 

Makeup Geek Shadow Pans | £6 - £9.25 | POST

Buying single shadows and customising my own shadow palette has been a real game-changer. And I've found myself drawn to all the warm tones! But I have managed to pick just 4 to include in this post:

Peach Smoothie - although this isn't the warmest shadow out of the bunch it works well along side warm tones. It's a light Peachy colour that works well as an initial crease colour. It adds an extra dimension to any eye look. It's buttery soft and really pigmented.

Frappe -  this is a gorgeous mid-toned, matte warm Brown. Again this works so well as a crease colour. I actually reach for this for any eye look. It's super blend-able, pigmented and lasts well on the eyes.

Morocco -  This is a scary vibrant warm, matte, Orange colour. This does look scary but used with a light hand, it's easy to use and looks great on the lids. I like to lightly dap a fluffy brush into it and then just use it in the crease to warm up the whole look. It's so pigmented so a light hand is a much needed but it's so easy to blend and work with.

Grandstand - This is the most gorgeous, shimmer colour. It's from the Foil Finish line, which are so pigmented! And it's possibly the softest, buttery shadow I've ever come across. This works well as a lid colour. See this post for swatches.

ColourPop Shadow Shock Eye Shadows | $5 | POST

ColourPop have developed such a unique, incredible formula. The shadows are like a dry mousse. But they are so pigmented and last well on the lids. At first I did find the matte shades a little difficult to apply and get used to. I find a Synthetic brush works the best, I like to my Sigma E38, to apply them to my crease.

My current go to shades are:

Kathleen Lights - Which a beautiful warm Gold, Bronze colour. This looks stunning all over the lid. I find this applies well with just my finger.

Elixir - This is from the fall collection and this really is a fall colour. It's a lovely warm Orange, Brown colour. It has a matte finish, so it is an ideal crease colour. But I also like to use this all over the lid and along the lower lash line.

So there's a little round up of my current favourite warm toned shadows.

P.S Apologies for the lack of swatches. Lighting was not on my side and I ran out out time. I have linked above posts with swatches in them though!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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