Dark Circle Correctors | Review & Comparison with swatches

Correcting concealers aren't a new concept, who else can remember the Rimmel Green Stick concealer? but at the moment everybody seems to be going crazy for them! And for good reason. You can get a whole range of colours that are aimed at correcting different problems - Green for Red-ness, Lilac for dullness and the list goes on. But today I'm just going to focus on shades for dark circles. Which is the biggest problem for me and I have tried quite a few different concealers and corrects. So today I thought I'd review and compare them.

LA Girl Pro HD Concealer | £5

LA Girl concealers are loved by so many. And I can really see why. They're cheap, perform well and have a huge colour range - which is really impressive for such an affordable brand. They also have a few concealers specifically for colour correction. I have 3 shades that are all aimed at targeting dark circles:

Yellow - this is my favourite concealer ever for correcting the darkness under my eyes. My shadows are more Blue than Purple in tone, so Yellow is better suited for correcting them. The concealer itself is super creamy and easy to blend. The Yellow pigment is also really strong, but this doesn't pose an issue concealing over it. I do always set this with powder because it can be prone to creasing.

Orange - I always see this shade being used in Instagram videos and it seems to work really well for the people using it. But this is so orange. Bright Orange! It does conceal my dark circles but it's so pigmented no concealer can cover the orange-ness. Not even the most full coverage concealer I own. I think this would be better suited to very dark toned complexions. So as much as I hate dark circles and I don't want Orange under either.

Salmon - LA Girl recently launched some new shades to their collection and this was one of them. I think this is supposed to be a paler version of the Orange one. And this is a lot paler and easier to work. Salmon is a great shade if your under eyes are Purple toned. However, this did do a good job at covering mine and regular concealer over the top concealers is fine. I do like this shade but I just find Yellow works best for me.

NYX Concealer Jar | £5.50

This is a thick Yellow cream in a pot. I know these types of concealers aren't for every one but for me they work really well. The consistency is thick but creamy enough to blend out, a beauty blender makes light work of blending and ensures it's blended seamlessly. I have the Yellow shade which is more of a pale Yellow, it's a lot paler than the LA Girl Yellow concealer, but still works well at concealing my dark circles. I do have to set this with a powder though or it does crease like crazy! As you can tell I really like this. And again, it's really cheap! It also comes in a range of shades.

Freedom Cover and Camouflage Concealer | £3

This freedom offering is very similar to NYX one. But the shade Yellow is a lot brighter, its almost neon! I was worried that i wouldn't be able to cover this but my trusty NARS radiant creamy concealer covered it just fine. This consitancy is more mousse and tacky than the NYX one too. This does make blending it out a little more tricky but nothing to bad. It concealed my dark circles well and for £3 you can't really complain. Because of the consistency this does need setting but it doesn't crease as much as nYX one without. Over I'm really happy with this and for the price you can't go wrong!

Becca Under Eye Brighten Corrector | £21

Another pot concealer but this one I had high hopes for. I have loved everything I've tried from Becca and I feel like it's a brand I can trust, so I didn't think too much about investing in this. It's a Salmon shade which promises to act as a backlight for concealer, similar claims to the Famous Primer (which I love). But this is probably the most rubbish of the bunch! It's so oily and not creamy at all. It kind of just slips about under my eyes when I'm trying to blend it. The shade is easy to put concealer over, but as the day goes on they kind of separate and I'm left with weird, shiny under eyes.

Bourjois Happy Light Concealer | £8.99

I used to love this stuff back in the day. The shade 22 is a Salmon tone, but still works well at correcting the area, not as well as the Yellow though. The formula is light, creamy and easy to blend. This does need setting to prevent creases though. This is good all round concealer.

NYX Correct, Conceal and Contour Palette | £10

Now this little palette houses some corrector shades and some that are ideal for contouring. The Yellow and Salmon are perfect for under the eyes. The Salmon shade is the better one and corrects my dark circles really well, which is a surprise considering I tend to prefer Yellow. But they are a lot thicker than the other concealers here. And they don't sit as nicely under other concealers. They do need setting and sometimes crease anyway. This is a good palette but I have others I much prefer.

Overall, for me nothing beats the LA Girl Yellow Corrector. Aside from the Becca Concealer I do really like the others, but in terms of coverage, formula and the way it performs, LA Girl just can't be beaten!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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