My Autumn Pamper Routine

There's nothing I love more than a good pamper. Especially, as the weather is getting colder. It just makes me feel a millions time better. So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite pamper products and how I like to use them...

Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser | £38 | POST

First of all I like to remove my makeup and have a good cleanse. This Aurelia cleanser is amazing at removing makeup and really nourishes the skin. It's packed full of skin loving ingredients, that in my opinion really work! My skin feels so soft and nourished after using it.

Body Shop Shower Gel | £4

Next I like to hop in the shower. I know most pamper routines include a bath, but I'm not a bath person at all, I much prefer a nice hot shower! I've been really enjoying this shower gel. It smells divine, like Honey and it's so soothing and instantly makes me feel less stressed. It's also not too stripping on my skin.

Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar / Oil scrub | £4.99

To scrub any fake tan off and buff away dead skin cells, I've been loving this. It's a sugar and oil scrub so it leaves my skin super soft and removes fake tan well.

Dove Nourishing Shower Oil | £4.99

I picked this up on a bit of whim and I'm so happy I did. It's an oil that you wash off in the shower. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. I also really like to use this for shaving. Plus it's super cheap. It absorbs into the skin really well, without leaving any oily residue behind. I like to massage it all over and leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. It's that simple.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo & Conditioner* | £5.99 each

Obviously my hair needs a good pamper sesh too. My hair is super thick, curly and frizzy so I like to spend some time on it. The John Frieda shampoo and conditioner have been great additions to my routine. The shampoo is aimed at curly, frizzy hair and it leaves my hair feeling super clean without being stripping. Next the conditioner is amazing. It really nourishes my hair and leaves it feeling instantly softer. It isn't like a regular conditioner, I found it super nourishing like a deep treatment conditioner. My hair is also less frizzy and more shiny since I've been using these.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment* | £14.99 (currently half price here)

After I've washed and conditioned my hair I like to go in with a deep conditioner. And this one has really wowed me! It contains Argon Oil to smooth, nourish, protect and add shine. This does everything it claims. After leaving it on 10-15 minutes my hair is transformed from its frizzy state, to soft nourished and shiny!

John Frieda Daily Styling Spray* | £5.98

Once I'm out the shower and dried off I like to blow dry my hair. So I liberally spritz this through my hair to help add shine and reduce frizz some more. It also helps my waves look more defined and bouncy. This also acts to detangle which is really helpful for my thick hair. This is really light weight and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. So I think this would be great for many different hair types.

Lee Stafford Argan From Morocco Nourishing Miracle Oil* | £11.99

I then like to add a hair oil and I forgot how much a loved this. I used to use it a few year ago but I was kindly sent a new bottle. And this is a hair saviour for dry, damaged hair. I like to use a small pump, on wet hair through the mid lengths and ends. It really soothes the ends and leaves it looking shiny and more healthy. it can also be used on dry hair to tame frizz and smooth fly aways.

Lee Stafford Argon Oil from Morocco Heat Defence Spray* | £12.99

To help protect my hair from heat I like to use this. It's a light weight spray that doesn't weigh my hair down. It also helps smooth the hair and reduce frizz. I think it's difficult to tell how well a heat defence spray is actually working but so far I'm liking this!

NKD SKN Medium Tan Mousse* | £14.95

After my hair is done I like to fake tan. Tan just makes me feel a million times better, plus without it none of my foundations match me! NKD SKN is one of my favourite tan brands. The colour is perfect and natural looking  - it's not too Green or too Orange it just gives the perfect sun-kissed glow. The mousse option is so easy to apply and dries quickly, but not too quick it's difficult to work with. I have never experienced streaks or patches with this. It's practically fool proof. It is tinted so it does need washing off in the morning. It also lasts a good 7 days on me before it starts going patchy or needs removing! It's also odour less. If you're looking for a good, easy, streak free tan, I can't recommend this enough.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder | £11.50 | POST

I don't tan my face so next I like to use a face mask. This normally varies on what skin issue I want to address but recently my skin has been dull and congested so I've been reaching for the Mario Badescue Silver Powder. This is a bit faffy because it's a powder so to apply you have to dampen a cotton pad to pick up the powder. But the results are well worth it. This really does draw out impurities and reduce congestion. And after 20 mins on, my skin is brighter and just looks way better.

Kiehls Mid Night Recovery Oil | £37 | POST

To nourish my skin I then like to apply an oil. I love this one! It's a light weight oil that absorbs really quickly. My dehydrated skin drinks it up. This leaves my skin so much softer, has more glow about it, and of course feels hydrated,

Essie Polish | £7.99

To complete my pamper routine I like to paint my nails. The nail polish I've been reaching for Essie's Cocktail Bling. It's a lovely Blue Grey colour, that is perfect for Autumn. Essie polishes are my favourite - they're easy too apply, have a high gloss finish and are pretty long wearing.

So that's everything I like to use when I want a good pamper!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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