Setting Powders | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I've always had a love hate relationship with powders. Most are far too drying for my dehydrated skin, far too matte for my liking or leave me looking cake-y. But recently I've been on a mission to find the perfect setting powder. My dark circles have been pretty wild lately so packing on the concealer often turns into a creased mess half an hour later. Plus I want my makeup to last all day. So today I have my favourite, not so favourite and pretty rubbish setting powders for you. I tried to keep this to purely loose setting powders, that don't add any or much coverage...

The Good (the really good)... 

I've wanted to try this powder for the longest time, after seeing so many YouTube videos about how this is the best ever. But it wasn't easy to get hold of in the UK until BeautyBay started stocking it. This is a translucent powder that doesn't have any pigment in it. It promises to set makeup without altering or adding more coverage. And I can safely say this does! It's strange how it does it. I love a glowy foundation and most powders tend to matte it right down but not this. It still leaves behind a good glow. It works so well on concealer under the eye too, it prevents it from creasing and moving. This isn't drying at all either. Although, I have attempted baking with this and I just can't figure out how to make any sort of powder work when doing that. But used as a regular setting powder this is amazing. The hype is real. Plus you get a whooping 3 grams for just £10 which is such good value for money. The only negative to this product is the packaging is a bit faffy. Side note - this is currently out of stock on BeautyBay but you can also get it from

Vichy DermaBlend Setting powder* | £15

This has been a firm favourite for a long time. This is another translucent powder that promises to set everything down, for a long lasting finish. Which it really does! This doesn't leave a white cast behind either. This is very similar to the RCMA powder but it mattes everything down more. This will make a glowy foundation matte. Which when I want a long lasting base isn't to much of a problem. I don't find this too drying for my skin type either. This is a great all round powder. 

The bad (the ok but not for me)...

W7 Banana Dreams Powder | £7.99

Yellow powders are well know for their brightening properties which for my dark circles would be ideal, so I thought this would be good. I don't hate this powder I just don't find it overly does a lot. I don't find this adds any extra brightness to the under eye area. I don't find it did a good job at setting my concealer. But I do wear a lot. I can imagine this would on a tiny amount, but for me it's just not enough. 

RCMA Over Powder | £15

I picked this up at the same time as the No Colour Powder, I think that maybe RCMA do powders really well. I went for the shade Warm Gold, in the hope of adding a warm glow to my complexion. But this doesn't quite do that. The powder is nice and setted all my makeup down but it has quite a strong glitter running through it. Which doesn't translate on the face but I was just expecting something a bit more from this. I thought it would be a cheaper alternative to the much loved Hourglass powders but it's not. It's a regular setting powder. I'm still figuring out how best to use it but for now I'm not wowed by this.

The Ugly (the really bad)...

NYX HD Setting Powder | £8

I love the NYX HD line, their HD Foundation, concealer and Pressed Powder are brilliant. So I had high hopes for this. Unfortunatly this didn't live up to expectations. First of all the packing is rubbish. The sifter holes are far too big and let too much product out, which inevitably goes everywhere. But I look past packaging if the product inside is good. But this isn't, it's far too drying for me and leaves my skin feeling tight and scratchy. It also has a really bad white cast, it made me look so washed out. Maybe this would be good for really oily, pale complexions. But for me, just no!

Bourjois Java Rice Powder | £9.99

This promises to be a lightweight powder that sets makeup, boosts radiance and smooths the complexion. The pretty packaging looks nice and the powder sounds promising. But this is just far too drying! And has bits of glitter in it that translates on the face. So I'm left with a dry, cracked glittery face - not the look I want! Overall just not very good at all. 

So there's a few setting powders I love and hate. Please remember that I'm very picky with powders because most are drying and I love a glow-y finish. So some of these may work very well for you. This is just my experience with them. 

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts? 

Until next time...

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