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Sometimes I just can't be bothered with beauty makeup or I just don't have time. But I still want to look like I've made some kind of an effort. So I've put together my top picks that are perfect for those lazy days...


More often than not most of my evening consists of binge watching some sort of season of Netflix on the sofa and the last thing I want to do is spend half an hour in bathroom with a 10 step routine. Although, I do think skincare is something that you shouldn't be lazy with. I have some effective products that do the job really well and don't take too much effort...

Goods Things Manuka Honey cleanser | £4.99

When I'm feeling lazy I want a cleanser that is going to remove my makeup and do a good job at nourishing and cleansing the skin. This cleanser does just that. It's a rich cream formula, that smells divine, it's a real pleasure to use. It's packed full of anti oxidants, and vitamins to help keep the skin clear of any blemishes and help fight signs of ageing. It's all formulated without using Parabens, Mineral Oils or Sulphates. It's a great, affordable cleanser.

La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluid | £17.50 | POST

Moisturiser is a step I cannot miss, no matter how lazy I'm feeling! Having dehydrated skin means this is an important step or my skin becomes tight and feels horrible. This moisturiser is great for tackling dehydration, this is enough to keep my skin hydrated and feeling soft. So when I'm feeling lazy I reach for this because there's no need for any oils or serums.


For lazy days I like to keep my makeup fresh and natural looking...

This is a great cushion compact. It offers a good medium coverage and finish that's a natural matte but still leaves skin looking fresh. The cushion means it's super easy to apply too - just dap my brush in and blend. It stays put all day so no need for touch ups. The perfect lazy companion. 

To cover my dark circles this is my BFF. It's amazing. It's full coverage, creamy, easy to blend and long wearing. It's a good middle ground between the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer and the NARS Radiant Cream Concealer - it's not as creamy as the NARS one but not as dry as the Urban Decay one. It works well on blemishes and under eyes, so no need to faff around with more than one concealer. That's not ideal when I'm feeling lazy!

Clinique Colour Pop Blush | £17 | POST

For those lazy days this Clinique blush is what I reach for. I have the shade Peach Pop which perks my complexion right up. It gives my cheeks a lit from within glow and makes me look more healthy. There nothing not to love. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | £7.99

To give my eyes that wide eyed, awake look mascara is an essential. This mascara in fact. It has a plastic wand that separates lashes and lengthens them, while still adding volume. But this never goes clumpy. It also holds the curl all day without smudging it or budging. 

This is an all in one eye brow product. It's a gel that has a tint to it also adds colour and definition, whilst holding the brows in place, all in one simple step! The brush is so small and fine, it's really easy to coat every hair, without being messy. This is my go to when I'm feeling lazy or in a rush. 

Clarins Lip Oil | £18 | POST

For lips I want something that's not going to be too much maintenance. And you don't get much more throw on and go than this. It's a thick, comforting oil, that glides onto the lips with ease. It also smells delicious too. 

At first I wasn't too fussed by this but I come to realise how well this really works. It's an oily formula like the Clarins one but much lighter. It feels so silky on the lips and is hydrating. It leaves behind a nice gloss finish. And smells good enough to eat. The staying power is good as glosses go, but it's really easy to touch up in the go. 

So there you have a little round of minimal effort but effective products.

Have you tried any of these? What are you thoughts? 

Until next time...

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