A Few Drugstore Discoveries

Who else is feeling the financial pinch this christmas? With my Christmas lists as long as my arm it hasn't left many pennies for the beauty department. So I though it was the perfect time to share my drugstore discoveries that are worth of you last few pennies!

SleekMakeup Goodnight Sweet Heart I-Divine palette* | £8.99  | POST

Drugstore palettes can be so hit miss. With only a few brands getting it right. So I'm alway wary of these. But this palette from sleek is actually really nice. The sturdy, matte black packaging houses 12 mineral based shadows that have a range of warm pink hues and a stunning green colour. The shimmers in this palette are really pigmented and mojority are buttery soft. There are only two mattes in this palette, both are which are really nice - well pigmented and easy to blend, they work well in the crease and outer V.   I do really like this palette but as with all sleek palettes I wish there were more matte!

SleekMakeup Strobing Souffle* | £7

My love for the Sleek Highlighter palettes is no screte so i was super excited to see this! Its mousse gel like, cream highlighter. The Shade Smokey Quartz is stunning gold tone. I really like cream / gel highlighters I feel like these less of chance of looking glittery or too highlighted (is that even possible?). This is really easy to apply and blend. I just take a few small amount and pat it across my cheek bones and anywhere I want to highlight. It leaves behind a really nice subte glow that catches the light nicely. It doesn't distrube or move my base products either. It also makes a really nice base for powder highlighters, for a super dewy look!

SleekMakup I-Lust Hidden Gems Palette* | £7.49

This little palette house 6 truley stunning shimmers. All of the shades are incredible pigmeneted, long wearing and look stunning lids. Ruby Tuesday and Amber city are my favourites. This palette is perfect for creating a party look. They also have Champagne toned palette avaible which I eyeing up next!

SleekMakeup VIP Lipstick in Superstar* | £5.50

I've not tried Sleek Lipsticks before so I was excited to try this. To be honset the shade Superstar does look scary in the ballet, but It actually looks really nice! Its a stunning purple, berry colour. With a incandestent finish that give a subtle metalic look to the lips - its very wearable and very season apportaite. Its described as a semi- matte finish, but It feels very creamy and confotable on the lips. The actual design of the lipstick  is really pretty too! I'm really impressed and I definitly want to explore Sleek lipsticks some more.

Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleansing Wash* | £4.99

This face wash has quickly become a staple in my routine. I love it. It's a light weight gel formula, with small scrubby particles that lift away dirt and grime. It's formulated with Baking Soda which is known to unclog pores and leave looking brighter and fresh. I like to use it as my second cleanse in the evening and in the morning. I'm so impressed with how smooth this makes my skin feel! It doesn't leave my dehydrated skin feeling any dryer or stripped. It's just a great affordable face wash! Don't get this near or in you eyes though because it does sting!

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub* | £7.99

Another firm favourite from the Baking Soda range is this scrub. It's a powder scrub, that reminds me of the Demalogica Powder Exfoliator. I like to apply this to a damp face and water to get a good scrubbing action. You can control the amount of the scrubby-ness depending how much water you add - add more water for a gentle exfoliation or less for a thorough scrub. Like the face wash this leaves my skin so smooth and radiant looking. It does say on the packaging if you experience dryness than use less frequently but I really haven't experienced any, which I'm so happy about. Again, avoid your eyes with this. Since using this and the wash my skin has looked so much better, which I really wasn't expecting because they're both so affordable!

Biore Pore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips* | £8.39

My struggle with blackheads is never ending, especially around my nose area so after seeing good reviews on the Boots website I thought this would be the answer. And I can safely say they have made a huge difference. You stick them to your nose with water and wait for them to dry, then peel off. These do really stick to the nose and removing the strip was a little painful. But the gunk that was on the strip was impressively gross! Now, these aren't going to remove all blackheads in one use, but with continued use you will see a difference!

L'oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation | £12.95

Now this isn't a Uk drugstore discovery, it's not available here. Which is so frustrating I don't know why brands release different things in different countries. Beauty is global, you just have to watch a Youtube video or scroll through your Instagram feed to get the latest recommendations. Only to find they're not available in your country! Anyway where there's a will there's way - I managed to get this from Ebay, from a seller I've brought from before and trusted (which I've linked above). It arrived in a perfectly sealed and un-used condition. I'm really impressed by this! It offers coverage and glow in a long wearing formula, which is really difficult to find in foundations! The consistency of it is light, runny and so easy to blend. It does give my skin a soft, dewy look to it. With a solid medium coverage. It stays put on me on all day. Although I do find I have to use a mattifying primer and powder with this or I look like a sweaty mess at the end of the day. So I think this would be great for really dry skin! It actually reminds me a lot of the LA Girl Pro HD Foundation which I've been loving lately! Over all, I'm really happy with this foundation! I've actually just brought the US L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation because I've heard the formula is different to the UK one, so keep your eyes pealed for that review.

I'm really happy with everything I've discovered from the Drug store this month. Especially the Biore skincare, I can't recommend that range enough!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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