Amazing Brands To Try In 2017

2016 was the year I really branched out in the beauty department. I felt like I've exhausted the aisles of Boots and Superdrug and started to look to higher brands and online affordable shops to meet my beauty needs. I've discovered some great brands and highly recommend checking them out next year...

Salon Science...

Salon science is a brand I hadn't really heard of - I've seen a few people talk about them on blogs but nothing really tickled my fancy. Until I tried a few products myself and I was instantly WOWED! The brand uses science to bring cutting edge haircare that works. And I assure you they really do! I have really thick, dry, frizzy hair, which is a mission to wash, dry and just do anything with! So I'm always on the look out for products that will address these issues and make the washing process a bit easier. The products I have tried are...

Hydruluxe Shampoo* | £11

This shampoo is described as a gentle cleanser for the hair and scalp whilst still removing the build up of impurities. I really like this shampoo - I tend to find most shampoos irritate my scalp and leave it dry and itchy - but this doesn't! It lathers up well and leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh.

Hydruluxe Conditioner* | £12

The Hydraluxe conditioner has similar claims to the shampoo. The conditioner itself is thicker than most conditioners, which I really like, It makes me feel like it's going to work. And this really does work. My only issue is the packaging, because it's quite thick it's difficult to squeeze out of the bottle, but because this is great I can forgive it.

It's recommended to be left on for 1-2 minutes but even when I don't do that my hair instantly feels nourished and softer! Once my hair is dry it's so soft and shiny. My frizzy-ness isn't as bad either!

Hydrasorb Intensive Masque* | £14

I use an intensive mask everytime I wish my hair, I find it's the only way to get my hair to look its very best. And boy does this mask do that! It has a super thick, almost balm like texture that's really easy to apply, without it dripping or running out of my hands. I like to leave this on for 5-10 minutes as recommended and rinse off. My hair is left so soft, shiny and radiant looking. It's also a lot easier to brush. Anyone with thick curly hair will know the struggle! I don't think I've had such good results from a mask alone. This doesn't leave my hair heavy or feel like it has product build up. It's just a truly brilliant mask!

Salon Science is available online at Boots (here). They have full ranges aimed at many different hair types. I'm eyeing up the Repair Range next, especially the Reglosse Smoothing Serum, that sounds amazing!

Anastasia Beverly Hills...

Who else noticed that Anastasia Beverly Hills launched a Uk website over the weekend? They kept that quiet! Although, I was late to the party and most things were out stock by the time I had got wind of the news. If you didn't know Anastasia Beverly Hills are an American based beauty brand that have quickly gained cult status. Especially with their brow products and contour kits. The products I love and highly recommend are:

Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette | £41

I heard Nishi V describe these as the eyeshadows that ruined eyeshadows for everyone. And I couldn't have put it better myself. The formula is out of this world! The shadows in the palette are so so so soft! The pigmentation of every shadow is incredible and they are a breeze to blend! Most of the shadows in this palette are warm toned with the exception of one or two, and warm shadows are my favourite! See my full review with swatches here.

Sun Dripped Glow Kit | £39

I now have 3 of the Glow Kits so I think that pretty much says how much I love them. But the Sun Dripped Palette is my favourite! It contains 4 generously sized highlighters that are inspired by the sun. Bronzed is a Copper toned Bronze colour. This would be a great highlighter on darker skin tones. I also like to use a blush topper. Summer has a Champagne tone with a White Gold finish. It's a stunning highlighter. Tourmaline is a Taupe highlighter, I like to use this as an eyeshadow. And finally Moonstone, which is my favourite. It's a stunning Peachy toned highlighter that suites my skin tone really well. All of the highlighters are buttery soft and give a really dewy look to skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills have some great products and everything I've tried performs exceptionally! I'm eyeing up the single shadows next, which were available on the UK site but most were out stock.


AHA and BHA have quickly become the ingredient of choice, with people seeing dramatic results after using them. Bravura is a brand that have developed a range of AHA and BHA that have salon quality at home. What I love about this brand is the detail. The products come with a leaflet with detailed instructions of how to use products, the recommended time they should be left on and what to expect when using them. And welcome customers to contact them if products have a negative effect on the skin. Which I found super helpful with most skincare products I'm left wondering how to use it or I'm left disappointed when they don't work. The products I've tried are:

Revitalising Gingseng Toner With 5% Glyoclic Acid* | £12.40

This is a gentle Glycolic acid which melts away dead skin cells and leaves skin ready for moisturiser. As well as other ingredients that nourish the skin. This is suitable for all skin types and really easy to use. Just apply to a cotton pad and swipe over the face and neck. With continued use my skin is left more radiant. The ingredients are pretty identical to the famous Pixi Glow Tonic, with the exception of a few and has the results. But Bravura options are cheaper!!!

Lactic Acid 10%* | £9.59

I've not had much luck with Lactic Acid so far, the ones I have tried have broken me out, and haven't been able to stand the smell. But this is infused with Rose so the scent isn't anything revolting! Lactic Acid can be used on dry, sensitive skin types to treat acne, hyper pigmentation, ageing skin or dryness / dullness. It recommends to use this on a dry clean face and leave it on for 5 minutes and slowly build up the time to increase the skin tolerance to the acid. It tingles sightly when first applied but nothing uncomfortable,  but the instructions assure me this is normal.  I wasn't expecting much after just 5 minutes but the result were undeniable. My skin was so smooth - I couldn't stop stroking it! I've been using this every other day for 5 minutes and I'm so impressed by how quickly this works.

Glycolic Acid 10%* | £9.59

This is to be used in the same way as the Lactic acid. This dissolves the glue that holds dead skin cells together to reveal fresh, bright, new skin. It can be used on all skin types to combat a number of skin issues, including: acne, fine lines, dehydration and dryness. When I first apply this it kind of itches my skin, but the directions say this is normal. Again, this a great product and really helps my skin to look brighter and more radiant. Although I haven't seen such dramatic results from this as I did from the Lactic acid, I'm sure with continued use I will.

Bravura London is available here.  I do have a full review coming on these soon. I Highly recommend checking them out, they're also very affordable to!

Kat Von D...

Kat Von D becoming available in Debenhams was probably the beauty launch of the year for many! With beauty gurus in America raving about her products I had to get in on the action! I was not disappointed. My favourites are...

Shade and Light Palette | £36

I love contouring, it's become a step in my makeup routine I can't miss. And this has been my contouring product of choice since I got it! The palette contains 3 shades of contouring colours and 3 matte highlighter shades. My favourites are the two middle shades. The contour colour is perfect for my skin tone. It's not too cool, so it looks ashy and it's not too warm. It's just the perfect shade for making me look like I have cheek bones! The Yellow shade is also brilliant for setting under eye circles and really brightens up the area, while ensuring my concealer won't crease!

Lock Concealer | £20 | POST

Regular readers will know my struggle with dark circles. So I just had to try this full coverage, long lasting concealer. It does a brilliant job at concealing my dark circles and works well on blemishes too. The formula is creamy and easy to blend out. But because this is so full coverage, it doesn't look like i'm wearing concealer, but not in a bad way, if that makes sense. But if you have areas that you want to cover this is a great option!

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | £16 | POST

Liquid lipsticks are my lip product of choice at the moment. Kat Von D has an extensive shade range. I have the shade Lolita II which is a stunning warm Terracotta nude. The formula is really nice. It's lightweight and dries down completely matte. This isn't drying and feels so comfortable on the lips. The only downside is the wear time. This doesn't last as long as some on me. But because they are so comfortable they can be forgiven.

Kat Von D is available here. Next I want to try the Lock It powder, I hear so many good things about that!

I'm excited to see what next year brings beauty wise and what brands will become favourites!

Have you tried any of these brands? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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