Blogging Tips - How to stay Organised

I asked on Instagram what blog posts you guys would want to see and someone asked if I could do some blogging organisational tips. *Disclaimer* I don't think I'm overly organised but I do manage to stick to my upload schedule, which is Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays. Plus I'm not one to deny my readers of what they want. So here I am with some organisational tips...

1. Write Everything Down. I always try to write my post ideas down, just in case I forget. It's also handy to keep a small note pad near by because my best ideas always come at the most random time!

2. Find a Schedule That Suites You. I think this is very important, when trying to figure out a blogging schedule. There's absolutely no point in deciding to write a post on a day when you know you're going to be super busy, because your just not going to have time. Instead try dedicate some time on the weekends or a free day to write up posts and take pictures.

3. Plan Ahead. I try to plan what I'm going to post a week in advance, this allows me time to plan for photos and find time to write the post. It also means I can work around anything else I know I'm doing that week.

4. Take a Little Time. This may sound bizarre but I can't sit down and knock 5 posts in a row. I get bored and just lose focus. So instead, I normally write a post a day. I know this won't be easy for everyone but for me it works.

5. Stay Motivated. If you're not motivated to blog, you probably won't. So I think this is important. I'm really passionate about beauty so I want to share with my readers, that's how I stay motivated. If you're passionate about something motivation will come. I also think now my readers expect me to post so in a way you guys are my motivation!

6. A Daily To Do List. This is something that I've recently started but one that I've found super helpful. I write down everything that I need to relating to blogging that day. Whether it be take photos, reply to emails, reply to comments or send post links to PR. This not only helps me remember what I've got to do but there's something really satisfying seeing a whole list ticked off and completed.

7. Be Realistic. This is so important. Be realistic with what you can do and when you can do it. Like I said previously I can't bulk write posts so it would be unrealistic for me to complete this!

8. Don't Push Yourself. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you miss a posting for a day. People understand that life happens and blogging sometimes has to take a backseat, especially if it's not a full time job.

I don't think this post was anything revolutionary in terms of organisation so I hope you enjoyed it. There are a few tips that pop up everywhere, like bulk taking photos. For me this doesn't work. I end up wanting to retake the picture because I find something wrong with it, so for me this is counter productive and takes up more time. So I think the most of important tip is do what works best for you! 

How do you stay organised?

Until next time...

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