LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation VS Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

If you've read many of my posts recently you'll know how much I've been loving the LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation. I've heard many people comparing it to the famous Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, and straight away looking at both of the products packaging, I can see why people would think the LA Girl Foundation is a dupe. Even the names are similar. So I thought I'd throw my two cents in and compare them both...

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation | £29

When I first got my hands on this foundation I did do a full review of it here. But it was a while ago so I've put it back in rotation to see if my thoughts had changed. First of all I like the packaging. It has a standard pump which makes application easy. I have the shade Y315 which has Yellow undertones and it's slightly too pale for me, but if I Bronze up this isn't too much of problem. The consistency of the foundation is quite thick - it doesn't run or dip when it's applied. But it's still quite easy to blend. I've found the best way to blend this is with a Beauty Blender rather than a brush. It has a light to medium coverage. It sets down to a satin finish. The whole point in this foundation is it's supposed to be undetectable by cameras, making it a great choice for selfie lovers and those on film. But here's where my issue lies. It's definitely not undetectable - you can tell I'm wearing foundation. I actually find it to be slightly cake-y looking, especially around my nose area. It does wear pretty well though -  6+ hours. Overall, I don't think this is a bad foundation, it's just not great. And for an almost £30 foundation I was expecting a little more.

LA Girl Pro HD Illuminating Pro Coverage HD Foundation | £9

So the packaging and the name are very similar to the Makeup Forever one. Exception is this has Illumination in the title which is what first drew me to this foundation. I have dry / dehydrated skin so I love anything that gives me a glow or radiance. It has a standard pump too. The shade Nude Beige is a perfect match for my skin tone. The consistency of this one is a lot more runny than the Makeup Forever offering. I think this makes it easier to blend. And this is so easy, just a few taps with my Beauty Blender and it's done! The coverage is medium but build-able, to full, so it's better coverage than the MUFE one. The finish is different to. It's far more dewy and gives a lot more radiance. Because this is so dewy I do like to set it with a powder. This also stays flawless for 6+ hours too. This has been my go to foundation since I got it. I really love it!

So the important question: Are these two similar. In short No. The finish, consistency and coverage are different. The only thing these two have in common is the packaging. The LA Girl doesn't even claim to do what The Makeup Forever Ultra HD does. So how it has been described as dupe - I'm not too sure. But I can't recommend the La Girl Foundation enough. It's a brilliant foundation and so affordable!

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts?

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