5 Products To Help Tackle Textured Skin

Textured skin is just the worst! At least with redness and hyper-pigmentation that can be covered but there's no escaping texture! I get these weird little bumps things over my face and have a few indents form spots, nothing too bad but my skin isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be. I've found some amazing products that have really helped.

Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips with these Fab Lipbalms

I suffer with dry, chapped lips regardless of the time of year but in winter they are so much worse. And I tend to find most lip balms actually don't do anything or dry my lips out more! I've been searching high and low for the best lip balms and I'm ready to report back..

Best Makeup Discoveries 2017

I'm always so shocked when it comes to monthly favourites, because the months seems to whizz by so I can't believe it's time for the end of year one! I've decided to spilt these posts into categories, today we have makeup. Make sure you check out the 'REVIEW' Links for full reviews and swatches. So let's get into it..

The Base Products That Never Let Me Down

I wanted to give a little shout out to the beauty product that never lets me down, the ones that always make my skin look good regardless of what it's doing. So let's get into it...

Chin Up Mask | Gimmick or Genius

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I'll pretty much try anything (within reason) to keep my skin looking as good as possible. Which led to me testing the Chin Up Mask. When this arrived I must admit I wasn't sure this was going to work. But I'm ready to report back.

Ingredient 101 - Niacinamide

The beauty world seems to be changing, we no longer want bold claims and promises from skincare, we want to know what's in it, how it works and the science behind it all. One of my favourite past times is researching ingredients. It's so helpful to know what works for my skin and what doesn't. So I'm back with the next instalment of my Ingredient 101 series. Today we're talking about Niacinamide. Which seems to be a highlighted ingredient in a lot of products recently.

A Few Festive Beauty Picks

It's no secret I love Christmas and the festive season, spending time with loved ones, eating loads, late nights and parties. All this paired with the cold it can have a negative affect on the skin. I also like to reach for 'festive' makeup so I put together a little edit of my skincare and makeup I'll be reaching for throughout the season.

3 Hydrating Face Masks to See you Through Winter

When it comes to skincare you can't beat a good face mask and with winter in full swing, the cold is sucking the life out of my skin. So I have 3 of my favourite hydrating masks.

On Trend Beauty Products You Have to Try

Well have is strong word but these products I'm going to talk about are definitely worth checking out. I tend to find on trend beauty products a but gimmicky and rarely stick around for longer than a season but these products have become staples in my routine and I couldn't imagine not having them.

High End Discoveries

I can't believe this is the last High-end discoveries of the year! Where has the year gone? November was a bit of a strange month for discovering new products, I brought loads and had loads to test but I've been so busy it's been hard to actually test. I have managed to test some products enough to review them. So let's get into it.

Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

My whole christmas list is filled with beauty products and it's a great way to gift your loved one something they probably wouldn't buy themselves. So here's a few gift ideas.

Toners Actually Worth Using

Toners are one of those beauty products that have the beauty world divided. You either love them or hate them. For years I never really see the point in them. And many were packed with alcohol and far too stripping for skin. But over the recent few years toners have really turned a corner and I've found a few that are definitely worth using!

Pixi Glow Tonic* | £18 | REVIEW

This is the toner that changed the game for me! It uses AHA's to gently exfoliate the skin, revealing fresher, brighter looking skin. The AHA concentration is quite low so it can be used everyday. I personally use it every other day because I use a lot of AHA products so I don't want to overly exfoliate my skin. But this definitely works! It helps skin to look more refined, smoother and glowing.

Pixi Hydrating Mist | £18 | REVIEW

I'm not sure this is actually categorised as a toner but it's one of the ways I like to use it. This super fine mist is packed with hydrating ingredients to instantly refresh and plump the skin. I like to use it after cleansing because sometimes my skin can be left feeling dry and tight. It instantly leaves it feeling hydrated. When used in the morning it also feels so refreshing and helps to wake me up a bit. The mist can also be used throughout the day too.

Alumiers Bright & Clear Solution*

I've actually had this in my stash for quite a while but in last month or so I've started using this and I love it! It's an Exfoliating toner like the Pixi one but this one uses Lactic acid. I notice far better results with Lactic acid, my skin just loves it. After using this everyday for a week I started to see results. My skin looked a lot brighter and clearer. This also contains vitamin C for super brightening power. I also love that this comes with a pump. I really can't recommend this enough.

So they are my favourite toners.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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A few Drugstore Discoveries

I really don't think these posts need much of an introduction anymore! But if you are new it's basically the affordable discoveries I made from the month before.

Affordable Beauty Gift Guide

Christmas can be ridiculously expensive and not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend on one person yet alone more than one! Luckily there are some really lovely, affordable gifts out there so I have a guide of some really affordable ones.

Maintainable Autumn / Winter Lip Shades

I love Autumn / Winter lip shades and all the rich tones that come with Autumn. But they are so bloody difficult to wear and maintain. Some shades end up round my face, on my teeth, not to mention the dryness that comes with matte formulas. Most times, especially if I'm busy I can't cope with the upkeep of these kinds of shades. Luckily I've found some stunning rich hues that don't need maintenance like some.

New York Haul | Drugstore & More

As promised in my New York Sephora Haul (here) I'm back with my drugstore haul. I was a little under whelmed by their drugstores to be honest. They did have a lot in terms of shade range but it wasn't any cheaper than here after you add the tax on, in fact it might have been a little bit more expensive. But anyway I managed to pick some things I've wanted to try for ages. I also brought some stuff in Urban Outfitters.

Best In Beauty | November

The latter half of November was super exciting because I went to New York and most of what I took with me were beauty products I knew I could rely on so there's quite a few old favourites that made their way into this months Best in Beauty.

My New York Sephora Haul

I'm sure most of you already know I went to New York last week. It was an amazing trip, I think I might do a separate post about what I got up to. But obviously there was a lot of shopping involved! I was there over Black Friday which was exciting but to be honest I found it all a bit overwhelming. The shops were packed full of people and I didn't find many beauty bargains. That being said I still spent a lot of money. Mainly in Sephora, which is a beauty lovers heaven! I did a bit of drugstore shopping too but I will do a separate post next week on what I brought there otherwise this post will be super long.

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

Gift Guide season is upon us. I've just come back from New York and I'm feeling super festive so I thought it was the perfect time to share my gift ideas. I personally love stocking fillers and little gifts, I think it's a great way to try stuff you probably wouldn't by yourself and plus they are super cute! Here's some of my perfect Stocking Fillers:

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation - Worth the Hype?

It's been a while since I've done one of these Worth the Hype posts and I thought it was the perfect opportunity with this Huda Beauty Foundation. My experience with Huda Beauty is very small, I've only tried this and the warm toned Obsessions palette (Which I love) so I was super intrigued! Plus I'd seen this foundation all over her Insta stories and the results look incredible! But is it Worth the Hype?...

Luxury Haircare That is Worth Every Penny

Over my blogging time I've discovered and tried so many amazing products, especially haircare. I used to think that you didn't have to pay a lot of money for good haircare. And while that is true for some products I have discovered some products that are whole heartedly worth every penny.

My Top 10 Cult Beauty Products of the Year

I'm sure most of you would have heard of Cult Beauty. It's basically an online shop that sell the most sort after beauty products, from makeup to haircare. They have all your beauty needs covered! They are doing an exciting Instagram giveaway where everyday one person will win a £100 Cult Beauty Gift card!!! All you have to do is post of photo of your favourite Cult Beauty product of the year and use the hashtag #CultProductOfTheYear to be in with a chance of winning! So today I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favourite Cult Beauty Products of 2017.

My Skincare Routine When I Have Breakouts

I find I talk a lot about products individually but I actually think sometimes it's a combination of products that really make a difference to my skin rather than standout products. And I've found this is the case particularly when my skin is breaking out, angry and sensitive.

I have dehydrated skin too so finding products that will sort spots out without leaving my skin feeling super dry can be a real struggle. I have found a combination of products that really speed up the healing time and gets my skin back to normal.

Makeup Lately

I don't really think these posts need an introduction anymore! If you're new it's basically the makeup I've been reaching for throughout the last month. Check out the 'REVIEW' links for more in depth reviews.

On Trend Highlighters that Won't Break The Bank - MUA Prism Highlighters

MUA is probably one the most affordable brands out there. Offering us brilliant, on trend products that perform really well without the hefty price tag. They recently launched the prism highlighter collection. Which consists of some amazing formula and shades. I've been testing the range and I'm ready to report back.

The Winter Skincare Switch

As the season changes skincare definitely needs changing to. The environment can have a huge effect on my skin, especially the cold. My skin becomes even dryer and dehydrated. The key to finding the right products is knowing what your skin is doing - is it dryer? Or more sensitive? Once you know that you can switch up your products accordingly.

Soap & Glory Advent Calendar Review

Beauty Advent Calendars have exploded over the last couple of years, with almost every brand bringing out their own. From High-end to affordable, candles to nail polishes their are so many. I was really excited when this Soap & Glory Calendar Girls* landed on my door step! So I thought I'd review it for you guys...

My Top Shelf Hydration Heroes

I really enjoy these Top Shelf style posts and with winter around the corner I thought what better time to share my favourite hydrating products. I have dehydrated skin so a few of these products are in rotation all year round. But they are my absolute favourites and I couldn't be without them.

5 Products That Have Wowed Me This Week

I am forever testing new beauty products, I'm not complaining, I love it! And I love it even more when I'm instantly wowed by a product. So here's a few that have done just that.

Pricey Eye Makeup That's Worth The Splurge

I did a similar post about affordable eye makeup a while back so I thought I'd do a high end version. High-end makeup can be just as hit and miss as the drugstore so I've put together this little edit.

High-end Beauty Discoveries

Last week we had the affordable discoveries I'd made now it's time for the high-end ones throughout October. Without Further ado.

My SOS Skincare Kit

My skin can be so unpredictable sometimes, one day it will be so dry then the next it will be breaking out! So I have a little collection of treatments to sort my skin out regardless of what it's doing or not doing.

Affordable Discoveries

It's time to share the affordable beauty discoveries I've made throughout October. There was quite a few so let's get into it.

Best In Beauty | October

How is it November already? I say this every month but October has whizzed by! And it means it's time for another Best in Beauty round up...

My Ultimate Recommendations to Try from ColourPop

ColourPop for sure is one my favourite affordable brands! I've tried a lot from them so I wanted to share my ultimate favourites! ColourPop do ship to the UK, however the shipping can be quite expensive but they normally have free international shipping on orders over $50 so I normally order then. I do get customs charges on an order this big though, which is normally around £15-£20. In my opinion ColourPop is totally worth it though. Anyway here's my picks..

Affordable Skincare Basics for Fresh Glowing Skin

In a bid for fresh glowing skin my skincare routine can be pretty lengthy. Some evenings I find myself using like 5 oils that all pretty much do the same thing. But when I actually sat down and thought about the products that really work, that I repurchase I found that my routine is pretty simple and quite affordable. So I thought I'd share them with you. For reference I have dehydrated skin.

Noteworthy Newness from Complexions

This post was sponsored by Complexions. However, all opinions are my own.

Miss G Couture the online fashion brand, home of the Bandage Dress and power house of fashion for girls that don't do casual have brought out a collection of makeup! From a killer highlighter to a flawless contour they have everything you need. I've been testing a few of the staple pieces...

Coverage Without the Cake

Finding high coverage foundations and formulas can be quite the task! I find this even more so as I have dehydrated skin. Vichy, the French pharmacy skincare brand are well known for their amazing skincare and makeup. I've been testing some products from their Dermablend range which offers high coverage formulas and a natural finish.

Autumn Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

Autumn is well and truely upon us! And I'm not sad to say good bye to summer. I just love everything about Autumn. The makeup especially. So today I'm here to share my Autumn eye, lip and cheek picks..

Treat Yourself (or a loved one) with Benefit This Christmas

Christmas comes around quicker and quicker every year! I'm not complaining though, I love Christmas! Today I have a couple of gift ideas for the beauty lovers in your life or yourself. Whether you are a last minute shopper or have already started, Benefit have some great gift sets that any beauty lover would love...

Blemish Fighting Skincare

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I take every precaution to prevent breakouts and blemishes. But sometimes no matter what I do I will just breakout for no apparent reason! 9 times out 10 it's because I've had a reaction to some skincare I'm testing or because I've been too over active with acid treatments. I personally find spot treatments and skincare targeted at blemishes far too harsh for my skin type, Which is dehydrated. Especially more affordable, drugstore options, sometimes it can feel like I'm putting nail polish remover on my face! Which isn't great. But on my 'perfect skin' mission I've found some amazing products that really help blemishes and spots without being too harsh.

Lee Stafford Haircare Guide

Judging from this photo I think it's safe to say I'm a fan of Lee Stafford haircare! It's actually been a favourite of mine for long time, way before the days of blogging! The brand pretty much cover every type, condition and problem. And the products genuinely work! Most of them are very reasonably priced too. So I thought I'd share my thoughts on the products.

Makeup Lately

These posts don't really need an introduction, it's just the Makeup I've been reaching for lately. Remember to check out the review links for full reviews / swatches.

Love Me Beauty | October

Regular readers will know how I feel about the  Love Me Beauty* Subscription, I love it! Each month for £10 you get 60 credits to spend, if there's more stuff you want you can even buy more credits. The massive selling point for me is that you get to pick what you want rather than having products that aren't suitable!

New In From Deciem

Deciem, the umbrella brand of Niod, The Ordinary and Hylamide, plus many more, really is the brand everyone is talking about at the moment. With effective, science driven formulas that really deliver results, it's no wonder everyone is going crazy from them. I've been testing a few of their latest releases and I'm ready to report back.

High-end Setting Sprays & Face Mists

This is the final instalment in my setting spray and face mists, the high-end ones. You can read part One here and Two here. My high-end mist collection is relatively small in comparison to others but let's get into it.

How I make the Fenty Beauty Foundation Work

The world probably doesn't need another Fenty `Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation review but I want to throw my 2 scents in because I actually found this quite difficult to work with. I have dehydrated skin so 9 times out of 10 anything with matte in title doesn't work for me.

High-end Discoveries

I've actually been trying to be better with my money and not spend so much on makeup so I thought I was going to struggle with this post this month but I surprisingly have a lot to talk about. So let's get into it.