5 Fabulous highlighters

Highlighters have become a stable in my everyday makeup routine. I just love a good glow. nothing beats the look a of a nice lit from within glow and sculpted, glowing cheek bones. So today I have 5 fabulous highlighters to share with guys.  I wanted to include some highlighters that I don't often talk about and some new editions...

L.A Girl Strobe Lit Powder | £6

Starting off with a nice, budget friendly option. LA Girl brought out 8 new highlighting powders in various shades. Which is promising - I think most skin tones should be covered. I have the shade 80 Watts. Which is has Peachy, Champagne tones, ideal for medium skin tones. The powder is really soft and finely milled. The glow it gives has a nice, subtle radiance that's perfect for everyday wear.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish | £24 | POST

The famous Soft and Gentle is an oldie but a goodie. It's a Champagned toned highlighter in a butter soft formula. That applies and blends into the skin with ease. Leaving behind a stunning glow. It doesn't contain a hint of glitter. It's just a great all rounder!

Makeup Forever Pro Fusion Highlighter | £26.50 | POST

I rave about this highlighter until the cows come home. I've completely fallen in love with it. I have the shade 02 Gold which is a beautiful Gold colour. It has a gel powder formula. Which is so buttery soft and melts into the skin. The finish is so natural and seamless but still has a good glow. I'm really impressed with this and highly recommend giving it a swatch if you're ever near a counter.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector | £32

Becca just have the highlighter formula down to a T. And the shade Opal is no exception. This is easily one of the softest highlighters I've ever felt. And really packs a punch in terms of pigment. The shade itself is a Golden Champagne colour. This gives a slightly more intense glow but it looks stunning on the cheek bones. It doesn't contain any glitter. It just leaves a beautiful sheen.

ColourPop Highlighter | $8

The shade Churro is a very new edition to my collection but one I've been really enjoying none the less. It has a mixture of Copper, Gold and Peach tones running through it, which look gorgeous when they're all mixed together. The formula is sort of a dry mouse consistency, which I've really grown to love. I like to apply and bend it with my fingers for a stunning highlight. Once this has been applied it doesn't move around or melt throughout the day.

There you have 5 Fabulous Highlighters.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite highlighter?

Until next time...

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