Everyday Lipsticks in Every Formula

Beauty trends often mean that one formula of lip product is only really talked about. At the minute I feel like it's liquid lipsticks and oils. But these formulas aren't for everyone. So I thought I'd share with you my favourite everyday lipsticks in a variety of formulas...

Liquid Lipsticks...

Starting with liquid lipsticks, you don't get much better for your money than this budget friendly liquid lipstick. The ColourPop Ultra Satin Formula is brilliant. Satin is an accurate description - they're not quite matte. But this means they're non drying! The shade Echo Park is a Pink-y, Peach nude. That's perfect for everyday wear. The great formula means the staying power is good, but when it does start to fade, it wears evenly and is easy to touch up throughout the day. 

NYX Lip Lingerie | £6.50 

I know this gets a bit of bad press for being dry, but I don't find them drying at all. They're actually one of my favourite affordable liquid lipstick formulas. Especially, the shade Push Up. It's a Pinky Brown toned nude, that goes with any makeup look. It's long wearing and non drying and easy to re apply. Just a great everyday liquid lipstick! 

Another everyday favourite of mine is Gemini from Jeffree Star. The shade is a warm, Red toned Brown. It's a little more bold than your everyday nude, but still wearable. The formula of this is incredible; it dries completely matte, without being drying and lasts for a good 4+ hours! 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | £5.50 | POST

The soft matte creams are definitely more of a cream than a liquid. They have a kind of moussey consistency. But what makes these special is how non-drying they are. They take a little longer than some liquid lipsticks to dry but once they have they're not noticeable on the lips at all. The Shade Abu Dhabi is a Pinky, Brown nude, similar to Push up. It's the perfect throw on and go shade that finishes any makeup look. 


Velvet Teddy is the shade I also go back too. It's my perfect nude. The balance between Pink and Brown is perfect and is universally flattering. The formula is also incredibly creamy, pigmented, comfortable and long lasting. There's nothing not to love about this shade! 

Another wearable shade from MACs matte line is Taupe. Taupe is a stunning warm Brown colour. On me it's slightly bolder than a regular nude but it would make a great nude on darker skin tones. The formula is the same great formula as Velvet teddy. 

The shade Naked from Urban Decays Vice lipsticks has a cream finish so it has a slight sheen too it. The shade is a Pink toned nude that is perfect for everyday wear. The formula is super creamy so it's super comfortable, it is also pigmented and wears evenly! 

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick | £6.99
Maybellines Colour Sensational lipsticks are great - they have a huge range of shades. The shade Mauve Mania is a Purple, Mauve-y colour. It's not a nude but not a bold colour, it's just a nice wearable colour. The formula is very creamy and the finish has a sheen to it. 

Maybelline Creamy Matte | £6.99 | POST

The shade Clay Crush has quickly become one of my favourite everyday shades. It's a pale, warm Brown colour. It's described as a matte finish but it's more of a semi matte. It's creamy, pigmented and long wearing. As drugstore mattes go this is one the best! 


NYX Butter Glosses | £5 | POST

I feel like I'm the only blogger that still enjoys lip gloss haha! As lip glosses go the Butter Glosses are one of the best formulas I've tried. They're not stick or gloopy, they just feel like butter on the lips and they're pretty pigmented as glosses go. My favourite shade Madeleine which is a pale Brown, Pink shade. I also really like using this over the top of liquid lipsticks for a super long wearing gloss. I really can't recommend these enough! 

Lancome Juicy Shake* | £18 | POST

This is a silky soft gloss that feels so nice on the lips. It has hydrating properties so it's a 2in1 product, in super cool packaging. It has a strange applicator that is actually really easy to use. The shade Apri-cute gives the lips a subtle wash of Peachy colour with a high shine gloss. 

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil | £18

Another gloss formula that I really like for every day wear is this offering from Clarins. It's marketed as oil but it's really just a nice gloss. The shade Honey translates clear on the lips and smells like Honey! It also hydrates and is perfect for dry lips. It really feels nice and nourishing on dry lips. Perfect for cold winter mornings. 

So there's some everyday lip shades in a variety of formulas. 

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite lip formula?

Until next time... 

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