Liquid Lipsticks | The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you're a regular reader you'll know how much I love liquid lipsticks. I've tried quite a few. Many different formulas. Some have become everyday staples and others are left collecting dust at the back of a draw. So today I thought I'd bring a few in the form of the Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite formula but I've left those out - I talk about them loads. If you're interested I have a collection post here.

The Good (The Really good)...

The Shade Lilita II has to be one of my most worn liquid lipsticks. The shade is a lovely warm Terracotta nude. The formula is on the more liquidy side but it's still easy to apply. It dries down completely matte, whilst still being comfortable - I can't actually tell I'm wearing anything on my lips. The only down side is the wear time. This isn't the longest wearing formula I've ever tried. But I guess that's down to it be being so comfortable on the lips. I think if you struggle with liquid lipsticks drying your lips this would be a good option. 

ColourPop have an incredible formula for the price! Again these are more along the lines of a liquid but are still easy to apply. These dry down to a satin finish, but are still pretty matte. These are so comfortable and non drying. Like the Kat Von D ones I do think that is because they are so comfortable, this compromises the wear time. But all in all these are amazing, especially for the price! My current favourite shades are: Calypso (A Pink-y nude colour) and Echo Park (a Peachy, Mauve colour).

I think the name Hydra is slightly ambitious, but these aren't drying. These dry down, completely matte really quickly but are still comfortable. They also last a lot longer on than the lips than the Kat Von D and ColourPop offerings. The doe applicator is also really good and makes creating a crisp line around the lips easy. Overall, these are brilliant. I have 3 shades and haven't noticed any difference between the shades and the formula. But my two favourite shades are: Everything Nice which is a Brown colour. This would make a good nude on darker skin tones but on me it's quite a bold shade. And Serenity which is a Pink-y nude colour - perfect for everyday wear. 

The Bad (The Ok but not for me)...

These are probably the most hyped up beauty launch of 2016! But these didn't live up to the expectations for me. These are Ok but just ok. I don't think there's anything special about them. These are pigmented and dry down completely matte. They almost look a bit dry on me. But my biggest issue with them is they can't be re-applied or touched in - they go all flakey and just look awful. Plus they are super expensive to get into the UK, what with the shipping being so expensive and the customs on top. They just aren't worth it! I have a whole post on if these are worth the hype with alternatives here. I have two shades Koko K, which is a Mauve colour, and Exposed which is Peach toned. 

These are one of the first affordable liquid lipsticks I tried. And at the time I did really like them. They are matte and last a long time and I really liked the shade options. However, after trying a few different formulas I do think these are a little drying, nothing too bad though I can just feel them on my lips. The shades pictured are Birthday Suit, a Pink-y Brown nude. And Shabby Chic, which is more of a Purple Mauve-y colour. 

The Ugly (The really bad)...

I've not heard too many people talk about these but I thought I give it ago anyway. And I really wish I hadn't. On first application this seemed promising; The doe foot applicator was good and applied the lipstick well,  it was pigmented, easy to apply and dried down really quick. But once it had dried it was so dry! And looked really dry, almost crusty like. After about 20 minutes of wear it began to bunch up on the lips and flake off. I was really disappointed! The shade pictured is Latte.

Primark Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks | £2

This was £2 so I don't know what I was expecting for something so cheap! Like the La Splash one it seemed promising. But after it dried it began flaking off! I just can't recommend this. The shade pictured is Kim, which is a pale Pink toned nude.

I have no idea why these are marketed as 'matte' because they aren't. They don't even have a satin finish. They are glossy! Which is fine. They are really nice, pigmented glosses that last quite a long time for glosses. Don't get me wrong I do like these as glosses, but if you are after something matte than these are not the way to go! The shades I have are Seduction, which is a really nice Pink-y nude. and Devotion which is more of a bold Pink colour. 

So there you have some of my favourite, not so favourite and rubbish Liquid Lipsticks! 

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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