My Favourite Beauty Blogs Of The Year

Reading blogs is something I thoroughly enjoy, I actually read more blogs than I watch Youtube these days. So today I wanted to share with you my favourite blogs of year...


Siobhan from BeautyLymin is the queen of high-end skincare! If you're looking for an honest 'cult beauty' review then head her way! She also loves a good American beauty haul. I really enjoy her empties post, these are always super helpful!

Dagmara from Mummy's Beauty Corner blogs about everything makeup and beauty related - highend and drugstore. She's one of those rare bloggers that shows her talent with her makeup looks!  Eyeshadows are her thing and her collection is incredible.  She also loves skincare! All her reviews are honest too.

Miss Makeup Magpie

If I'm looking for an in depth review of a particular product I head to Miss Makeup Magpie. Gemma reviews pretty much everything! Gifts sets, the latest products, eyeshadow palettes - you name it! I really appreciate her honesty. And her pictures are perfect! 

I'm sure most of you probably already follow Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty! I've followed Jasmine for a while and watched her blog grow so quickly! She deserves all the success! I think she has a round up of pretty much everything you could want. Plus she swatches everything!! If you want to see what something looks likes on the skin Jasmine is your girl! 

Every time I leave Sallys blog I've left inspired to up my photography game! Her pictures are incredible, unique and really eye catching! Sally blogs about everything - makeup, skincare and travel. She also has a few posts on photography  - which were so useful! I also really like that she combines lifestyle and beauty. 

Laura's blog is so concise and to the point, she doesn't beat around the bush. She makes it clear if she loves something. Which I really like, sometimes I want someone just to tell me if I need something and she does just that. Plus her photography is stunning!  

Another blog I can't stay away from! Shirren is hilarious! She manages to get to the balance of beauty and lifestyle just right in her posts. I also really enjoy her Instastories, they always make me giggle!

Jodies blog is very new discovery for me but one that deserves a mention! I've really enjoyed Jodie's Christmas related posts. Her photography is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to discovering more from her blog in 2017. 

Emmys Beauty Cave:

Emmy blogs about all things beauty - High-end and drugstore. She's a foundation lover and I really enjoy her honest reviews! Her recent trip to New York also left me with an American beauty wish list as long as my arm! 

Last but not least, the lovely Dorota. Dorotas blog is packed with content for everyone. Dupes, skincare, makeup looks and more. I can't believe Dorota doesn't have more followers! Her pictures are stunning too. 

So there are a few of my Favourite Beauty blogs this year! I'm looking forward to seeing what content these lovely ladies bring next year!

What are you favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments, I love discovering new ones!

Until next time...

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