Post Party Skincare Saviours

I think we all know by now the effects of late nights, alcohol and junk food has on skin. It's not pretty. And with christmas and new years my skin isn't looking its best. Needless to say I had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed all the late nights and junk food! But now the festivities are behind me, it's time to get my skin back on track. I have a few gems that have been helping me...

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask | £15

A good, detoxing face mask is essential for drawing out impurities. This one from the Body Shop is brilliant. It contains Himalayan clay that penetrates pores and gently exfoliates the skin. The texture of this mask is quite thick and lumpy. It has a tingling sensation when applied to skin, which the directions assure me is normal. You really feel this working! I leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it once it has set. It's actually really easy to remove with warm water. After my skin looks so much better. It's brighter, and looks clearer. Plus it leaves my skin so soft! This is also very similar to my greatly loved GlamGlow Youth-mud mask which cost so much more!

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Sheet Mask | £19.99 (FOR 4)  | POST

With Alcohol being dehydrating on the skin a moisture mask is much needed. I have dehydrated skin at the best of times after a few drinks I'm left looking like a wrinkled Prune. These Hydraluron sheet masks are perfect for giving skin a shot of hydration. This sheet mask is heavily saturated in a very hydrating serum. I leave this on for 20 minutes or as long as I can and massage in the remaining serum. And my skin is left so much softer and more plump feeling!

La Mauve Firming Serum* | £79

For me adding moisture back into the skin is the most important step in getting my skin looking better. So I like to layer my hydrating products. After I've removed the mask I like to go in with a serum. This serum was developed in the Swiss Alps to add moisture, reduce wrinkles and lift the skin. Firming and lifting isn't really an issue for me yet, but I tend to find these kind of products super hydrating! This has a light, milky texture that absorbs into my skin instantly - leaving it soft and hydrated.  It makes a great base for any products going on top of it.

La Roche Posay Ultra Tolerine Fluid | £17.50 | POST

I use this as a moisturiser regardless of the skin issue I'm trying to treat, it does it all! It's aimed at those with sensitive dehydrated skin. It has a light weight, fast absorbing consistency that really nourishes skin. I also find this really soothing if I have any angry breakouts.

MAC Strobe Cream | £24.50 | POST

This is a kind of moisturiser, primer hybrid. It has a kind of iridescent finish, nothing glittery or un-natural though. It just perks my skin, makes it look more alive and less dull. It leaves my skin so smooth feeling. This would be great under makeup or alone.

Pai Rosehip Oil | £22 | POST 

Next step to getting my skin back in shape is a good oil. This offering from pai contains Rosehip oil which is known for its healing properties. This stuff helps my skin massively. Not only is the super hydrating I really helps reduces belimes and mask! This really is a 'post party skin savouir'.

Clinique Moisture Surge Spray* | £22 (Full sized) | POST

This hydrating spray is prefect for post parties. It can be used at any time - as step in a skin routine, before makeup, after makeup or just when skin needs a 'pick me up'. This fine, refreshing mist works instantly to give skin a quick shot of hydration and gives it a slight glow.

So there's a few Post Party Saviours! And of course drinking plenty of water will also help.

What are your skincare tips after the festive season?

Until next time...

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