Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - Worth the Hype?

'Life is short buy the palette' is pretty much what I was thinking when this made its way into my basket. I was debating whether or not I really needed this palette or I just wanted it because of the hype. After a few people told me I did over on Twitter I made the investment. So today I thought I'd share my thoughts on it and see if it is actually worth the hype...

Ordering and Delivery 

Too Faced is stocked online and instore at Debenhams. But this palette took a while to come over to the UK, I think it was available in the US way before we got it. But anyway because it's stocked in the UK it's pretty easy to get hold of it! 


It retails for £39 which is pretty average for a high-end palette. The palette contains 18 shadows. I have seen people order this from America, but there is always a risk of customs charges doing this, so I recommend getting it from the UK if you can. 


The shadows are housed in a sturdy tin style palette. I thought this would be difficult to open and close but it's not at all. The packaging would also be ideal for travelling.

The Product... 

First of all this has such a lovely, Peachy scent, you can smell it as soon as you open the palette. As I said you get 18 shadows, which are all inspired by Peach. They range from mattes to shimmers. Majority of them are warm tones - and I do love a warm tone! The shades are:

White Peach - Is an off White colour with a satin finish. This is incredibly soft and smooth. It makes a great highlight colour.

Luscious - is a Rose Gold colour with a shimmer finish. This is so pigmented , soft and easy to work with. This makes a great lid shade. 

Just Peachy - Just Peachy is a Pinky, Peach colour with a Gold shimmer running through it. This is slightly more powdery to the touch than the others, but by no means chalky. Again this is pigmented and works well all over the lid. 

Bless Her Heart - This shade is an Olive Green colour with a Gold shimmer. This works well all over the lid and with like the previous shades, soft and pigmented.

Tempting - Tempting is a deep Black with a stain finish. It's pigmented, easy to blend and doesn't really have any fall out. I'm actually really pleased this Black shade, it's something most warm toned palettes lack.

Charmed, I'm sure - Is a muted, warm toned, matte Brown. This works well as a crease colour and blends out well. 

Nectar - This is a pale, creamy Peach colour with a Gold shimmer finish. It's really pigmented and soft. It makes an ideal highlight shade or an all over the lid colour. 

Cobbler - Is a warm Bronze colour. My favourite kinda lid shade! It's pigmented, long wearing and looks stunning all over the lid. 

Candid Peach - This is a medium Pink, Orange colour, with micro glitter in it. This feels slightly chalky to the touch and not as easy as the others to blend out. 

Bellini  - This is one of my favourite shades! It's a lovely medium Pink, with warm gold shimmers in it. It has a soft, blend able consistency and works well all over the lid. 

Peach Pit - Is a dark, warm Brown colour with a shimmer finish. It's pigmented and works well all over the lid.

Delectable - Is a dark Purple colour with a matte finish. This is my least favourite shade of the palette, I found it difficult to work with and blend out. 

Peaches and Cream - This is a light Yellow, Peach colour. This is soft and pigmented! Another great highlight shade. 

Georgia - Is a light to medium Peachy Orange, with a matte finish. This makes a great crease shade although it does require some building to get a good colour pay off. 

Caramelised  - This is a nice medium to dark warm toned Bronze colour, with a shimmer finish. It's really pigmented, easy to apply and looks great all over the lid. 

Puree  - Puree is a warm, Caramel, matte Brown. It makes a great crease colour, it's easy to blend and long lasting. 

Summer Yum - This is a warm, Reddish matte Brown. Another great crease colour! It's soft, easy to apply and blend. 

Talk Derby to Me - Is a dark Black Purple with glitter in it. This is a little sheerer than some of the others and does require some building. 

Most of the shadows in this palette are pigment rich, are easy to work with and last well on eyes. 

Is it worth the hype?

In short, 100%!! Aside from a couple of shades this palette is perfect. The packaging is great. It has a good mix of mattes and shimmers that perform well. I hadn't tried Too Faced shadows before this palette and I'm really impressed! If you like warm tones, this palette is for you. I can't wait for the rest of the Sweet Peach Collection to launch. I want the blush palette next! 

Have you tried this palette? What are your recommendations from the Sweet Peach Collection?

Until next time... 

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