6 Amazing Overnight Treatments for Glowing Skin

There's nothing I love more than healthy glowing skin. And what's better than the convenience of an overnight treatment? The skin regenerates and repairs itself at night so its the best time to give it a helping hand! These treatments have become part of my evening skincare routine. I find they work quick and in the morning my skin looks a million times better. So I have put together a little edit of some of my favourites. I have dry dehydrated skin thats prone to breakouts. So let's get into it...

Dr Botanicals Over Night Purifying Mask* | £79 (Get for £19.99 with code: LPBLOG)

This is an intense moisture mask that adds moisture, soothes and helps repair the skin. It contains a range of ingredients such as, Papaya, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba which are all well known for their benefits to the skin. The consistency of this mask is quite thick and sticky, but it absorbs quickly into the skin. I like to use this as the last step in my evening skincare routine to lock in all the other products. The results in the morning are really undeniable. My skin is so soft and looks plumper! This is a great all round mask!

Merumya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment* | £33.50 | POST

I urge everyone to start using a Retinol treatment! The results are really quite incredible. If you didn't know, Retinol is the only scientifically proven ingredient known to prevent and help ageing skin. Not only does it do that, it helps reduce scarring, spots and blemishes. It does this by encouraging the skin to renew itself. This one from Merumya is incredible! It definitely gives my skin a fresh glow. My skin also looks clearer and just better in general. I like to use this as the first step in my evening routine. So straight after cleansing and toning. This is when it's going to be more effective! I'm also really hoping this will prevent the signs of ageing for that little bit longer.

The Ordinary Alzelaic Acid Suspension 10% | £5.50 | POST

This can be used at night and in the morning but I find to more effective at night. This is an Acid treatment in a cream formula that absorbs into the skin quickly. Alzelaic acid is a yeast extract that is found in the skin. It brightens the skin and helps even the texture. I love this more every time I use it. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I'm really hoping this will have great, long term benefits, and at £5.50 I'm very willing. Check at my full review of the Ordinary here.

The Ordinary Pure Rose Hip Oil | £9 | POST

Another product that I leaves my skin glowing over night is this Roe Hip oil. Rose Hip oil is another great product that aims to help reduce blemishes and scarring. I've not actually noticed this reducing any of my scarring yet but this definitely helps the over glow of my skin. It also leaves my skin so hydrated. The oil itself is quite light and my skin literally drinks the stuff instantly!

SebaMed Anti Dry Intensive Moisture cream* | £13

This is a super dry skins best friend! It's packed full of ingrediants that support the skins natural barrier and help to renew and heal! It's a really thick, rich cream which is super soothing when my skin is really dry! When I use this at night all my dry areas are gone by the morning and my skin looks less dull. I've also been using this on really dry areas of my body and it's really helped them too. Sebamed is such an affordable brand, I definitely want to check out more from their anti dry range.

Caudalie Moisturising Mask | £28.16

Caudalie have formulated a great moisturiser mask. This is my 3rd sample of the stuff. I always get them in beauty boxes so I haven't had to buy the full size yet. It's packed with Grape water and Grape oil which is super hydrating. It can be left on for 10 minutes for a quick hit of hydration or overnight for deeper treatment (which is how I like to use it). Like all the others here it leaves my skin really hydrated and soft, which in turn helps it glow! And look more healthy and plump.

They are my 6 amazing products for an overnight glow!

Have you tried any of these? What are you favourite overnight treatments?

Until next time...

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