9 Things I've Tried This Month & Loved

Recently I've been trying so many new things! Most of which I've loved. This post doesn't really need an introduction so let's get straight into it...

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* | £12.50

I'm so glad to have finally tried this famous oil. It's basically a makeup remover with nourishing ingrediants such as Olive oil. This cuts through makeup like nothing I've tried before. The heaviest eye makeup and mascara are no problem for this! It's easy to rinse of with a warm flannel and doesn't leave a film or oily residue on the face. I think this really does nourish the skin too, my skin feels nice and soft after using it. If you have really dry skin you could use this twice as double cleanse because it isn't drying or stripping at all! I'm really happy I've incorporated this into my skincare routine - it's quickly become a staple.

Milani Retouch Concealer | £11.99

When I first heard about this launch on Instagram I knew I had to get my hands on it. Milani is one of my favourite affordable brands. This concealer rings in at £12, which is it a bit more than I like to spend on an affordable concealer but it just looked so good. The packaging is a squeezy tube with like a rubbery ball on the end. I don't love this and I'm not sure how hygienic it is, but it's only me using it so I'm not fussed. But, packaging aside. I really like this concealer. It has a really good, medium coverage that's build-able to full. The formula is creamy and easy to blend. It reminds me a lot of the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, but I think I like this one a little bit more. I like to use this under my eyes because my dark circles are my biggest problem area. It sits well under them and it doesn't look dry or cakey. I do have to set this because I do find it creases a little but I've come to accept most concealers are going to crease on me. I have the shade Fair which is the second from lightest shade and it works great for highlighting the under eye area. It's also very Yellow toned which works for me, but bare this mind when ordering. Overall, I've used this everyday since I got it - I love it!

Soap & Glory Brow Archery Voluboast Gel* | £8

I've been looking for a good brow gel for a while, I was about to invest in the Benefit one when this dropped through my letter box. And I'm so happy with it. It has the smallest brush that really combs through the brows. It also doesn't apply loads of product to the brows - which I really like, I tend to find most make eye brows look really crispy. It holds the brows all day without making them feel crispy or tight. The shade Talk of the Brown  is perfect match for my hair colour too!

Sexy Hair Weather Shield Humidity Spray* | £15.26

I have really thick, frizzy, curly hair that gets knotty easily and difficult to brush at the best times so I tend to avoid hairspray because it just makes it impossible to brush. So I was apprehensive about using this. But the weather in the UK was awful last week and had just straightened my hair so I gave it a try. I'm pleasantly surprised, this isn't a regular hairspray like I thought. It doesn't really hold the hair. It leaves it really nice, soft, shiny and tames frizz. I tested this in the rain and although my hair did end up with a slight wave to it but it was nowhere near as frizzy and curly as it would normally be. I'm intrigued to see if this works well in the humid summer months too.

Milani Face Powder* | £11.99

I'm having a serious moment with milani at the moment. I've rediscovered how much I love them. This face powder in the shade Amber Nectar is a peachy colour. Its multi purpose powder that can be used as highlighter, blush or bronzer. Because of the peach colour I really like this as subtle blush. The colour does need building but i don't mind this. I imagine this was would as be really nice blush for very pale complexions. The powder itself is soft and blends out without ease. And to top of just look at the design in the powder, it was made for instagram!

Nail HQ Gel Top Coat* | £6.49

This Top coat is amazing! The name of this product pretty much sums up what is does. This makes my nail polish so much shinier and prevents it from chipping as quick. My nail polish now last a good 3 days before it chips but thats really good for me. Without a top coat it the last about hour! I don't find this dried my nails as quickly as some top coats but because it extends wear time of polishes I can forgive it!

Nail HQ Nail Harder* | £6.99

As part of my manicure routine I've been using this nail hardener as a base coat. I don't overly have weak nails but they do peal. I've found this has helped stop them from pealing so much. I've also found this has actually made my nails harder. It's quickly become a staple when ever I paint my nails.

Runway Rogue Lipstick* | $21

Runways Rogue is new makeup brand from the gorgeous Patricia Hartman, who was an iconic model from 90s. I have a lipstick from the line in the shade Head Over Heels. It's a Mauve-y Brown colour, which was inspired from the fall catwalks shows in the 90s. The shade is gorgeous - just the kind of shade I love! It has a matte finish but doesn't sink into any lines or cling to dry patches. It's super comfortable on the lips and wears really well throughout the day. The formula is up their with my favourite high-end brands! The packaging is very luxurious and feels really weighty. It has a magnetic close too. Overall, I love this lipstick and I really want more shades.

Runway Rogue Lipgloss* | $19

Along with the Runway Rogue Lipstick I was also kindly sent a lipgloss. In the shade Super Model which is a pale soft nude colour. The shade is stunning! The packaging has the same weighty feel as the lipstick and a clear section so you can see the shade of the gloss. The gloss itself is very glossy and givse a lovely shine to the lips. The consistency is quite thick but not sticky or heavy on the lips. It's also very pigmented as glosses go! I've been loving this as a lipstick topper. And I know this will be a firm favourite throughout the spring and summer!

So far this month has a been a real hit in terms of beauty products I've been trying - which I'm pleased about but this could mean my end of month favourites post is going to be a long one!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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