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Recently Asian Skincare has been causing quite a stir in the blogging community, with their quirky packaging and unique formulas that promise great results. DHC are a Japanese brand that uses Virgin Olive Oil and natures finest ingredients to deliver a range of gentle products that work. I've been testing a whole bunch of their skincare and makeup and I'm ready to report back.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* | £24

Starting with probably the most famous of the DHC products, the cleansing oil! The main ingredient of this is Olive oil. This is a luxurious oil that is a real pleasure to massage into the skin. I like to use this a first cleanser because it cuts through makeup with ease! It dissolves all my eye makeup, mascara and everything else. It also claims to remove water proof mascara but I don't actually wear water proof mascara, but I can imagine this does by how easy it removes regular mascara. It turns into a light milky consistency that rinses of easily without leaving a residue of film behind. I really love this, my skin also feels super nourished after using it! It's become my favourite makeup remover.

DHC Cleansing Milk* | £20.90

This is a light cream cleanser that is ideal for the second cleanse. It's packed with skin loving oils to protect the skins outer barrier. I found this super hydrating for a second cleanse so this would be great for really dry skin. It cleansed my skin really well and left it clean but not stripped! This didn't irritate my skin or cause it to break out either.

DHC Beauty Lift Essence* | £28.50

It's called an essence but this is basically a serum. It's quite watery and light as serums go and absorbed into the skin instantly! It contains Kernal extract and Peptides to improve firmness. This isn't an issue I have yet but I find anti ageing products great for dehydrated skin. I really like this, it instantly leaves my skin hydrated. I use it in the evening and morning and works well with my evening skin care and under makeup.

DHC Beauty Lift Milk* | £31.75

This works in the same as the Beauty Lift Serum but this is a moisturiser. The consistency is light but still very hydrating. It absorbs quickly and instantly leaves my skin soft and smooth! I've been using this in AM / PM and I really love it. It stops my skin from becoming tight during the day. After use at night my skin is so soft. I can't recommend this enough!

DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream* | £31

This is huge for an eye cream. It's pricy but it will last absolutely ages! The CoQ10 formula is enriched with vitamins to sooth and nourish the under eye area. The consistency is quite thick as eye creams go so I only use it at night.To be honest, I haven't noticed anything dramatic difference to my under eye area since using it but it's nice and hydrating - a welcomed addition to my routine.

DHC Lip Cream* | £8.75

I really like the packaging of this lip balm. It looks like a lipstick and feels weighty in comparison to regular lip balms. The balm itself is packed full of hydrating ingredients to nourish, smooth and hydrate the lips. Which this really does. The formula is light so it's perfect for day time use. It does leave a subtle sheen on the lips. Overall, a really nice lip balm.

DHC QuickFilm Smoother* | £22

This is one of my favourite products of the lot. It's a primer that targets winkles to smooth them. I don't have wrinkles as such but I have dehydration lines. But this smooths my whole face. It feels like a cream when you apply but as you rub it in you can almost feel it working to smooth out lines. But it doesn't feel like a silicone primer, it's strange but I love it! It makes a great base for makeup and my foundation glides over the top.

DHC Velvet Skin Coat* | £18.19

This is another primer that aims to target wrinkles, pores and improve the overall texture of the skin. It feels more silicone-y than the Quick Film one. To be honest this is slightly too drying for my dehydrated skin but I think oily people would really like this!

DHC Liquid Liner* | £16

Good liquid liners that tick all the boxes are hard to come by. Luckily this one isn't a dupe. It has the finest precise tip that practically makes drawing a wing fool proof! The liner is super Black and longer wearing. It's brilliant,  a definite hit from the brand!

DHC Double Protect Mascara* | £15.90

This mascara has the smallest wand I think I've seen! It's tiny, perfect for catching every lash. It's also one of the tubing mascaras, that comes off in tubes rather than flakes. This promises to be long wearing, yet easy to remove. Which it is. This gives a very natural finish to the lashes. It adds some length but not a great deal of volume. For that reason I don't love this on my upper lashes but this is a great lower lash mascara. The tiny wand makes it easy to apply without getting it everywhere.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs* | £6.75

These are individual wrapped cotton buds that are soaked in olive oil. At first I thought they were really bizarre but they are super handy! They can be used for loads of things like cleaning delicate areas, makeup mistakes and they are safe enough to use on babies. I really like them for cleaning up makeup mistakes and making my winged liner super sharp. I also really like them for cleaning up nail polish mistakes when I'm painting them.

DHC Revatalising Moisturising Eye Masks* | £8.75

These are a Polymer Gel eye masks that promises to hydrate, reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles. These are so cooling on the eyes. They're great for morning time use or the morning after a heavy night. They really help me look more awake. After removing my under eye area it is really soft and hydrated. They didn't make too much of a difference to my dark circles. But they are really nice!

Overall, DHC are a great brand. I'm yet to try anything I really don't like or that has given me an adverse reaction! They also have various ranges for different skin types so there is definitely something for everybody!

Have you tried anything from DHC? What are your thoughts?

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