Low Maintenance Lip Options

As much as I love bold, matte lips, the up keep throughout the day can be a little impractical. Especially when eating and drinking are involved. So I've put together a little edit of my favourite low maintenance lip products...

The Mattes...

Matte Lipsticks aren't the first thing that spring to mind in terms of low maintenance but there are a few matte formulas out that don't require a lot of up keep throughout the day:

MAC Lipstick | £16.50 | POST

Velvet Teddy is my ultimate throw on and go shade. The perfect balance between Pink and Brown makes this the perfect nude and means this goes with almost any makeup look. The formula of this is so creamy, pigmented and is very comfortable on the lips. It also fades evenly and wears really well without smudging around my face! 

This lipstick in the shade Baby is very similar to Velvet Teddy only slightly more Pink. The formula of this is quite unique. When first applied it has more of a satin finish but it almost dries down matte like a liquid lipstick but in regular lipstick form. It's not drying at all though, it's really unnoticeable on the lips. I found it very long wearing too. I got around 3-4 hours wear before I noticed the colour starting to fade. But it fades evenly and touching it up isn't a problem! I definitely want to try more shades from this line! 

Again, liquid lipsticks aren't top of my list when I want something low maintenance but this Ofra one is different. It has all the benefits of liquid lipstick (super matte, long wearing) but all the benefits of regular lipsticks. It's not drying, fades evenly, doesn't flake off or move around my face! The shade Pasadena is a really nice Rose nude colour that's perfect for everyday wear. 

The Satins..

Satin finishes are perfect for low maintenance days. They are a guaranteed fail safe, they're going to be comfortable and they're not going to be sticky like some glosses:

Both of my options in this category are both from ColourPop in the form of their Lippie Stix because they're my favourite satin formula. Although both the shades here (Brink & Most Pit) are both marketed as matte I'd definitely say they have more of a satin finish. The shade Brink is very similar to Velvet teddy but it's slightly more Pink and slighter darker. Mosh Pit is a mid Brown colour with Purple, Mauve undertones. Both are super creamy and very pigmented. I find these are actually really long wearing considering they have a satin finish. They fade nicely without making a song and dance as they go and are so easy to touch up. For the price these are really quite amazing! 

The Creams...

Not quite a satin not quite a gloss - whats not to love... 

I think the blogging community has forgotten how amazing the Lip Butters are! I recently picked up the shade Pink Truffle when Revlon was on 3 for 2 in Superdrug and fell back in love with the super creamy, hydrating formula. The shade is a deep Rose colour with a sheen to it and a sheer finish. It looks great with any makeup look. And because its a cream it really fades away well and is so easy to reapply!

Another cream formula with I'm smitten with is this from Urban Decay. The shade Naked is a pale Pink nude colour, but like a baby Pink, a nice Pink! The formula isn't as pigmented as a matte but it's pretty pigmented as cream finishes go! It's super comfortable and hydrating. It's definitely worth checking out for those low maintenance days. 

The Glosses...

My personal favourite in terms of low maintenance:

Lip oils are the in thing at the moment and for good reason. They are super silky glosses that are not sticky at all on the lips. And this Too Faced one is no exception! It feels so hydrating on the lips. It smells so yummy too. I have the Papa Don't Peach, which, as you can guess, is a Peachy shade. It's slightly darker than your standard Peach tone though. It leaves behind a nice subtle wash of colour. Because it's a gloss it isn't the most long wearing option but you can practically reapply this without a mirror! 

In terms of price point and availability in the UK the Butter Glosses are probably one of the best on the market. They come in an array of colours so there's something for everyone. The formula, as the name suggests, really is like butter on the lips. It's not thick or sticky just super smooth and hydrating. I have a few shades but my current favourite is Tiramisu, which is a Pinky nude colour. It does have a sheer finish but it's still pretty pigmented in comparison to some glosses I have tried. 

The ColourPop Lip glosses are a new discovery for me, but one that I've been loving. My favourite shade is Lychee Me which is a pale, Brown nude colour. In keeping with ColourPops incredible formulas this is no exception. Don't get me wrong they aren't anything revolutionary in terms of glosses. But they are super comfortable and not sticky, plus really cheap! 

Another lip oil I've been really loving is this one from ELF in the shade Nude Kiss  , which is a Pinky Brown nude colour. This is very silky and not heavy on the lips at all. I actually think I like it a hair more than the Too Faced. It's slightly thinner on the lips which makes it even more comfortable! Plus this is super cheap, it's definitely worth checking out.

After writing this post it would appear I have a thing for Pinky Brown nude lip products! 

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite low maintenance lip options?

Until next time... 

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