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It's time for me to share the makeup I've been reaching for again! I have some brushes to share with you guys too. So with out further ado...

Clinique Pep Start Hydrobur Moisturiser* | £24 | POST

This is supposed to be a moisturiser and primer but for me this isn't moisturiserising enough for my dehydrated skin so I like to use it as just a primer. And I'm loving it! It does a really good job at blurring pores and imperfections while leaving my skin soft and smooth, ready for makeup. I imagine this would make a good moisturiser for those with oily skin too. I've been reaching for this over my holy grail Becca primer which I think says it all!

La Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation  | £11

My love for this foundation is well documented on my blog, so regular readers skip past this section. But I always seem to come back to this foundation. It just has it all, a good medium coverage, long wearing, easy to blend, it looks natural on the skin and the glow-y finish I love. I do find I have to set this because it is so glow-y. And what makes this even better is it's so affordable!

Milani Retouch Concealer | £12 | POST 

I recently discovered this concealer and it's my go to for concealing my dark circles. It has a really creamy consistency that's easy to blend out. The coverage is a solid medium but build-able. I find this works really well under my eyes, it doesn't crack or fade. I do find it creases slightly but I've come to accept that all concealers are going to crease on me! I have the shade Fair which is good for highlighting the under eye area. Overall, I'm so happy I've found a reasonably priced concealer that really works.

Milani Bronzer | £11

I've been really enjoying a bronzed look so I've been reaching for this bronzer in the shade 05. It's very warm toned with Gold shimmers running through it, although I don't find this looks overly shimmery on the face, it just gives a nice, natural looking glow. The formula of the powder is finely milled and easy to blend.

Milani Rose Blush | £12

I'm having a bit of a Milani moment! I found this gorgeous blush hiding in the back of my makeup collection. I'm so glad I rediscovered it. The shade is a lovely Pink-y Mauve colour. I imagine this would suit most skin tones. It also goes with any makeup look. Like I've found with all Milani powder products they are finely milled, easy to blend and wear all day on me!

Ofra Highlighter | £25 | POST 

For highlighter I just can't get enough of this beauty. The shade Blissful is a Gold toned highlighter that really makes the cheek bones pop. I'm not going to lie this isn't for the faint hearted and if you don't like a really glow-y sheen you probably won't like this. The formula is so soft and pigmented. I'd say this was comparable to Becca highlighters!

Beautiful Brows Brow Powder* | £15 | POST

I never used to like brow powders but this one has completely changed my mind. I'm not sure what makes this better than the other ones I've tried but it's just so easy to use! It doesn't look fake or powdery on the brows. It just creates natural looking brows effortlessly.

Blank Canvas Pro Master Series One Palette* | £30.49 | POST

For eyeshadow I've been loving this palette. It has 11 matte eyeshadows and one shimmery one for highlighting. All of which are neutral and warm toned Browns. So it's perfect for everyday wear. All the shadows in the palette are soft, pigmented and easy to work with. There's nothing not to love really! See my full review with swatches here.

L'oreal Sculpt Mascara | £10.99 | POST

I had been really loving this mascara and raved about here. But I recently repurchased another tube and now I don't love it as much. I think I may have got a dud or something. It doesn't seem to give the amount of length as it did before. It just kind of makes my lashes short and spidery. I thought it may be because it needed to dry out but I've had it on the go for 2weeks now.  So I'm now in the market for a new one.

Lottie London Slay all day Lip Kit | £8.95

Liquid lipsticks are still my most reached for lip option. Namely, this Lottie London Lip Kit in the shade Fleek. Both the lip pencil and liquid lipstick are a warm Terracotta, Brown shade. It reminds me a lot of Kat Von D Lolita. The formula is really good as affordable liquid lipsticks go. I don't find them drying and they are so long lasting. These are definitely worth checking out!

Runway Rouge Lipgloss* | $19 | POST 

At the other end of the lip finish scale I've been reaching for this gloss. in the shade Super Model. Which is a perfect pale nude colour. It's a great throw on and go shade. The formula isn't sticky and thick either.

Spectrum Fibre Strobe Set* | £34.99

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning these brushes are? Not only are they stunning they perform really well and have quickly become every day brushes for me. They are duo fibre which means they don't pick up as much product as synthetic brushes, this gives a more natural yet air brushed finish. The strobe set includes:

D01 - Large Stippling Brush: This is a super soft stippling brush. Ideal for applying both cream and powder products. I actually prefer this for powder because the bristles aren't dense. It works all over the face. But I really like it to apply bronzer. It's large enough to apply bronzer to the cheek and round the face but not too large it goes everywhere! It really gives a natural finish to powder products and blends everything so easily!

D02 - Small Stippling brush: This is a smaller version of the large stippling brush. It's ideal for liquid and powder highlighters. It blends everything seamlessly!

D03 - Duo Fibre Large Strober: This has rounded off bristles that are great for applying highlighter. It also works incredibly well as a contour brush too. It's just the right size to fit into the hollows of the cheeks and blend everything easily and seemlessly. I've found myself reaching for this everyday! It also works well at blending out concealer. It's a fantastic multi purpose brush.

D04 - Small Strober: This is a smaller version of the large strober. I love this for highlighter. I've been on a mission to find the perfect highlighter brush and I've finally found it. This also works great with really intense glowy highlighters so it doesn't apply too much. I also apply blusher with this too.

I've washed all these brushes and they haven't shed and they've held their shape well!

So Eco Bronzer brush* | £12

So Eco is a natural brand that produce eco friendly and responsibly sourced materials for their brushes. I think it's great when brands take into account the 'bigger picture' but still manage to produce quality products. I've been using the bronzing brush daily. It's a large fluffy brush designed for applying bronzer but for me it's just a bit too big for that but I love this as a powder brush! It's applied all the powders I've tried this with so well and blends them into the skin with ease! I definitely want to try more brushes from So Eco!

Blank Canvas F01 Quick Brush* | £13.94

The F01 is designed to be a multi purpose brush that can be used with a cream or powder products. The Name 'Quick Brush' is very fitting because this is exactly that! It has a tightly packed dense bristle that blends out foundation with absolute ease! Literally, this is the quickest brush for blending foundation! I do find, because the bristles are so dense, this doesn't quite work as well for applying powder but for foundation this is great! It also washes really well and doesn't shed. I need more Blank Canvas brushes in my life!

So that's the makeup and brushes I've been reaching for lately.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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