The Best Powders for Dehydrated / Dry Skin

Having dehydrated skin means I really struggle with powders. Most leave my skin feeling really dry and tight, and some just look really cakey or powdery on my skin. I have been on a mission to find a powder that doesn't do this. I found quite a few on my way...

Hourglass Ambient Light Powders | £59 | POST 

Starting with my all time favourite powders. Hourglass in my opinion make the best powders. I have this trio which contains, Dim light, Incandescent light and  Radiant Light.  All work amazingly well on my dehydrated skin. The powders are formulated to give a lit from within glow. Which they really do. They set my foundation, without making it look powdery and leave my skin looking healthy and alive. I've heard some people say these aren't as good as everyone makes out but I think if you have dry or dehydrated skin then you will really benefit from these. The formula is so finely milled I can pack layers of these on and they never look cakey or dry. They are pricey but well worth it!

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.95 | POST

This is a clear powder that has no pigment so it doesn't leave a cast or flashback on the face. I'm not quite sure if that will be the case for very dark skin tones but for me it doesn't. This isn't drying on me nor does it look cakey. It just sets my foundation and concealer perfectly. I really like it for setting my under eyes, it stops most concealers from creasing but without giving it that cracked appearance. It also slightly blurs my pores and gives my skin a smoother look. I can't recommend this enough, I know some people with oily skins love this too. It was available on BeautyBay but I don't think they are stocking it anymore. If you live in the UK you can buy it here.

NYX HD Banana Setting Powder | £8

This offering from NYX has a slight Yellow tone to it. Yellow powders are great for brightening the skin, especially on the under eye area. The shade of Yellow of this is very pale so I found I use it over my entire face. It's finely milled and I don't find it drying. It doesn't overly blur anything but helps my makeup last longer. Overall this a great, affordable powder.

ELF Beautifully Bare Finishing Powder | £7.50

I picked this up after hearing Kathleen Lights rave about it and I'm so glad I did! This is a brilliant powder. It's finely milled and applies well to my skin. It helps my makeup last longer, blurs my pores, it even has a touch of coverage. My only gripe with these is the shade range. I have the shade Light- Medium which definitely is not light! I think there are 3 shades available which isn't good. But if your in the market for a good, non drying powder than look no further.

Laura Gellar Baked and Brighten Powder | £26 | POST 

Another non drying favourite of mine is this from Laura Gellar. I actually think Laura Gellar makeup as whole is under rated in the Blogging Community. This powder especially. It's finely milled formula melts into the skin and sets makeup well. This also has brilliant blurring properties, the best of all these mentioned here. I like to apply this with a large fluffy brush in circular motions and pores disappear. This also gives me a very subtle glow.

W7 Banana Dreams Powder | £3

This a super budget loose, Yellow powder. The name is very similar to the famous Ben Nye Banana powder. I haven't tried that so I'm not sure if they are dupes. But this is a really nice powder none the less. It has quite a strong Yellow tone and adds a touch of brightening where you apply it. I only really use this under my eyes and it does a good job setting them. It's not the finest powder I've come across but for its price it is very good.

Collection Illuminating Powder | £3.99 | POST

I can't believe this isn't really talked about either. This is another really good affordable powder. It illuminates the skin so it doesn't look flat or too matte. It doesn't leave the skin overly glowy either. It does feel powdery on the skin but this doesn't translate on the face. Every time I wear this I get compliments on how nice my skin looks. This is definitely worth checking out!

I have a few more powders I'm hoping to add to my collection very soon so I expect there will be a part two at some point!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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