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Matte eyeshadows have really grown on me. I used to really love shimmery shades, I still do but I've found myself reaching for matte eyeshadows more and more. I just love the effortless, put together look they create. The kind of 'model of duty' look. So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite matte eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette | £39.50 | POST

The packaging of this palette is simply stunning! The shadows inside are equally as beautiful. It contains 11 matte shades and one shimmery shade. It has a good mix of cool and warm tones. So this is the perfect all rounder. But to be honest I hardly reach for the cooler tones in the palette. I'm all about warm tones! All the shades are really soft and smooth and blend with ease. I think matte shadows are so hard to get right but Urban Decay have done really really well with this palette! The shades are:

Glow - A semi matte, off White. This is so soft and pigmented. It also makes a great brow bone highlight,

Nudie - This is a pale Pink toned nude.

Commando - Is a pale Taupe colour. This makes a great transition shade.

Tempted  - This is a cool toned pale matte.

Instant - Is a Taupe Brown shade with cool under tones.

Lethal - This is a Purple toned Brown.

Pre Game - is a pale matte Yellow.

Extra Bitter - this is one of my favourite shades. It's a stunning warm toned burnt Orange colour.

Faith - Another shade I really like! This a warm toned medium matte Brown. This works great as a crease colour.

Lockout  - This is a natural medium Brown.

Magnet - A Grey shade. This works well for smokey out an eye look.

Blackout - A matte Black.

My favourite shades are Pre Game, Extra Bitter and Faith. These 3 together create such a nice warm toned eye look. Overall, this a great palette. If you like both cool and warm shades, this would be a great addition to your collection.

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One* | £29.98

Another brilliant matte option comes in the form if this palette from Blank Canvas. The shadows are housed in sturdy cardboard packaging, it's really light and ideal for traveling. Inside the palette are 11 matte shades and one shimmery highlight shade. Most of the shades are natural, ranging from a pale off White to Black. I was really blown away by the formula. All are velvety soft, well pigmented have a good staying power, and blend like a dream. I've found myself reaching for them almost everyday. The palette also comes with a double ended brush. Which I actually don't hate! Brushes that come with palettes are normally useless. But this ones actually not! It has a fluffy end for blending shadows and a flat end for packing shadow all over lid.

The shades in this palette are:

Lilly - A matte off White. This makes a great highlighter shade. It's also very pigmented and soft.

Goddess - This is the one shimmer shade in the palette. It's a Champagne toned shimmer that works well as a highlighter or all over the lid.

Core - is a Peach based natural. This makes a great base colour for me. Or it would make a good transition colour on paler skin tones.

Hibiscus - Is a matte, mid toned, warm Brown. This is one of my favourite shades. I like to use in the crease and outer v. It's so pigmented and easy to blend.

Brazen - Is a light, milky flesh toned Brown.

Carmin - Is a stunning Red toned, warm Brown. Another one of my favourites. It's perfect for adding warmth to the look.

Cocoa - Is a warm Chocolatey Brown. Another ideal crease and outer v shade.

Downtown - A mid to darker toned Brown. It works well in the outer v or to smoke out the lower lash line.

Forza - is a warmed, toned Caramel Brown. I really like this as a transition shade or all over the lid.

Hickory - Is very simialr to Downtown only slightly more cool in tone.

Strut - Is similar to Brazen but it has a deeper Peach tone. They work well together in the crease for a really seamless transition shade.

Corruption - This looks Black but it's actually a really dark Brown. This gives it a more natural, day time look when it's on lids. Which I have been really enjoying it.

Overall, I'm really happy with this palette. I have been using a mix of nearly all the shades! All of them perform really well for matte eyeshadows. I can't recommend this enough.

Makeup Geek Shadows | £6 | POST

I couldn't put together a post like this and not include my favourite Matte Makeup Geek Shadows. Almost every shadow I have tried from the brand has been butter soft, well pigmented and long lasting. Making my own palette has been a real game changer for me. Although I did really rate MUG shadows because they were so good for their affordable price. But the price has slowly been rising and they're not quite so affordable. But I still really like them and will continue to add to my collection. It's just one thing to bare in mind when purchasing. Anyway, my favourite matte shades are:

Peach Smother -  As the name suggests this is a pale Peach shade. This makes a great transition colour and really adds an extra dimension to the eye look.

Creme Brulee - I've actually hit pan on an eyeshadow! Well this is actually the second Makeup Geek pan this has happened to, so I think it's safe to say I love them. This is a mid to light warm Brown. It makes an excellent crease shade.

Frappe  - this is another mid tone warm Brown, but it's slight darker than Creme Brulee. This is perfect for deepening up the crease shade.

Cocoa Bear - Another firm favourite is this warm toned, Red Brown. It works well in the crease, outer v, lower lash line and all over the lid.

Morocco - This a very warm Red colour. It does look scary in the pan. But I like to use it to warm up the over eye look. It's one of my most worn!

So there's a little round up of my favourite matte eyeshadows!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite matte shadows?

Until next time...

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