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I've seen Vincent Longo Cosmetics flying around a few blogs but not really looked into the brand until I was sent a few of their goodies. Vincent Longo Cosmetics are an award winning brand that offer luxurious, trend led, innovative formulas. With efficiency at the core! After doing a bit of research, needless to say this brand excited me! So much so it has a whole dedicated post!

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Primer* | £33.50

Primers are becoming a bit of a thing for me so I was super excited to give this a try. It's a hydrating, oil free primer, probably best for dry / dehydrated skin. It has a slightly thick texture that blends into skin well. Leaving behind a smooth and hydrated base for makeup. I didn't find this overly blurring in the way a silicone primer would work but because of the hydration my dehydration did look better and my foundation blended easily over the top. It also stopped my skin from drinking the moisture out of my foundation (which is a big thing for me).

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Creme To Powder Foundation* | £43.50

I've not come across a foundation like this before! It has a strange, bouncy kind of jelly like formula. It's formulated using VLC Micro water technology which gives it its unique formula. It gives a light to medium coverage. I found the best way to apply this is with a flat foundation and then go in with a beauty blender. It practically doesn't need blending through because it looks so natural! It does say it's creme to powder. But once it's set it looks far from powdery on the skin, it has a satin finish. It's so natural, just like flawless skin. Probably one of the most natural looking foundations I've come across. It wears well throughout the day too. It comes in a promising 15 shades.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Rivera Bronzer* | £25

This bronzer has a marble effect to it which gives a multi tonal bronzing effect. It's matte and so soft. It does kick up a bit of powder when I swirl my brush in it but I guess it's because it's so soft and finely milled. It isn't chalky at all and it melts into the skin, giving a seemless sunkissed glow. I have the shade Sunkissed which is a warm colour and gives my face a natural, bronzed glow. This has been my go to bronzer. I love it and highly recommend checking this out!

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Creme To Powder Blush* | £33.50

This blush is another super unique formula. It contains 75% micro water, which gives it a slightly wet feel rather than cream. But don't let that put you off, it's easily one of the best cream blushes I've tried. It's pigmented but not too pigmented it's easy to go overboard. This blends into the skin with utter ease and really looks natural. It doesn't move or slide around like some cream blushes have a tendency to do. The shade Terra Dew is a nice Berry shade, probably more of an Autumn shade but these shades suit my skin tone so well, It will take me through the seasons.

Vincent Longo Pear X Eyeshadow* | £19

Just look at how stunning this is! The marble effect is so beautiful. The shade Gypsy Rose has a mix of matte and shimmer shades in it. It was difficult to tell what colour this makes, but it makes a stunning pale shimmery Pink colour. It sometime looks champagne toned too. It's buttery soft and so pigmented! This makes a great highlight or lid shade. It can also be used lightly as a highlighter on the cheek bones.

Vincent Longo Mascara* | £18.50

This mascara not only adds a good amount of length and volume to lashes it's also enriched with vitamins and Jojoba Oil to nourish the lashes. It has a bristle wand which made me apprehensive about trying it (I tend to prefer plastic wands) but I was pleasantly surprised to find this works as well as my favourite comb style mascaras. I did find I had to build it a little to get the volume I like but the formula is so light weight it doesn't clump up the lashes. It lasted all day too without getting flakey or smudging, and it was super easy to remove!

Vincent Longo Thin Stick Lipstick* | £21

I recently spoke about this in my Low Maintenance Lip Options here. Where I raved about its unique formula - it's like a regular lipstick but dries down matte, almost like a liquid lipstick. But it's super comfortable, creamy and very long lasting. The shade Baby is a really nice Pinky Brown nude - perfect for everyday wear.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Vincent Longo Cosmetics. It is on the pricier end of the scale but the products and the formula are so unique they're worth paying that bit extra for. Plus more importantly, they work!

Have you tried anything from this brand? What are your thoughts?

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