Acid 101 - BHA's and Retinol

A few weeks ago I talked about Gycolic, Lactic and Hyaluronic acid (here) I promised to do a follow up of BHAs and Retinol. Which are others forms of acid used in skincare. These types of acids are buzz words that I look for in skincare but non bloggers / skincare enthusiasts don't seem to know what I'm talking about so today I thought I'd break it down.

Best In Beauty | April

So we're coming to the end of April, so it's time to share my favourites and the products I deem 'Best in Beauty' for the month of April...

My Milani Collection

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably have seen me declare my undying love for Milani on several occasions! They're one of my favourite affordable brands and since coming to the Uk I have been slowing adding to my collection so I thought it was about time I shared it with you guys...

Creating a Flawless, Dewy Base

A glowing base has always been my go to look. Having dehydrated skin means most dewy bases are pretty much guaranteed to look good! But there's something about spring that just calls for a glow-y, lit from within base. So I thought I'd share my go to products for a flawless radiant base..

3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby Glow Beam | £15

Glowing skin for me starts with a glowing primer. One I've found myself reaching for a lot is this. I believe this is a Korean Brand. The primer itself has a slight Pink, pearlescent sheen to it. It's actually pretty thick for a primer so I tend to use a tiny amount. It leaves my skin so smooth with a nice glow to it. Base products blend with ease over the top of this too.

Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer | £25 | REVIEW

Another primer I reach for a lot is this one. Although, I don't find this super glow-y but leaves my skin so smooth and ready for base products. I also think this would be a great option for those with oilier skin who like a glow because this isn't too glow-y or shimmery.

Maybelline 24hr Super Stay Concealer | £6.19

I fear this is on the verge of being discontinued because I haven't seen it in shops for a while which makes me so sad. I swear Maybelline always discontinues concealers I love! But anyway this is actually a matte concealer that is perfect for covering blemishes. I tend to do this before foundation. I just find everything blends a bit more seemlessly and shade matching isn't as much of an issue.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | £29 | REVIEW

I've recently rediscovered my love for this foundation! This is a great base that really gives the appearance of naturally flawless skin. It's not the most dewy foundation I own but it's not matte nor satin, it's like in the middle. It offers medium but build-able coverage, in a formula that's super blendable! This really meshes with the skin and looks so natural! The wear time is also really good, it lasts a good 6+ hours with powder on me!

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation | £11 | REVIEW

Now for a super dewy foundation this is what I reach for! This really gives skin a glow. It also has full coverage and really good wear time. The formula is super build-able and looks natural on the skin. This is so glowy I do need to set this. This is the ultimate dewy flawless foundation!

Milani Retouch Concealer | £12 | REVIEW

To conceal my dark circles and highlight my under eyes I love this concealer. The coverage is really good, yet natural. It really highlights and illuminates my under eyes! I just love it. I don't think this would work overly well on blemishes because it does have a dewy finish. But for under the eyes I can't recommend this enough!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder | £33 | REVIEW

Obviously I like to look dewy but when too many dewy products are involved they can turn sweaty very quickly so I've been reaching for a more mattifying powder. The powder blurs everything and sets everything down without looking flat or cakey. I don't find this drying on my skin either, it just leaves me with a flawless looking base! I really can't recommend this enough!

Milani Bronzer | £11

I love bronzers with a slight bit of shimmer in them too, nothing over the top though I just find this gives my face an extra bit of dimension. This Milani one is perfect. I have the shade 05 which is a warm tone so I apply it to where the light would naturally hit. The formula is super blendable and gives a naturally sun kissed look to the skin.

Pixi Glow-y Powder Highlighter | £14 | REVIEW

No dewy look is complete without a good highlighter! This Pixi offering is ideal for giving the skin a natural yet highlighted look. The shade Santorini Sunset is a Champagne colour that doesn't have a hint of glitter or chunkiness to it. It just catches the light beautifully! It's one of my favourites for a flawless dewy look!

So that's how I create a flawless dewy base.

Have you tried any of these? What are your picks for a flawless base?

Until next time...

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Pur~lisse | The Brand You Should Know About

Pur~lisse was a brand that I not really heard about until they kindly sent me pretty much a whole skincare routine of their goodies! The brand is Asian meets French skincare. Both of which are well known for their amazing skincare. So it's the best of both worlds! I've been using their products for a while now and I'm ready to report back to you guys...

The Best Products For Dry, Damaged, Coloured Or Bleached Hair

Haircare is one of my favourite aspects of beauty but one I surprisingly don't talk about a lot on here! I go through a lot of haircare products, I'm always on the lookout for something that is going leave my locks looking amazing. On this mission I have found some products that have really wowed me and become staples in my hair routine. So I thought it was about time I shared my top products for dry, frizzy, bleached hair! For reference my hair is super thick and long too. Naturally it is has some weird wave / curl thing going on.

Cohorted Beauty Box | April

Some beauty subscription boxes have really upped their game recently, no longer do you pay for a nice box and a load of sachet samples that you won't use because they're not suitable for your skin type. The Cohorted box* is definitely one of those boxes that are worth parting with your cash for. Cohorted focus on high-end and luxury beauty products that are hand picked and delivered to your door each month. I was kindly sent their April box to share with you guys. The products in this months edition are:

Carbon Blackhead Removal Mask - Does it Really work?

You know those crazy peeling blackhead masks videos, that have been doing the rounds on Facebook? Where you can see all the gross stuff literally being peeled out off peoples pores? Yeah, I have been testing one of those! I'm not going to lie I have a few blackheads on my nose that barely seem to budge no matter what I do to them. So this type of mask looked promising!

I have the Blacked Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set* which is available from My Scheming Uk. This little kit is slightly different to the ones I've seen. It's a 3 step system that promises to clear those pesky blackheads. Step one is a Deep Pore Sebum Softener. That you apply to the area after cleansing and toning. It has a toner like consistency, I just applied a few drops to my nose and massaged it in. The directions say to 'wait until the acne has softened'. Because I'm using it on blackheads I found it difficult to tell when it had been softened. So I just waited a minute or two.

The next step is the fun part. The actual mask, that pulls the gunk from the pores. The mask itself is a thick, sticky, tar like consistency. I applied this just to my nose. Because the thought of pulling this off my entire face just didn't seem right! It takes about 15-20mins to dry fully.  It has a high gloss black finish that feels firm, almost rubbery. Then it's time to pull it off. I wasn't looking forward to this part! But it was actually really easy and pretty painless. Although I think it would be more painful all over the face.

The final step is a Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence which hydrated the skin to improve the appearance of pores and promote smoother, plumper skin. This again has a toner consistency and a light scent. I like this as a finishing step. It also did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.

So does the Mask actually work? Well, It wasn't as dramatic as the videos, maybe my skin wasn't that bad. But this did pull some gunk out of my pores that I could see once I'd removed the mask which is gross, but weirdly satisfying at the same time. After using this a few times my blackheads do look better so, yes it does! I don't think the Deep Pore softener and Clarifying Treatment are necessary but they're ok. Overall, I'm really happy with the mask and it's not as gimmicky as I thought and has improved my skin. Although I really wouldn't recommend this on the whole face, maybe just the T-Zone or problem areas.

You can purchase the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set* from My Scheming Uk (£14) here.

Have you tried this type of mask? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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Makeup Lately

I'm so late with this months makeup lately! The weeks are literally slipping through my fingers! But anyway I have gathered up all the makeup I've been using lately...

The Ordinary High Spreadability Primer | £5.50

For primer I've been testing this. This primer is light weight, almost serum like, that is supposed to increase the spreadability of foundation, by smoothing over the skin. I quite like this primer. It does smooth over the skin and make foundation application really smooth and helps create a more flawless finish. But I brought this because I read a couple of reviews on how blurring this is, but unfortunately I didn't see anything overly blurring. That being said this is still a great primer for the price.

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand - Waves have never been so easy

Beachy, loose waves are my go to hair style, they just look effortless yet put together. So I'm always on the look out for anything that is going to help in achieving this with minimum effort! So I was super excited when the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand* landed on my door step!

ghd are well know for their straighteners but I don't often hear people talk about their curlers. Which is criminal. This curler in particular is brilliant.

New Skin Additions I've been Loving

I've been testing quite a lot of skincare recently and a few have made the cut and are welcomed additions to my skincare routine. So I thought I'd share them with you guys...

Naturally Radiant Glycolic Pads | £5.99

No longer are AHAs and Skin Acids only available in high end products they've now filtered down to the drugstore. And these saturated pads from Naturally Radiant are a total steal at just £5.99. They're pads soaked in Glycolic Acid and Fruit acids, which gently exfoliate and renew the skin, I'm pleased to say these work really well too! The pads aren't as saturated as some I've tried but this doesn't compromise the result. I've been using these every morning and they work equally as well as my greatly loved Pixi Glow. With continued use my skin felt softer, smoother and looked brighter and more radiant. I can't recommend these enough.

Naturally Radiant Overnight Glycolic Peel | £5.99

Superdrug had an offer when you brought one Naturally Radiant product you got another product half price. So I went for this overnight peel. I don't normally tend to like overnight AHA treatments, I find them to harsh for my skin. But I'm pleasantly surprised by this one. It has a light gel texture that is quickly asorbed by the skin. I apply this right after cleansing and toning then apply the rest of my skincare. In the morning the results were incredible. My skin looks so much brighter and smoother. I'd say for the price, this is really good!

Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid* | $15.20 (get 8% off with code Y5KP6TX)

Korean and Asian Skincare brands have been really intriguing me recently so I jumped at the chance to try the BHA Power Liquid. It has a toner like consistency that is jam packed with ingredients like Willow Bark to help fight and prevent breakouts. I use this as a serum and press it into my pores after cleansing and toning. And it works really well, I haven't had one spot since I've been using it! And I really think it's because of this. I'm hoping over time it will also help improve my pores and keep my skin looking its best.

Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream* | $15.25 (get 8% off with code Y5KP6TX)

Another welcomed addition from Cosrx is this overnight moisture mask. I did really want the Overnight Rice mask but that was out of stock so I opted for this. But I'm so glad it I did. This is so good! First of all the Jar is massive this going to last ages! It comes with a spatular for hygiene reasons but more importantly it works! The cream itself is quite thick but it sinks in really quickly and works well in conjunction with my usual evening skincare products. After using this my skin is so soft and plumper. My skin is also a lot less dehydrated than it usually is. This hasn't caused me to break out or anything nasty. It's great! If you have dry or dehydrated skin I can't recommend this enough.

Overall, I've been really loving these new additions! I can't recommend them enough.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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5 Highlighters Perfect For Everyday Wear

Highlighters are becoming a bit of thing for me. I just love them. And as much as I love a super blinding glow that can been seen from out of space, occasionally I do like something a bit more subtle. So I've put together a little edit of my favourite highlighters that are perfect for everyday wear. With out further ado...

My Photography Equipment & Setup For Blogging

I've had so many questions recently about what lighting I use and where I got my fur background from so I thought I'd put it all into one post! Disclaimer - I am not a photographer, I have very little photography / camera knowledge and I don't think my photos are that great. So I'm really flattered that people think they are. Also I really only take flat lay style photos. Any way on to the post.

I thought I'd start with my camera. I use a Nikon Coolpix L340 ( £129.99 here) for all my photos including my Instagram photos. It's a bridge camera that is really simple to use. I think it's a great starting camera for those like me, who have little photography knowledge. It also has an ISO setting and a few settings to play around with. I do want to upgrade my camera soon though, because the filming quality on this isn't great and I'm thinking of starting up a Youtube channel. But for photos this is great!

#InFullBloom With Love Me Beauty

Another month, another Love Me Beauty Bag*. For those who are unfamiliar with Love Me Beauty, It's a monthly subscription bag where you get to pick what you get each month. For just £10 a month you get 60 credits to spend on their brilliant selection of products. Because you get to pick, there's no unwanted samples, nothing that won't be suitable for you skin / hair type. Plus each instead of box you get a super handy makeup bag. Each month the bag is different. And this month the bag is stunning! This month the edit is the #FullBloomEdit so everything is all spring and summer inspired. Anyways, let's get into the products:

Eco Tools Perfecting Blending Duo | 20 credits

I'm obsessed with all the things Eco Tools at the moment. They recently have redesigned their brushes for the better. They've also added this sponge duo to their collection. I've already tried the sponges and they are brilliant. Very comparable to the Beauty Blender. The larger sponge is great for foundation. It's really soft and blends everything seemlessly and quickly. It also has a flat edge which is great for applying powder and baking. I really recommend these sponges!

Eco Tools Powder Brush | 20 credits

This brush is so soft! It's one of those brushes that you just want to stroke your face with. It's really fluffy and applies powder really well! It's also slightly tapered which makes it great for applying powder under the eyes as well as all over the face! This is another winner from the bag!

Eco Tools Brush Set Eye Duo | 20 credits

From Eco Tools again I have this eye duo. Each brush is double ended. One brush has a nice fluffy blending brush on one end and a smudging brush on the other. The other brush has a slightly denser tapered fluffy brush that's ideal for shading or a more precise eye shadow application. The other end has an angled brush, which is great for liquid liner or applying brow products. I actually have the original set of these and I use them almost daily! It's also great for beginners.

Eco Tools Contour Perfecting Sponge | 20 credits

This is a sponge with a handle. It's designed for applying cream contour or highlighter. I'm not the biggest fan of cream contouring so I haven't used this yet so I'm not sure if this will work. But if it's anything like the Perfecting Blending sponge this will be great.

Living Proof Style Extender Spray | 15 credits

Now this sounds super interesting. It's a spray to be used on clean hair that helps it stay clean for up to twice as long. It is a silicone formula that repels dirt and oil to keep your hair fresh and clean. I've not used this yet but this could be a real game changing product!

DR Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask | 25 credits

This is a new brand to me and I love discovering new brands. This is an intensive nourishing mask infused with marine enzymes to help fight the signs of ageing, renew and plump the skin. This sounds like something I would definitely love.

Amie Duo | 5 credits

Lastly I have this Amie Duo which contains a Purifying wash and a Mattifying moisturiser. I have dehydrated skin so these probably won't get a lot of use from me! But if you have oily skin these are worth checking out!

Overall, I'm really happy with this months bag! The new redesigned EcoTools brushes are my personal favourites this month. The EcoTools Eye Duo retails for £4.99, the powder is £8.99 and the EcoTools sponge duo is £9.99. So the 60 credits at £10 for this months bag  is incredible value for money!

You can Shop the Love Me Beauty Edit Here. You can also get 20% off your first order with the code LPBEAUTYBLOG20.

What are your thoughts on this months edit?

Until next time...

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Skincare picks for Bright, Glowing Skin

Brightening and glowing are definitely buzz words I look for in my skincare. I mean, who doesn't want bright, glowing skin? Although I have found a lot of brightening products break me out, but I have a few products in my stash that really work without stressing my skin out. They are...

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4in1 Cleansing Milk* | $36

Pur~lisse is an Asian meets French skincare brand. Both of which are hot topics in the beauty community at the moment so I was super excited to try this cleanser. And this lives up to my every expectation! It's described as milk but its thicker than a milk and has a kind of sticky consistency, but it's easy to apply and move around the face. Once it's mixed with water it turns to a more milky consistency. I've been loving this as my second cleanser. It leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated. It contains Blue Lotus extract which is a great anti-oxidant to fight free radicals that can leave the skin looking dull. While I don't think this has only helped brighten my skin, this is a great cleanser and really does leave my skin so smooth. It's also light enough to use in the morning. This has taken the top spot of my favourite cleanser!

Skyn Island Nordic Skin Peel* | £38 | REVIEW

I couldn't do a post about brightening skincare products without including at lease one AHA based product. And the one that made the cut for this post are these Skin Peel Pads. The pads are highly saturated in Lactic Acid and Fruit Enzymes that help dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together. One sweep of these and my skin is instantly smoother and brighter. They also give my skin a glow! These are perfect for anyone looking for a quick, easy brightening hit!

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum* | $76

Now this is pricy stuff and for good reason. The results are fantastic. I started to see results after maybe 2 uses, which is really incredible. This is a light, fast absorbing serum. It contains the trusty Blue Lotus Extract, Lupine Peptides which help brighten and promote luminosity, Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin which are also great brightening ingrediants. My skin looks a lot brighter and clearer since I've been using this.

Merumya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment* | £33.50 | REVIEW 

Another great brightening product is this offering from Merumya. This contains Retinol which is one of the only clinically proven ingrediants that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol helps gently exfoliate the skin and encourage the skin cells to renew, which in turn helps skin to look brighter. I like to use this once or twice a week at night and in the morning my skin feels incredibly soft, looks brighter, more refined and has a healthy glow.

Dr Botanicals Anti Oxident Super Food Facial oil* | £67.50 (£19.99 with the Code LPBLOG) | REVIEW

I've raved about this oil so many times on my blog and it has quickly become a skincare staple. This oil is jammed packed with ingredients that help heal, sooth, rejuvenate and hydrated the skin. This isn't aimed at those with dull skin but the extra shot of hydration this gives my skin leaves it so soft and glowing! I like to use this at night, (it's fast absorbing though) and in the morning it leaves my dehydrated skin so soft and more glowing! I really can't recommend this enough.

Those are the products I reach for when my skin is looking dull and lack luster.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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High End Discoveries

I've had a few high-end products on my radar for such a long time, I finally bit the bullet and now they are proudly in my collection. So I wanted to share them with you guys...

Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Contour Kit | £24

Pixi are killing it with their new launches recently. Especially their Pretties collection, which is a collaboration with some amazing influencers. This contour palette is part of that collection. It contains 3 Bronze shades and 3 lighter highlighting shades. The shades are:

Baby Chick - a Yellow toned setting powder. This brightens the under eye area and sets it really well.

Caviar Dreams - This a shimmery Rose Gold colour. I'm not really sure how to use this shade. It's a bit too shimmery for a blush but doesn't work well as a highlighter on me.

Honey Bunny - This is a Champagne toned highlighter that leans slightly Golden. It's a stunning highlighter without any glitter or chunkiness.

Minx - is warm toned Bronzer with glitter in it. This is the most disappointing shade in the palette. If it wasn't for the large chunks of glitter I would really love this.

Boss Lady - This is matte cool toned matte Bronzer. Ideal for contouring.

Queen - this is a matte, warm toned Bronzer. Another ideal contour shade.

Both the matte shades don't suit my skin tone for contouring but mixed together I have my perfect contour shade! All the shades in the palette are really good and apply well, evenly and last well on me. Apart from the Two shades in the palette that I don't use a lot, this has a good mix of shades in it! It's been my go to for contouring.

Pixi It's Eye Time Eyeshadow Palette | £28

Along with the Contour palette I really want to try this eyeshadow palette from the collection. So I was so happy when my lovely children brought it for me as a Mothers Day gift! The palette houses 12 neutral shades with a good mix of mattes and shimmers. The shades are:

Snowflake - a shimmery highlighter shade. This is very pigmented and so soft!

Bubbly - a pale Gold shimmery colour. This makes a great lid shade. Again this is very pigmented and very soft.

Good Morning - this is a warm toned,  matte mid Brown colour. It's an ideal crease shade, or transition colour. It's one of my favorites in the palette. It packs a punch in terms of pigment and super easy to work with.

Brick - Is a warm toned Red, Brown colour. It has a satin finish - it's not shimmery nor matte. This is a great versatile shade. It works in the crease, outer v or as lid colour. This is soft. it applies smooth and wears well.

Honey Bear - Is another matte Brown, that's slightly cooler and darker than Good Morning.

TuTu - This is a matte, short of taupe, Brown colour.

Getaway - is a shimmer Antique Bronze colour. It's another one of my favorites. It makes a stunning lid colour!

Ping - Is cool toned dark Brown, with a Gold shimmer. Again it works well all over the lid. And is very pigmented.

Dark Chocolate - As the name suggests, it's a dark Chocolate colour. I found this a little sheerer than the other mattes, but slightly softer. This works well in the outer v or to smoke out an eye look.

Aw Snap - is very similar to Dark Chocolate but it's slightly warmer. I love this in the outer v.

Night Night - is a Blue toned Black, with glitter in it. I don't love this shade but it adds something different to the palette.

Overall, I really like this palette. I love the warm shades in it and I have been reaching for it a lot!

Pixi Glow-y Powder Highlighter | £14

I'm having a bit of Pixi lovein at the moment! I'd heard great things about this highlighter so I wanted to. The shade Santorini Sunset is stunning classic Champagne tone. It's butter soft and doesn't have any glitter, just shimmers that catch the light beautifully! It looks really natural on, nothing blinding or other the top, just a nice, everyday highlighter. It wears really well too.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder | £33

This been on my wish-list for the longest time. I don't normally like powders (aside from a few) and £33 seemed a bit of a gamble. But this is everything I hoped to be and more! I love my Hourglass powders but I want something less glow-y and more blurring. And this is really blurring! It's like magic, it just perfects everything. It set my super dewy foundations down to a nice, satin finish, without being drying at all. It definitely helps my makeup last longer too. There are only 3 shades in the collection though, which is disappointing. I have the shade Medium which works for me. But shades aside I have nothing bad to say about this.

NARS Soft Matte Complete concealer | £23

NARS have added a new concealer to their already winning concealer collection. This concealer is in a pot so I can see why this would put people off, but ignore that. This is not like any other pot concealer I've tried! It's so light, creamy and easy to blend! It builds easily, without creasing or caking. It works well under the eyes or on spots and blemishes. It's a great solid concealer!

Skyn Island Nordic Skin Peel* | £38

Skyn Island is a new brand to me and was super intrigued by these skin peel pads. They're infused with Lactic acid and Willow Bark to gently exfoliate the skin. I love the convenience of having pre-soaked pads. Not only are these convenient they work so well. After one sweep my skin instantly feels smoother. I've been using these every other day and my skin looks more radiant, and feels incredibly soft.

Skyn Island Arctic Facial Oil* | £30

This oil is aimed at those with stressed, sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin. It's made from 99.9% pure organic Camellia oil. Which is jammed packed with skin loving ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin. This is like giving my skin a drink of water! It instantly feels more hydrated! The oil is quite light and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin plump, smooth and hydrated!

I really like all my high-end discoveries this month. I have a few products that have become everyday staples!

Have you tried any these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer VS NARS Soft Matte Compelete

It's no secret that the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is one of my all time favourite concealers so when I heard about their new concealer launch and reading good reviews it sounded like a good investment. I've been testing them against each other and I'm ready to report back...

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £23

Like I said this is one of my favourite concealers for my dark circles ever! It has a good medium coverage that's build-able to full. The formula is light and creamy so it blends out easily. I do prefer to use this under my eyes because that's my biggest problem area. But this does work well on blemishes.  It does have a slightly dewy finish, not wet and shiny; it just brightens the area nicely. This does crease slightly on me (not too bad though, I've had worse) but I've come to accept that most concealers are going to crease, because I have to apply a good few layers to get the desired coverage (my dark circles are so bad!). I find this wears all day on me without, cracking, fading or looking dry. I have the shade Custard which is a few shades lighter than my foundation, for highlighting purposes.

NARS Soft Matte Compelete Concealer | £23

Now, the new launch. This is an oil free, complete coverage concealer, that has a blurring effect on dark circles and blemishes. It also promises not to settle into fine lines or pores. Now, the first thing is this is in a pot. And I know how most people don't like these but I actually have a few I don't mind. These type of concealers tend to have full coverage which is what I need. But surprisingly this concealer isn't thick at all! It's actually really light. I found the best way to apply this is with my fingers. It just blends quickly and seamlessly. It's also really build-able or easy to sheer out, the coverage is really customisable! I found this works well on blemishes and under the eyes. I wouldn't say it's blurring but it definitely covers what I want it to. And the best bit, this doesn't crease under my eyes!! It does crease ever so slightly if I really pack it on but it's very minimal compared to the Radiant Creamy. It doesn't have the same finish as the Radiant Creamy either. Although I wouldn't say it's matte, it's more of a very natural, satin finish. It just looks like skin when it's blended! I do like the finish but I prefer something a bit more highlighting under my eyes. But for natural 'no makeup looks' this is perfect! This wears well on me to, although I do find it does fade slightly under my eye areas, but it wears all day perfectly on blemishes. Again, I have the shade Custard which is pretty much the same shade as the Radiant Creamy one.

So which one is better? Well they are both very good! The Complete Matte Concealer is a good, solid all rounder that does everything ok, But the Radiant Creamy is slightly more brightening under the eyes. So I think it depends what you want from a concealer and I think it's all down to personal preference. But, overall, both are great concealers and get a thumbs up from me!

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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A few Drugstore Discoveries

Well this month from the drugstore I seem to have a lot of skincare and haircare. To be honest I haven't brought that much makeup from the drugstore recently because nothing has really excited me or there wasn't anything I didn't already have (first world problems) but anyhow I have a few things I'm really excited to share with guys...

St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Gel Tan* | £7.99

Starting with the most exciting! I am a tan addict but with spring just around the corner it's time to step things up a gear! St Moriz is one of my favourite affordable tans but when this landed on my door step I was super excited because its untinted! I hate tinted tans. I just find them a lot of effort, first of all you can only really apply them at night which is fine but sometimes I want to do it in the day, then I look like a swamp monster for the rest of evening and lastly I have to find time to wash it off. I also find tinted tans difficult to layer, they go patchy and like bunch up. It has a velvet gel finish and dries really quick. I also found this very hydrating, it's as a good as a moisturiser! I have the shade Dark (it's also available in medium) which is pretty accurate, although I like to apply two layers to get my desired colour. The colour is so nice, it's a very natural Brown colour, that's not too Orange nor too Green. It develops in around 4 hours and gives a beautiful Golden, even tan, free from streaks. It lasts around 5 days before it starts to fade. This has quickly become my favourite tan, so much so I've actually ran out and need to get another bottle (which I definitely will be doing). Overall, I can't recommend this enough!

St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer* | £4.99

Along with the tan I was also sent this exfoliating skin primer. Which is basically a body scrub to remove dry, flaking skin prior to tanning. It has good scrubby particles to remove dead skin without being overly scrubby. It leaves my skin silky soft so tan applied smoothly and evenly. It also removes tan really well too. This isn't just a scrub to be used with tan though, it works great as a regular scrub.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range* | £11 - £19

If you remember a while ago I posted about wanting to try more from the brand Salon Science. So I was delighted to try their Swiss Apple range. This range is aimed at those with fine, fragile, or ageing hair to restore, nourish and maintain hair health. Now I have far from fine hair (it's very thick) but it is prone to damage and breakage. The shampoo from the range is really nice; it has quite a thick texture that lathers well and removed dirt, grime and product build up without stripping the hair or leaving it dry. Next the conditioner is a real gem! It has a rich formula that feels more like an intense conditioner. It rinses of really easily and instantly leaves my hair softer and more nourished! Lastly, I have the intense conditioner, which is amazing! I use an intense conditioner everytime I wash my hair because it's so dry. And this deeply nourishes my hair leaving it soft, shiny and easy to manage! I really recommend this range if you have dry, damaged hair!

Salon Science Thickening Serum* | £15

Now 'thickening' is definitely not something I need in my hair but this also helps breakage and helps strengthen the hair which I need. It also targets hair loss, and gives hair body and bounce. Directions say to apply after washing and conditioning from root to tips. But I like to apply this just to the ends because that's where I need the breakage help. And I don't know how this does it but does make the hair strands feel and look thicker. When I use this I do notice my hair breaks less too. If you have fine hair I think you would really like this!

Soap & Glory Ultimelt Cleanser* | £10

This cleanser from Soap and Glory is another great drugstore find. It's a hot cloth, balm like cleanser that removes makeup with utter ease! It feels super nice and nourishing on the skin and leaves it feeling clean and fresh without being stripped. This is also gentle enough to use around the eyes. I haven't had any bad reactions to this. Recently, I've overlooked affordable cleansers but this is great! It's definitely worth checking out.

Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now Moisture Lotion* | £12

If there's one thing Soap and Glory do well, it's brightening products. And this moisturiser is no exception. It gives the skin a light, natural glow, without looking sweaty or glittery. It's light and absorbs instantly leaving behind a lovely glow. The packaging does say this can be used for all skin types, but for my dehydrated skin it's not enough on its own. But paired with my favourite moisturiser it's brilliant! I think this will be a summer stable for me.

Soap & Glory Puff Attack Eye Cream* | £12

I'm rubbish at remembering to use eye cream but I've been applying this everyday since getting it! It has a light gel like consistency that feels very cooling under they eye, which is really nice in the morning! This promises to hydrate, improve circulation, reduce dark circles and puffyness. I've not noticed anything dramatic with my dark circles but this does leave my under eyes feeling soft and hydrated. I've also found my under eye concealer applies and looks a lot nicer since I've been using it. So it's a great little cream.

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter | £5

Makeup Revolution recently launched a few new highlighters that looked simply stunning. I had to pick one up. I went for the shade Golden Kiss which looks super Yellow online, but it's not in person it's a very pale Yellow, Gold colour. It's actually really soft as £5 highlighters go and it isn't chunky. Under very close inspection it does have very fine glitters in it but this doesn't translate on the face. It just looks like a nice natural highlighter. The size of this is also huge! You get a whooping 14g of product. For the price I'm really impressed with this.

L'oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara | £7.99

I picked up a new mascara this month too. I went for the Miss Managa Punky from L'oreal. It has a plastic wand which I tend to go for. And I really like this mascara, it adds good length and really good volume, in just a couple of strokes. It lasts all day on me, holds the curl really well and is easy to remove. There's nothing not to like really. Although, I think it would be quite easy to go from volumised to clumpy if your not careful.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip* | £3.50

I also have a couple of these super cute lipsticks from Soap and Glory. I have two shades: Pretty Muted, which is a pale Pink, nude colour - perfect for everyday wear. And Ember Red, which is an Orange toned Red - perfect for spring summer. The formula of these is good. They're matte but creamy, easy to apply, not drying and very long lasting! They're really amazing for the price.

So that's everything I've discovered from the drugstore this month. Overall, I'm really happy with everything, there wasn't any duds!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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Acid 101 - Glycolic, Lactic & Hyaluronic Acid

I'm sure most bloggers or beauty junkies are aware of Acids used in skincare products, they seem to be the very 'it' ingredient at the moment. And for good reason, the results of using them are brilliant. But when I try to preach skincare acids to non bloggers, they look at me like I've gone crazy! So I've put together a little info post on Glycolic, Lactic and Hyaluronic Acids. They're are so many other acids on the market (salicylic, retinols etc) I'll cover some others in another post! Please bare in mind, I am no scientist and this information is found through my own research, because it's something I'm passionate about!

Lactic Acid 

This is the acid that I personally have seen great results by using. Lactic Acid belongs to the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family. It is derived from milk and is found naturally in the human body, so it is seen to be a more natural type acid and easily accepted by the skin, so it may be one for people with sensitive skin. It has many skincare skin benefits which include, gentle exfoliation, fading pigmentation, treating and preventing breakouts. It works mainly by breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together which can cause breakouts and dull skin. The concentration of the acid varies the result, but most 'at home treatments' I have come across usually contain a concentration of 5-10%. I love the Bravura Lactic acid* | POST | and it has made a real difference to my skin. I like to apply to a clean face and leave it on for 10 minutes and my skin is instantly softer and brighter looking. Over time I've noticed a difference in the amount of breakouts I've had too. Now, this may sound like a wonder acid but it is to be used with caution. It can irritate the skin, if it is very sensitive! You should also take extra caution to sun exposure, as AHAs make the skin more sensitive. I haven't experienced any adverse reactions but it's something to bare in mind.

Glycolic Acid 

Gycolic Acid is also part of the AHA family but is derived from some fruits. It typically has the same effects as lactic acid but can also be used to treat fine lines and sun damage. It's said to be the most effective AHA because it penetrates the skin deeper. It works as a gentle exfoliator to break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. It's also worth noting that these types of exfoliators are said to more effective and more gentle on the skin than manual exfoliators (ones with scrubby particles). In my experience I've had a better experience with Gylcolic acid when the concentration is a lot lower (around 5%) I'm not sure why but some Gylcolic acids have left me with really bad breaks outs that don't seem to go. My favourite low concentration one is the Pixi Glow Tonic | Post | It's gentle enough that it can be used daily and it really brightens my skin, and helps my dehydration lines. That being said I have seen great results from the Bravura Glycolic Acid* | Post | It has a concentration of !0% and can be used once or twice a week. I like to apply this, leave it for 10 minutes and the results are great! My dehydration lines have started to look better since using this and it leaves my skin super soft! Like Lactic Acid, Glyocolic acid comes with the same cautions!

Hyaluronic Acid 

This really isn't as scary as it sounds. Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrating acid that can hold more than triple its weight in water! It's naturally found in the body but it decreases with age. It's the reason why babies have super plump skin! So it's great for ageing, dry or dehydrated shin. Hyaluronic Acid is a 'trendy' ingredient at the moment, but it's not to be over looked! It can be found in many moisturisers and serums.  My current favourite Hyaluronic acid product is The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors | POST. This contains a range of ingredients that work on the top layer of the skin to keep it hydrated - which this really does. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I can't believe this costs £5, it easily rivals moisturisers with a £30 price tag!

I'm no scientist and I don't know much about skincare ingredients but I've done a lot of research because I find it interesting. I also think it's important to know what ingredients work for your skin and what doesn't. I hope this gave you a bit more insight into some skincare acids.

Do use any of these acids? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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