Carbon Blackhead Removal Mask - Does it Really work?

You know those crazy peeling blackhead masks videos, that have been doing the rounds on Facebook? Where you can see all the gross stuff literally being peeled out off peoples pores? Yeah, I have been testing one of those! I'm not going to lie I have a few blackheads on my nose that barely seem to budge no matter what I do to them. So this type of mask looked promising!

I have the Blacked Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set* which is available from My Scheming Uk. This little kit is slightly different to the ones I've seen. It's a 3 step system that promises to clear those pesky blackheads. Step one is a Deep Pore Sebum Softener. That you apply to the area after cleansing and toning. It has a toner like consistency, I just applied a few drops to my nose and massaged it in. The directions say to 'wait until the acne has softened'. Because I'm using it on blackheads I found it difficult to tell when it had been softened. So I just waited a minute or two.

The next step is the fun part. The actual mask, that pulls the gunk from the pores. The mask itself is a thick, sticky, tar like consistency. I applied this just to my nose. Because the thought of pulling this off my entire face just didn't seem right! It takes about 15-20mins to dry fully.  It has a high gloss black finish that feels firm, almost rubbery. Then it's time to pull it off. I wasn't looking forward to this part! But it was actually really easy and pretty painless. Although I think it would be more painful all over the face.

The final step is a Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence which hydrated the skin to improve the appearance of pores and promote smoother, plumper skin. This again has a toner consistency and a light scent. I like this as a finishing step. It also did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.

So does the Mask actually work? Well, It wasn't as dramatic as the videos, maybe my skin wasn't that bad. But this did pull some gunk out of my pores that I could see once I'd removed the mask which is gross, but weirdly satisfying at the same time. After using this a few times my blackheads do look better so, yes it does! I don't think the Deep Pore softener and Clarifying Treatment are necessary but they're ok. Overall, I'm really happy with the mask and it's not as gimmicky as I thought and has improved my skin. Although I really wouldn't recommend this on the whole face, maybe just the T-Zone or problem areas.

You can purchase the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set* from My Scheming Uk (£14) here.

Have you tried this type of mask? What are your thoughts?

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