My Photography Equipment & Setup For Blogging

I've had so many questions recently about what lighting I use and where I got my fur background from so I thought I'd put it all into one post! Disclaimer - I am not a photographer, I have very little photography / camera knowledge and I don't think my photos are that great. So I'm really flattered that people think they are. Also I really only take flat lay style photos. Any way on to the post.

I thought I'd start with my camera. I use a Nikon Coolpix L340 ( £129.99 here) for all my photos including my Instagram photos. It's a bridge camera that is really simple to use. I think it's a great starting camera for those like me, who have little photography knowledge. It also has an ISO setting and a few settings to play around with. I do want to upgrade my camera soon though, because the filming quality on this isn't great and I'm thinking of starting up a Youtube channel. But for photos this is great!

Lighting wise, I don't use natural lighting. I know, I know, what kind of blogger am I?! I just find natural lighting difficult to work with. None of the pictures look the same, I can only take pictures at a certain time, which isn't great. So I asked for a Soft Box for christmas. It was around £30 and is one of the best presents I've ever got! I can't actually find my exact soft box but this one here is similar. With this I can take photos whenever I want. And now the majority of my photos are taken at night! I position the soft box to the side of what I want to photograph and point it downwards over the products. I find this gives me enough light regardless of the time of day. I really can't recommend investing in one enough.

For backgrounds I've kind of moved away from my trusty marble background and I've been really enjoying using a fur fabric sample I brought from ebay here. I just think it looks a little different and I'm sure it makes my photos brighter. Sometimes I use fur and the marble background. I just have a roll of sticky back plastic (here). I just use the roll because it's easier to store.

I edit my photos using Pic Monkey. Photoshop is not for me, I have no idea how to use that or where to start. I might do another post on how I edit my photos of anyone is interested?

So that's all the equipment I use to take my photos. I don't think this is necessary if your just starting a blog (I didn't start with any of this) but I just thought it might be helpful for those looking to invest.

Do let me know if and what other photography / blogging posts you'd like to see!

Until next time...

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