The Best Products For Dry, Damaged, Coloured Or Bleached Hair

Haircare is one of my favourite aspects of beauty but one I surprisingly don't talk about a lot on here! I go through a lot of haircare products, I'm always on the lookout for something that is going leave my locks looking amazing. On this mission I have found some products that have really wowed me and become staples in my hair routine. So I thought it was about time I shared my top products for dry, frizzy, bleached hair! For reference my hair is super thick and long too. Naturally it is has some weird wave / curl thing going on.

Shampoo & Conditioner... 

I hadn't heard of this brand until it landed on my door step, but where has it been my whole life? This shampoo is so good. I have ombre blonde hair so I want it to look fresh and not brassy and this shampoo does just that! It is a brightening shampoo but I didn't actually find it brightened my blonde but it has definitely kept the brassy-ness away. It's sulphate free so isn't stripping either, but still effectively cleanses my hair. And somehow leaves it feeling really soft once it's rinsed out, I've never tried a shampoo this good, it's a bold statement but this is the best shampoo I've come across to date. I highly recommend checking this shampoo out regardless of your hair colour! 

Alongside the shampoo I have the matching conditioner, which is equally as amazing! Like the shampoo I didn't find this overly brightening but it's hydrating! But not in a way that leaves my hair feeling heavy or weighed down. It's also super easy to rinse out. It makes my hair so soft and shiny! Again, I highly recommend this! 

Intensive Treatments... 

Because my hair is so dry and frizzy I use an intense mask everytime I wash it, if you have a similar hair type I really recommend doing this, it makes my hair so much more manageable. And this brightening mask has quickly become my favourite. If you had asked me last year what my favourite intense mask was, it would have been hands down the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask but this one has knocked that off the top spot! It's brilliant! So nourishing and leaves my hair so soft and way more manageable! I used to struggle brushing my hair but since using this it's so much easier. I just leave it in my hair for around 5 minutes and as soon as I start rinsing it I feel the difference. This is really worth investing in! 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment | £8.49

I wanted to give the Lee Stafford mask and honourable mention because even though the Joico Mask has taken its place I still think this is a great mask. It's aimed at those who have difficultly growing their hair, which I don't but I'm guessing the ingredients promote the overall hair condition regardless. This leaves my hair soft, shiny and leaves it looking in better condition. 

Salon Science Swiss Apple Intense Conditioner *  | £19 (currently on offer for £12.67 here)

Another hair mask that I really rate is this one from Salon Science. It's from the Swiss Apple Range which is targeted at those with fine, fragile or ageing hair. Not that my hair is any of those but regular bleaching sessions do leave it dry. But this is intensely hydrating and nourishing! I like to leave it on as long as possible and my hair feels a lot more nourished. 

Leave In Conditioners... 

Leave in conditioners are another way to ensure hair is looking its tip top condition. Although I do find most leave in conditioners difficult to work with. Most leave my hair weighed down and you almost feel them in the hair. Luckily this one from Style Freedom isn't like that. It helps remove knots from the hair which is another issue I have. And this really does work! I spray liberally through my hair (wet or dry) and it's far more easy to brush. It also leaves my hair smelling amazing to. 

This is one product I will always repurchase! It's a leave in conditioner that promotes shine, manageability and nourishment. But this also makes my hair quicker to dry. When I don't use it I can really tell! 

Oils and Serums... 

Oils are also great for dry, damaged, frizzy or coloured hair. This one in particular is a great quick hit of hydration for dry hair. It instantly smooths any frizz and leaves my ends looking sleek and shiny. It's packed full of oils that promote overall hair health. I use this on wet and dry hair, it doesn't weigh it down at all! It's brilliant and for the price, a great drugstore gem. 

Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco Miracle Nourishing Oil* | £11.99

Argan is another great ingredient that has earned cult status in the beauty community. It has great hydrating properties making it perfect for dry hair. This Lee Stafford option is in more of a serum formula than oil but it's light and doesn't weigh my hair down. This smooths over my split ends like nothing I've come across! Leaving them looking shiny and smooth. 

This is a weightless oil that promotes shine and smooths the hair. It has a UV filter which helps prevent the hair from damage. I apply 2 pumps through the mid lengths of damp hair and it definitely looks more shiny! It also smells so good to. 

Tangle Angle* | £12.48

And finally I have a hair brush. If you have dry, frizzy or coloured hair I really can't recommend this brush enough. It has specially designed bristles that brushes through tangles and hair with ease, it prevents pulling and tugging on the hair which helps prevent breakage. It's also anti bacterial, Anti static, water and heat resistant! 

So they're my top products for dry, damaged, frizzy and coloured hair.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite hair products?

Until next time... 

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