Ben Nye Banana Powder - Worth The Hype?

This is the famous powder that Kim Kardashion supposedly uses so I'm sure you can imagine there was some hype around this powder. I think the hype has slowly dyed down a little but I still really wanted to try it. After reading a few good reviews I decided I needed it. But is it worth the hype...

A few Drugstore Discoveries

The drugstores are killing it at the moment with their new launches. I've been testing quite a few new things and I'm ready to report back...

Navigating the World of Skincare When You Find It Confusing

I am by no means a skincare expert but I think I have a pretty good knowledge of skincare, products and what to look for skincare. This whole post was born from a Twitter conversation with a lovely lady who was confused about skincare so I thought I'd put to together a few tips on what to look for when shopping for skincare.

Taking Some Me Time With Supercuts

Taking some me time is for sure one of my favourite things to do. So when I was  kindly invited down to the brand new Supercuts in Ealing for a complimentary treatment I jumped at the chance!

I'm sure most of you would have heard of Supercuts. But it's basically a no appointment necessary salon chain that offers contemporary, fashionable hair styling without a hefty price tag. They offer haircuts to everyone; Children, Men and Women.

As I said I went to the Ealing salon for a blow dry.  If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know my struggle with my thick, curly, dry unruly hair. So there's nothing I love more than handing it over to some else to do! I also had a deep conditioning treatment too. That really worked wonders on my hair. When I normally go to the hair dressers they really struggle to brush it. You know when they apply conditioner and comb it through, 9 times out of 10 hairdressers give up trying to brush! But the lovely hair stylist managed to get a comb through it and my hair looked and felt a million times better! All the staff were lovely and the salon was a pleasure to be in.  it was a really nice way to take some time out!

If you in the market for a no appointment necessary hairstylist then I really can't recommend them enough. You can find your nearest Supercuts Salon online (here) or head over to their twitter (@SupercutsUK).

Have you been a Supercuts Salon? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Until next time...

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Everyday Blush Shades For Any Season

I have a love hate relationship with Blushes. I love them because they are the easiest way to change up a makeup look, they instantly make me look more alive. But I hate them because, for me personally I struggle to find blushers that have a good formula and that suite my skin tone. When I find one I love I wear it to death! And I really struggle to find 'summer' appropriate blushers. Baby Pink and bright Orange shades just aren't my thing. So I have a few blushes that I love that are perfect for any season...

Janina - Natural, Easy at Home Teeth Whiting

From the 15th May to 15th of June it's national smile month so Janina have challenged me to use a couple of their products to achieve better oral health and whiter teeth! Now I don't think I have overly stained teeth, coffee, tea and wine are not regular drinks for me but I definitely feel they could be a bit Whiter. But most teeth whitening products scare the crap out of me! The thought of putting bleach and other chemicals in my mouth just doesn't sit well with me. So I was pleased to hear that all Janina products don't contain anything harsh or abusive that can damage the tooth enamel or leave the teeth a little sensitive. They use natural fruit enzymes that lift away stains in a gentle way! The products I've been testing are:

Flawless Beauty Picks For When You're In a Rush

I feel like I'm always running out of time in the morning and having enough time for makeup sometimes just doesn't happen. I found a few picks that are super easy and quick to apply but leave me with a flawless finish in no time time at all...

EcoTools Giveaway!!!

EcoTools are one of my favourite affordable brush brands. And I think they're so under-rated. I have a whole post dedicated to them here! They kindly sent me a few brush sets to giveaway for one lucky reader!

5 Skincare Picks for Instant Results

Skincare products are a wonderful thing but sometimes it can take ages, months even to see any results. Sometimes I want the results to be instant. When my skins looking rubbish I don't want to wait months to see results I want the problem solved there and then! Luckily I have a few products that instantly perk my skin up...

The Ultimate Brow Kit From YSL

YSL have just dropped the most exiting brow launch! They have just released a brow wardrobe. Which consists of 4 products. From a pencil to a marker (yes a marker!) to help achieve you desired brow look. I've been putting them to the test for you guys...

Love Me Beauty | May

I'm really into beauty subscriptions at the moment! It's just so nice to get a little bag of goodies delivered to your door each month! Love Me Beauty *is one my favourites because each month you get a bag as opposed to a box (far more useful) and you get to pick which products you get each month too! It works on a credit system and each month for £10 you get 60 credits to spend on the goodies! This months bag itself is a repeat for a previous month which is kind of disappointing but they make brilliant gifts. So I will be tucking this one away for someones birthday. Anyway in this months bag I got...

New In from The Ordinary

The Ordinary (under the umbrella brand Deciem) have recently launched some exciting stuff. While, I have found some of the products to be a but hit and miss (see The Ordinary what't the deal here) their products are so cheap it's hard not to try them. They also recently launched a couple of foundations which have caused somewhat of stir in the beauty world. Here's what I picked up...

Cohorted Beauty Box | May

If you're unfamiliar with the Cohorted Beauty Box* it's a monthly subscription box. But one that is slightly different from the others. It's Luxury! So rather than a box full of unsuitable samples, you get 4-5 full sized luxury products! This month I got...

5 Fabulous Serums

Serums have become a staple in my skincare routine. Having dehydrated skin means layering moisturising products is crucial! I tend to find serums a tricky skincare item though, I've found a few ball up when I apply moisturiser over the top. But I have 5 that are truly fabulous to share with you guys...

Makeup Lately

Another month means it time to share the makeup I've been reaching for lately...

Long Wearing Base Picks For Dry / Dehydrated Skin

If you have dry or dehydrated skin you will know the struggle of finding long wearing foundations that aren't drying. I've found most foundations aimed at or that are suitable for dry skin literally have no staying power! I'm a complete foundation junkie, I've tested quite a few and I have found some amazing base picks that are long-lasting but are suitable for my skin type...

High-end Discoveries | The Trish McEvoy Edition

This Months High-end discoveries is all about Trish McEvoy! I hadn't really heard of the brand until they reached out to me. Which is pretty shocking on my part considering Trish McEvoy is a world renowned Makeup artist who is dedicated to teaching women the power of makeup! Her products encompass her ethos and she has developed a whole range of brilliant products that address womens concerns! I've been testing a whole load out and I'm ready to share them with you guys...

Trish McEvoy Gentle Cleanser* | £43

This is a light cleanser that removes makeup and cleanses the skin. It has a light, gel texture that feels very luxurious. It's packed full of vitamins and skin loving ingredients to not only cleanse but hydrate the skin. This is designed to be used on even eye makeup. But I didn't find this was gentle enough, it really stung my eyes. But on the rest of my face it worked like a dream! It lathers up well and really feels like it's cleansing my face! I found this worked well as a first cleanse (except around my eyes) and as a second cleanser. After I removed it with a damp flannel my skin felt clean, but not stripped and really soft!

Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm*  | £65

This is an all in one multi tasking balm, that can be used as a primer or alone. It's packed full of hydrating ingredients that leaves skin instantly looking brighter and more radiant! It's slightly tinted so it adds a bit of coverage. I love this as a primer. It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated ready for makeup!

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye lift* | £31

At first I thought this was a concealer but it's actually a corrector / treatment hybrid under eye illuminator. It has a Pink tint to counteract dark circles and the formula is light, creamy and blend-able. It does a really good job at concealing my dark circles and with a touch of concealer over the top, my dark circles are gone. It doesn't crease and wears all day!

Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara* | £22.50

High end mascaras are not something I've really tried until this and I'm so impressed by it! It's a tubing mascara that coats the lashes in tiny little tubes. It claims to be better than waterproof - in fact it lasts 24hrs. I've not actually worn it for that long but it does stay in place until I want to remove it! The brush is actually quite small in comparison to other volumising mascaras but it catches every single lash. This isn't as volumising as I would like but it gives amazing length that looks so natural! If you like natural looking, but long lashes you will love this!

Trish McEvoy Planner* | £35

One of Trish McEvoys most famous products is the revolutionary planner. Which is a potable makeup bag that comes with customisable pages (sold separately). Each page is a small, sturdy plastic palette that houses powders of your choice. The pages are removable and the bag itself has extra side pockets and removable pouches. The bag I have is black with a beautiful quilted design on it. I've never actually had an expensive makeup bag but the quality of this is amazing! It feels and looks luxurious and works perfectly!

I have one page in mine which houses a translucent setting powder and a beautiful blush. The Blush | £16 | is a stunning Rose colour with subtle shimmers in it. It's so soft, it applies smoothly and lasts all day on me. It's so finely milled it doesn't look powdery at all on the skin. I'm actually really amazed at how beautifully this applies. I definitely want more shades.  The Translucent Face Powder | £28 | Is a great setting powder. It sets all my makeup perfectly without being drying or leaving a White cast on my face. Like the blush this is so finely milled. High-end powders really do out perform drugstore ones and this one is definitely worth checking out.

Trish McEvoy Light and Lift Duo* | £54

How stunning is this duo? This little kit contains a highlighter and bronzer. The bronzer is gorgeous, it's slightly warm in tone which makes it perfect for adding warmth to the face. But it's not Orange. It has a slight shimmer to it that gives the cheeks a lovely, glowing sun kissed look. The highlighter is a classic Champagne colour that is so buttery soft. It looks more shimmery in the pan than it translates on the face. But it gives a lovely subtle glow, perfect for everyday wear. These actually remind me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders (which I love!).

Trish McEvoy 24-Hour EyeShadow and Liner* | £24

I love the convenience of shadow sticks so I was super excited by this! The Topaz is a stunning Bronze colour with Gold shimmers in it! It's super pigmented and glides on the lids with ease. Once it sets this doesn't budge! it stays in place all day with smudging or creasing! I definitely want to check out the other shades!

Trish McEvoy Eye Base* | £24

This eyeshadow primer not only primes the eyelids ready for eyeshadow but it also comes in a range of shades to cancel out any discolouration! I have the shade Bare which has slight Pink tint to it but this doesn't really translate on the lids, however it does hide my darkness and veins. Eyeshadow applies seamlessly over the top. And it really brings out the pigmentation of the shadows. It helps shadow to stay looking vibrant all day and also stops it from creasing. This is a great little product!

Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Liner* | £22

High-end eyeliners are seriously worth investing in. I find drugstore ones just don't last and this is well worth the investment! It's creamy, glides on with ease and lasts all day, even in the water line! I have the shade Deep Aubergine. Which is a stunning Purple colour. It looks really good against my Brown eyes. These are definitely worth checking out.

Trish McEvoy Ultra Wear Lip Gloss* | £23

Regular readers will know how much I'm loving glosses at the moment. And this offering has been high in my rotation. It has a non sticky formula that feels buttery on the lips. It doesn't feather or bleed on my lips. I have the shade Berry. Which is pretty sheer but build-able. It's the perfect throw on and go shade.

Trish McEvoy  Perfecting Lip Balm* | £27

I swear my lips are always dry so I also welcome new lip balms into my collection! And this one is so nice. It's slightly tinted Pink for a hint of colour. The formula is so nice. It instantly hydrated my dry lips and leaves them soft and plump.

Trish McEvoy Luminzer* | £30

This is a liquid Luminizer in a pen style. It instantly adds a subtle amount of radiance whereever you want. I like to use it across my cheek bones and the centre of my face. It is very subtle and looks so natural on. It's perfect for those who like a natural glow! It doesn't disrupt my base makeup either and it wears all day!

Over all, I've really loved everything I've tried from the brand. It's actually kind of refreshing to see regular makeup (I mean that in the best way!) I feel like most makeup is based around Instagram trends rather than what is actually wearable. Trish McEvoy products are all wearable and perform amazingly. They are well worth the high-end price tag!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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EcoTools - The Underrated Brush Brand

I remember EcoTools were one the first brands I brought 'proper' makeup brushes from. I actually still have those brushes and although I don't reach for them that often they are still going strong. So when EcoTools invited me to their 10 year anniversary party, I was super excited!

Beauty Pie - What's the Deal?

Most of you probably would have seen everyone talking about Beauty Pie a few weeks back. Beauty Pie is marketed as some sort of special members club where you pay £10 a month and get access to high-end makeup at factory cost. In the first instance it sounds great. Who doesn't love super cheap makeup that works amazingly? But when you actually think about looking into order from them it's not as great as it seems.  So when I first heard of the concept I really wasn't tempted until they launched skincare. But by the time I got round to order, most of the skincare was out of stock and I ended up with makeup anyway.

A few Drugstore Discoveries

There's nothing I love more than discovering amazing drugstore products. This month there has been some very exciting launches I've been testing...

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - Worth the Hype?

This concealer has been on my wishlist for the longest time! Everybody seems to love the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. In fact I don't think I've heard One bad word about this! I finally managed to get my hands on it! But is it worth the hype? Let's find out...

Ordering and Delivery...

Tarte is only available in the UK through QVC. The Tarte range is limited but luckily they have this concealer. The Tarte website does ship to the UK although I think it's pretty pricy. But because this is from the UK shipping was around £5, which for second class post is pretty steep, but still cheaper than the US. 


From QVC the concealer can't be brought alone. It can only be brought with a Beauty Blender style sponge. So for the set it cost £27. Which is super frustrating because I'm really not fussed about the sponge and actually makes this pretty pricy. The concealer on its own from the Tarte website is £19, which is far more reasonable! 

The Packaging...

The packaging is nice. It has a Doe Foot applicator which is huge! It's double the size of a regular Doe Foot applicator. I think this is because it's designed for contouring too so it covers a larger area. 

The Product... 

So the concealer itself is really nice! I went for the shade Light Medium and when I received it I thought it was going to be too dark to use under my eyes but thankfully it works really well. I think on the QVC website they have 6 shades available but on the Tarte website there are 14 shades. 

The consistency of the concealer is quite thick but it's really creamy and so easy to blend out. It has a very good medium, almost full coverage. It's easily build-able to full coverage. And hides my dark circles really well! It has a very natural satin finish - That isn't too brightening it looks unnatural. It also works really well on blemishes too. 

It wears so well to! It does crease ever so slightly on me but all concealers do. But it doesn't look dry or cakey, flake or fade. it stays put all day! 

Is it worth the Hype.. 

So is this as great as everyone claims? I do really, really like this concealer. And if you're after a natural, good coverage concealer that works well under the eyes and on blemishes then this is a great option! But for me this isn't quite as brightening under the eyes as I normally like. But don't get me wrong I do still really like this and I do see why everyone loves this so much. Just for me if this was slightly more glow-y I would absolutely love it! 

Is it worth the hype? Kind of! 

The Tarte Shape Tape concealer is available from QVC here or The Tarte website here

Until next time... 

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