5 Fabulous Serums

Serums have become a staple in my skincare routine. Having dehydrated skin means layering moisturising products is crucial! I tend to find serums a tricky skincare item though, I've found a few ball up when I apply moisturiser over the top. But I have 5 that are truly fabulous to share with you guys...

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum* | $76 | REVIEW

I have sang the praises of this serum a few times on my blog because it really is amazing! It has quite a thick consistency in comparison to the other ones here but it melts into the skin like a dream. It contains a whole range of potent ingredients that all hydrate and brighten the skin. The results I've seen from this are really incredible. My skin is so much brighter since using this and leaves my skin so soft. I've also found this perfect for evening or morning use. It's also suitable for all skin types as well!

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin | £7 | REVIEW

This serum from The Ordinary is also in heavy rotation. It contains Alpha Arbutin which targets hyperpigmentation, alongside Hyluronic acid to help moisturise. I really like this, while I haven't noticed too much difference to my pigmentation issue but this leaves my skin so soft and hydrated! It can be used in the AM and PM, I found either way works well! Plus at just £7 this is definitely worth checking out.

Dr Botanicals Coco Noir Time Reversal Serum* | £84.90 or £19.99 with code LEANNE1

Dr Botanicals Coco Noir Range is aimed at preventing and treating ageing skin (definitely something I want to address early!). I don't actually have any wrinkles yet but I find these types of products work well for dehydrated skin. The rich blend of super hydrating ingredients leave my skin looking plump and soft. Another firm favourite.

SkinTruth Velvet Skin Facial Serum* | £8.99

SkinTruth is a new brand to me and this serum has been a daily staple in my skincare routine! It helps replenish moisture to leave skin soft, plump and smooth. It doesn't contain Mineral oils or Parbens. It has a super light, watery texture that absorbs into the skin almost immediately. It really does leave my skin velvety soft! It hasn't caused me to break out and affected my skin negatively at all! This is also so cheap and amazing value for money. I can't recommend it enough.

The Ordinary Niacinamide | £5

Niacinamide is an ingredient known for its ability to help heel and prevent blemishes. My skin is dehydrated but I do suffer from breakouts. So this sounded perfect for me. It has a light texture that absorbs pretty quick and works well under other creams. I really think this is helping to prevent breakouts! I've noticed I only get the occasional one every now and again. My only issue is that this isn't overly hydrating. But teamed with a super hydrating moisturiser this is brilliant. I think this would be really good for oily skin!

There's a little round of my current favourite Serums.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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