Beauty Pie - What's the Deal?

Most of you probably would have seen everyone talking about Beauty Pie a few weeks back. Beauty Pie is marketed as some sort of special members club where you pay £10 a month and get access to high-end makeup at factory cost. In the first instance it sounds great. Who doesn't love super cheap makeup that works amazingly? But when you actually think about looking into order from them it's not as great as it seems.  So when I first heard of the concept I really wasn't tempted until they launched skincare. But by the time I got round to order, most of the skincare was out of stock and I ended up with makeup anyway.

On the website the products are really cheap. I mean you can get foundations for as little £5. Which if the products really are high-end like they claim, this is amazing! So I was in my element filling my bag with highlighters, foundations - I basically wanted to try everything! But when I got to check out things weren't as they seemed. I'm not sure if I'd miss read the terms but I couldn't check out because there is a cap on how much you spend each month. The cap is £100 a month but this is RRP of the product rather than the 'factory' cost, which is what you are actually paying for as a subscriber. This actually really annoyed me. Because I could actually only buy 3-5 items, depending on the value.

After an hour of getting really annoyed I decided what I really wanted and started emptying my basket, I was ready to check out. But half way through the process of checking out they add handling charger on. Which then bumped the cost of the products up more. Which I was not best pleased about. But at this point I was committed and walking away wasn't an option and I got my order conformation and patiently waited for my order to arrive. When I got it granted, it was neatly packed in a box and a lot of tissue paper which I liked! The products I picked were:

Bio Fusion Breathable Primer | £3.11 (factory cost)

Someone told me this was similar to the Too Faced Hungover Primer which is one of my favourite primers! It is similar but not the same. It has the same Coconut scent, but the Beauty Pie one is a lot thicker and far less hydrating. This claims to be hydrating, glow enhancing and prolong makeup wear. I didn't find it overly hydrating. it was smoothing though. If this was actually £3.11 this would be amazing for the price but considering the £10 a month membership and handling fee it doesn't make it so good.

Incrediblur Instant Retouching Foundation | £3.47 (factory cost)

This foundation was so promising - light coverage, instantly plumping and has a photo ready finish. The consistency is really light and so easy to blend, it has a natural satin finish and the coverage is a pretty good medium coverage. I went for the shade 400 Light, which is slightly too pale. But with bronzer it can work. But I don't like this at all. It's so drying on me and looked dry. It didn't plump anything, In fact it stunk and clang to every problem area. I really can't recommend this!

Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder  | £2.57 (factory cost)

I didn't read the description of this properly and I thought this was an illuminating setting powder but I think it's actually a highlighter. But I don't like this. The product feels really stiff and firm in the pan which makes it difficult to pick up any product! So this doesn't translate as a highlighter at all on the face!

Superglaze Lip Gloss | £2.19 (factory cost)

I'm loving glosses at the moment and I'm pretty sure I'd seen some good reviews on these. So I picked the shade In Neutral. Which looked like a really nice pale nude. But this is far too pale for me, it looks like concealer on my lips. The formula is kind of thick too but not sticky, and it's very pigmented for gloss. I'm gutted I didn't get a better shade.

Fruitemzyme Five Minute Facial | £5 (factor cost)

I actually only got one skincare item which is this face mask. It's a purifying, exfoliating mask with gentle scrubby particles in it. The directions say to massage it in and wait 5-10 mins and then rinse. Which I did. It did leave my skin a little smoother and was nice to use. But Beauty Pie claim this is worth £50. I've tried many masks with the same enzyme claims and this wasn't as effective as them. So if I had paid full price for this I would have been very disappointed.

To be honest I found the concept to be really bizarre! The products claim to be highend but from what I've tried it's not. And I have loads of drugstore products that are far better than these. I almost feel like they're trying to fool you into thinking your getting a good deal but your not.

You can check out the Beauty Pie Website for yourself here.

Have your tried Beauty Pie? What are your thoughts?

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