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I remember EcoTools were one the first brands I brought 'proper' makeup brushes from. I actually still have those brushes and although I don't reach for them that often they are still going strong. So when EcoTools invited me to their 10 year anniversary party, I was super excited!

To mark the 10 years anniversary they've had a bit of a revamp and added some new brushes to their collection, while still keeping their core values! Which is being eco friendly. All their brushes are cruelty free, made from renewable bamboo and even the packaging is paper free! I was kindly given a whole bag of goodies which I've been testing for you guys...

Limited Edition 10 Year Anniversary Set* | £19.99`

To mark the 10 years of producing amazing brushes they have launched this stunning, limited edition set. The set comes in is this stunning Gold holder that houses 6 exclusives brushes. The brushes are:

Airbrush Finishing Brush: This is a large, duo fibre brush that can be used with cream or powder brushes to create a flawless base. I found this wasn't dense enough to use with liquid foundations but it works well with powder products. My favourite way to use this is as a powder blush.

Controlled Setting Brush: A small, kind of flat brush with a taped end, ideal for small areas. This is my favourite brush of the set. I've finally found the perfect setting brush! It fits perfect under my eyes for setting concealer! It's also a good shape and size for highlighter.

Angled Crease Brush: This is an angled blending brush, ideal for crease colours. To be honest, because it was angled I found it difficult to actually blend eyeshadow out. But it works nicely to highlight the brow bone and inner corners.

Flay Eyeliner Brush: I love this for applying eyeshadow to my lower line. I don't like to apply my eyeshadow too low under my eyes and this allows me to have control over where I am placing it.

Eye/ Lip Blur Brush: Another one of my favourites from this set. This brush is super tiny and is designed for diffusing eye shadow off lip liner. It makes applying precise eyeshadow so easy! Sometimes I like to apply Black to my outer v but most brushes are too big and I found it can look a little messy. But with this brush I can apply it precisely and blend it where I want it!

Spoolie: Sploolies are always super handy! This one is really nice. It combs and shapes the brows really well!

Brow Shaping Duo* | £4.99

The perfect little cut for creating perfectly groomed and defined browns. The Spoolie is the same as the one in the Limited edition set so it works really well. The set also included an angled liner brush that has dense firm bristles which apply powders or gels super easily. This is a great affordable set.

EcoTools Full Powder Brush* | £8.99

This has over 70,000 bristles in it (that's a lot of bristles1) to make it slightly more dense than your average powder brush to create a fuller coverage base! To be honest I didn't find this more dense than any other brush but I really like this. It's so soft and picks up powder really well. I tend to find that natural haired brushes don't often do that but this one does! It applies it evenly and blends it well! It's been my go to powder brush since getting it!

EcoTools Micro Blending Brush* | £4.99

The Micro blending brush is a great little concealer brush. It has a sharp angled edge which makes getting into the contours of the face super easy. It works well under the eyes, around the nose, basically everywhere on the face! It blends out concealer really well and leaves a natural, flawless finish. Another brush definitely worth checking out.

EcoTools Perfect Blender Duo* | £9.99

I've raved about this nifty duo before! The set comes with a large blending sponge and a slightly smaller one. The smaller one is designed to be used dry for concealer and when you want more coverage. The larger (dark Green) is so soft and when wet blends out foundation like a dream! Both the sponges have a round base for larger areas. And a flat side with a wedge like tip which is great for contouring. But the tip is also amazing for applying powder to bake with. It gives a sharp, controlled application to wherever you want to apply powder! The larger sponge has been my go to for applying foundation. This is easily on par with the Beauty Blender! But not only do these perform exceptionally well, they are the worlds first ever makeup sponge that is made from 71% Sugar Cane and are 100% vegan and Peta Certified!

EcoTools Colour Perfecting Applicator* | £5.09

This is a sponge on a little handle designed for contouring. The sponge itself is soft but I just can't get this to work! I found it a lot harder to control with the handle. I think this would work way better without the handle.

EcoTools Colour Perfecting Minis* | £7.99

How cute is this little set? It comes with 4 mini sponge blenders that are colour coded to go with colour correcting concealers. These are made from the same material as the Perfect Blenders but are just smaller - ideal for concealer and hard to reach areas of the face. I'm not the biggest fan of mini blenders in general, just because I find them too small to hold and I end up dropping them and chucking them around the room. But if you like small ones these are definitely worth checking out. Plus you get 4 for £7.99 which is amazing value!

EcoTools Empowerment Collection* | £19.99

Not only do EcoTools make amazing, environmentally friendly brushes but they are also dedicated to raising awareness to Womens education. They have 3 brush sets which strive to empower women around the globe! I think this is an amazing thing to do and it really makes me happy to know, not only are the brushes brilliant but they are helping a good cause to. I have the Glow For Set that has 5 brushes that all help achieve the perfect glow. The brushes are:

Angled Powder Brush: This is great for applying blush, bronzer or highlighter.

EyeShadow Brush: Is a flat brush, ideal for applying eyeshadow all over the lid.

Highlighting Fan Brush: This is perfect for applying highlighter. The soft natural bristles pick up just the right amount and apply it perfectly to the face.

Pointed concealer Brush: Blends concealer well. It's perfect for pin point concealing.

Eye Shader Brush: Is a tiny brush, that's great for small details!

The set even comes with a little mirror!

Eco Tools Modern Romance Collection* | £11.99

This super cute collectors brush set comes with brushes inspired by vintage romances and comes in a really neat storage box! The brushes that come with this set are:

Angled Brush: This is super soft and works perfectly to apply blush to the cheeks.

Flat Foundation Brush: This brush is designed to give a full coverage finish. I just don't like this style of brushes in general. I find it difficult to get a smooth, streak free application with this style. But it is great for applying cream contouring products before using a buffing brush to blend it out.

Full Shadow Brush: This has quite dense bristles which make it perfect for applying shadow all over the lid.

Petite Shading Brush: This is a great brush for applying shadow to the lower lash line.

Detail Lip Brush: This is a small, soft but dense brush that applies lipstick / liquid lipstick really well. Because it's so small it fits round the outer edges of the lips perfectly, creating a crisp smooth line.

Eco Tools Define & Highlight Duo* | £11.99

This Super soft duo is designed for contouring and highlighting. The Define Brush is so soft and has a slightly taped end to fit into the cheek bones. I do really like this although I found it slightly too big to fit perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. But I love this as blush brush. It is the perfect size for my cheeks and blends powder out so seamlessly. The Highlighting fan brush is also so soft! It's actually a lot bigger and fluffier than most fan brushes I have come across it before. It applies highlighter beautifully to the high points of the face. It also works really well as a contour brush to!

Over all, despite one or two brushes I didn't love , the new collection is amazing!  Eco Tools as a whole are so underrated! I think they are very comparable to say Real Techniques, who I think hold the affordable brush crown. All The brushes are all soft, perform and wash well! Like a said earlier I have a few brushes for the old collection that are still going strong and must be a good 5 years old now! So if anything, the brushes are brilliant value for money! I really can't recommend checking out the new range enough! I have my eye on a few of their new base brushes next.

Have you tried any these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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