Pricey Products That Don't Get Loved

Now this isn't necessarily a disappointing products post as such, it is just expensive things that don't really get used for one reason or another. I'm not going to lie I have a lot of makeup, I enjoy testing new things so regardless of how much I try and rotate my stash there are some products that don't get loved so I thought I'd share the pricier ones with you and why they don't get used. I do have full reviews on most of these so if you want more details make sure you check the links out.

Urban Decay Naked Heat - Worth The Hype + Affordable Alternatives

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure most of you would have heard Urban Decay have added a brand new Naked Palette to the Naked Eye Shadow family. This time the palette is inspired by all things warm toned. And regular readers will know I love a warmed toned eyeshadow! When they announced the earlier release I fought tooth and nail to get one, as did everyone else judging by my group chats and Twitter feed. I've been testing so I thought I'd let you guys know if it's worth the hype and I've tried my very hardest to find some affordable alternatives!

Bronzed Glowing Cheeks

Bronzed glow-y and sunkissed is my go to look but there's something about summer that makes me want to up my bronze-y glow-y look that little bit more. So today I thought I'd do a little round up of my favourite products for achieving bronzed glowing cheeks.

Biolage R.A.W - The Brand You Should Know About

I actually don't talk about haircare all that much on my blog considering it's something I'm so passionate about. I'm always trying to find the best products to tame my crazy, frizzy hair. Without specially selected products my hair is a nightmare to say the least! I'm pretty much willing to try anything on it so when these goodies from Matrix landed on my door step, I was super excited.

Get Summer Ready With Nuxe + Giveaway

Judging from the heatwave we've had in the UK, I think it's safe to say summer is finally here. And with that it's time to get out those sunscreens, and summer scents. Nuxe, the multi awarding winning fresh skincare brand has a whole range of products for summer and to get you summer ready. I've been testing a few and they've become firm favourites and are perfect for the warmer months. They've also kindly given me a few goodies to give away so keep reading until the end to find out how.

Summer Proofng Your Base

The temperature in the UK this post week has been insane with highs of 33 degrees. Plus I'm sure a few of you will be jetting off on holiday. So it's time to dig out those bases that will withstand the high temperatures and not leave you looking half melted come lunchtime. I love a light, glow-y look all year round but these are the hardest to my last in my opinion. But I have found some real gems that work well in the warmer months.

Products for Beauty Problems nobody likes to talk about

I always see lots of posts of pretty highlighters and how to achieve a flawless base. But there are rarely posts (Well not that I've seen) of some issues that many of us suffer from. Don't worry this isn't going to turn into a episode of embarrassing bodies but I have found a few products that tackle the less talked about beauty problems...

Budget Eye Makeup Worth Checking Out

 Eye makeup is such a tricky category especially when it comes to eyeshadows. I always find cheaper formulas not as good but not wanting to invest in pricy palettes. But being a beauty and a drugstore girl at heart I've tried at lot of affordable makeup, So today I've whittled down some eye makeup that is worth checking out...

Achieving the Perfect Manicure at Home

Even if I had the money I don't think I'd get a professional manicure regularly, I love painting my nails and I find it very therapeutic! Whenever I'm stressed or feeling a bit down I paint my nails and it instantly makes me feel better. I've found a few products that keep my nails looking good and give a high gloss salon finish. So achieving the perfect manicure at home has never been so easy...

Skincare Picks For Flawless Makeup Application

Good makeup application starts with good skincare. A skincare routine for your skin type will prep and counteract any issues you have with your skin before hand. I have dehydrated skin so many of my picks are based around that but there is a few picks that I think would be suitable for most skin types.

Cohorted Beauty Box Review - The One Beauty Box You Should Buy This Month!

I swear this month's beauty boxes have really been pulling out the bag! This months Cohorted Box* is really not one to be missed! This month you get...

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

You've probably seen Daniel Wellington around over on Instagram. It's a Swedish brand that offers simply stunning Minimalist timepieces. I'm not a fashion blogger but I am into fashion and wanted to share my experience brand because if your anything like me your Instagram is probably filled with these gorgeous watches!

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Guide

I swear Fathers Day creeps up on me every year unexpectedly! So I'm rushing around trying to think of good gifts. Not only that my dad is super difficult to buy for. Today I give a little gift guide of mostly gifts that I given him before and he has liked (well they have told me he does haha)...

Makeup Lately

The past few weeks routining my makeup has kind of been on the back burner. I've been super busy and I've been on a family holiday so I've been reaching for products I know I can rely on.

Say #HelloSummer With Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty* #hellosummer edit has just dropped and after being slightly disappointed last month, this months bag is brimming with exciting goodies! Regular readers will know I'm lover of this beauty bag, for starters you get a super cute makeup bag rather than a box and you get to pick your products! The concept is based on a credit system and for a small £10 a month you get 60 credits to spend on the products. So the goodies this month are...

Ingredients 101 - Vitamin C

My Acid 101 posts went down so well (see them here and here) I thought I'd continue this little series so today I wanted to talk about Vitamin C which isn't a new skincare ingredient. I remember when I first got into skincare Vitamin C was everywhere! We all know the benefits of Vitamin C in our diets and it's a great supplement to fight off cold and flu! But it also has amazing skincare benefits...

Everyday Beauty Essentials I Forget to Talk About

I love testing new things, and trying to find my holy grail products or tools. So when a product becomes a staple in my routine it's a pretty big deal (Well for me anyway). But when I do find myself reaching for them day in and day out they no longer excite me, in the way a brand new shiny highlighter does! But today I thought it was about time I shared those staple products with you...

The Brand Everyone is Talking About - OUAI

Ouai has been causing quite a stir in the blogging community, especially with their dry shampoo! I was kindly sent a bundle of their goodies and it's safe to say the brand is definitely worth noting...

Full Coverage Favourites

With summer in sight I know this is the time when we switch to lighter, more glow-y bases but sometimes this isn't always ideal. Especially when I wake up with ghastly blemishes all over my face! When this happens, regardless of the time of year I opt for more full coverage products. So today I bring a little round of my full coverage favourites...

Best In Beauty | May

Another month has flown by! So it's time for me to share a roundup of the best in beauty products I've been loving throughout the month. I've been testing a whole load of makeup and skincare that I haven't quite formed a solid opinion yet but I have a good mix to share with you guys...

High-end Discoveries

It's time where I show my high-end discoveries of the previous month, so let's get straight into it...