High-end Discoveries

It's time where I show my high-end discoveries of the previous month, so let's get straight into it...

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser* | £19

The last time I featured Pixi in a 'high-end' post it opened up a debate as to whether Pixi was actually high-end or not. Which in terms of price it's not as high-end as some skincare brands but it's definitely more expensive than most drugstore brands. And Pixi isn't available in the UK drugstore so I think it fits in here more! But anyway onto the cleanser. Alongside the famous Glow Tonic they have a cleanser that works in a similar way. It uses AHA to gently lift away dead skin cells and renew the skin. I actually found this more effective than the Glow Tonic! My skin instantly looked brighter after using this and so smooth! I was a bit scared this would be drying for my dehydrated skin but it's not at all. It didn't leave my skin feeling tight at all! The consistency is rather thick and found it difficult to massage into the skin without water but once it's mixed with water it was fine. Overall, I really like this! It's a great addition to the Pixi Glow family.

Pixi Glow To Go Pads* | £20

They also have the greatly loved Glow Tonic Formula in a pad form. If you haven't tried or heard of Pixi Glow Tonic it's basically a gentle chemical exfoliator in a toner form that can be used everyday to lift away dead cells to reveal brighter, fresher, more refined looking skin. With continued use it also helps pigmentation, and fine lines. The Glow Pads offer exactly the same thing but in a pre soaked pad! Which is by far more convenient! I love these as much as I love Glow Tonic, which is a lot!

Pixi Glow Mist | £16

This has been on my wishlist for the longest time so I'm happy it is finally mine. This mist is jammed packed with all the good stuff my face needs! It has 13 natural oils alongside hydrating ingredients, to plump, hydrate, sooth and add radiance & glow. It's used as part of a skincare routine to replenish moisture after cleansing, as primer before makeup and as a face mist on the go. I really like this as a face mist / makeup setting spray. It really does give the skin a bit of a glow. It also perks my skin up throughout the day. The actual mist action on this is great too. It's really fine and lightly mists the face, rather than shooting water at it! I thought these mists were a bit pricy but this one in particular is well worth the money!

Christian Bretton Gold and Caviar Eye Cream* | £75

Eye care is definitely a neglected area of my skincare routine. I'm yet to find one that actually really does anything. But I'm pleased to say I finally have, in the form of this little guy. This eye cream contains super fine Gold particles that are able to penetrate into the skin and work to reduce fine lines, firm the skin, increase oxygen in the skin and reduce age spots. It also contains Caviar which is rich in essential fatty acids and is known for its anti ageing properties! The cream itself is light, hydrating and fast absorbing. It sits really well under makeup and I've noticed my under eye concealer applies a lot more smoothly when I use this. I haven't noticed anything too dramatic in terms of anti-ageing but I don't have any wrinkles around my eyes yet but I'm hoping this will fight off the fine lines for a little longer.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray* | £23.50 (full size)

This isn't technically a new discovery but the packaging is new! Urban Decay have repackaged their famous All Nighter Setting Spray. And I've realised why I love this stuff all over again! It has a super fine mist that is to be used when you have applied your makeup to hold it in place all day. Now I do really like this spray but I don't find it holds my makeup for any longer than it normally would stay in place. But what it does do, it keeps my makeup looking fresher for longer! You know half way through the day when everything starts looking a bit creased and like you've been in a hot kitchen? That helps delay that! It's a great little product, definitely one to check out.

Jouer Rose Gold Lip Topper | £13.50

Jouer is a brand I've wanted to try from for so long and I finally decided to buy a lip topper. I'm a huge fan of glosses and quite often layer them with liquid lipsticks so I thought this would be a sound investment. I went for Rose Gold which is a new summer launch. The shade is stunning. It's not as Rose toned as I imagined but I prefer that. It's like a Gold Bronze colour with a hint of Rose-ness to it. The formula is really nice too, it's not sticky or heavy on the lips at all. But unfortunatly I don't love this. It's just too glittery and chunky for my liking. When this starts wearing off it just leaves large glitter particles all over my lips which I don't like.

That's everything I've discovered this month. I'm pleased it was more hits than misses, but I am super gutted about the Lip Topper.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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