Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Guide

I swear Fathers Day creeps up on me every year unexpectedly! So I'm rushing around trying to think of good gifts. Not only that my dad is super difficult to buy for. Today I give a little gift guide of mostly gifts that I given him before and he has liked (well they have told me he does haha)...

Superdry Hoodie | £49.99

This isn't in the picture, purely because it was super hard to photograph! But anyway; All the men in my family love Superdry. So when I can't think of anything, something from Superdry always does the trick! Plus it's perfect for last minute gifts.

Lord TimePieces Watch | £75

For those who have a slightly larger budget watches are perfect! Most people like watches. This one in particular is actually really nice. Its simple but still looks really nice. It's simple but still noticeable without being over the top.

Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Perfume* | £54

You can't go wrong with a bottle of Aftershave. This one from Gucci has a really good story behind it; it reflects a message of being free, a man who isn't defined by rules and norms. The bottle itself is really nice. It looks nice but without being too girly (if that makes sense!). The scent I would say is very masculine, it's not sweet at all! And it has strong woody notes. It's a very classy, manly scent. This would make a brilliant Fathers Day gift.

Hand made gifts

This is one of my favourite things to do. When I can't think of something to buy I get the kids to make a card or something more creative. The time and effort is always appreciated. Plus the kids feel included because they have made something! And feel excited too. This card pictured was made by daughter Ellie (who was super excited it would be feature on my blog!) So a massive thank you to Ellie for helping me out.

I hope this gave you some Fathers Day gift inspiration!

What are you planning on buying for your loved one this year?

Until next time...

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