Pricey Products That Don't Get Loved

Now this isn't necessarily a disappointing products post as such, it is just expensive things that don't really get used for one reason or another. I'm not going to lie I have a lot of makeup, I enjoy testing new things so regardless of how much I try and rotate my stash there are some products that don't get loved so I thought I'd share the pricier ones with you and why they don't get used. I do have full reviews on most of these so if you want more details make sure you check the links out.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £28.50 | REVIEW

This is a straight up disappointing product! I put off buying this for a long time, telling myself £30 on a cleanser is far too much! But I caved and brought it, after seeing countless reviews of how amazing this is! It's jam packed with skin loving ingredients to renew and brighten the skin. The gel like formula is lovely to use, it feels really nice on the face and straight after using this my skin feels amazing! But this gives me horrendous breaks out! Some of the worst I've ever had. Big Red, inflamed, sore spots! This happens every time I use it! I really need to just chuck this out but it was so expensive I just don't want to part with it!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Surreal Edit | £69 | REVIEW

This palette is just stunning! The marble packaging is a bloggers dream, although it's super hard to photograph on a marble background! After falling in love with the Ambient Lighting powders, I was certain I would love this. It houses Two blushes, a bronzer, a strobing powder and a setting powder. I do really like this palette just not enough to use it over my other Ambient Lighting powders or blush products. I think it's because the shades just aren't quite right for me, I think they would suit paler people a lot more.

It Cosmetics CC Cream | £35 (With a brush) | REVIEW

I was certain I would love this. Everything it claims is right up my street - coverage, lightweight and has glow - it ticks all the boxes. But I just don't love it. I mean it's ok, it does do everything it claims but I have loads of other foundations I prefer that are cheaper too.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette | £34 | REVIEW

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Launch in the UK was probably one of the most hyped up launches of the year! I jumped on board and loved the eyeshadow palette. So I thought this would be just as good. The highlighter shade in this is good, and the blush is ok. But the bronzer is barely visible on me! And I'm not even that dark, I'd say I'm a MAC NC 35-40. For that reason I find myself hardly reaching for this palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Glow Kit in Sun Dipped | £39 | REVIEW

Now I love this highlighter palette. It has Four generously sized pans of pure buttery soft highlighters. None of them are glittery or chunky and really give the face a gorgeous sheen. I just find myself not reaching for this that often, no other reason!

Nars Sheer Glow | £32

I feel everyone screaming at me through the computer. But I don't love this. I did like it when I first brought it but know I just find it a bit meh. It has a good medium coverage and a sheer glow, as the name would suggest. I don't like the feel of it on my face, it feels like a film. Like the CC cream, I have other foundations I love way more.

Urban Decay Naked Palette | £39.50 | REVIEW

I brought this way after the hype so I knew it wasn't an impulse buy and thought it would be something I would really like. But I've literally used this a hand full of times. I just don't love the formula. I found it a bit stiff in comparison to other palettes, plus I have loads of similar palettes that I just like more. So I don't find myself reaching for it.

MAC nut cracker palette | (discontinued)

This was a limited edition palette around christmas. It houses a blush and highlighter. A beautiful golden toned highlighter that is stunning on the cheeks. The blush is equally as nice, it really melts into the skin and looks so natural! I do really like them both, but I just don't find myself reaching for it! Which is a shame, I'm going to make more of effort to!

I like to think I make the most of my stash but, I'm sure it's the case for most beauty junkies - it's just impossible. I only have one face!

Have you tried any of these? What are your pricey products that don't get loved?

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