Urban Decay Naked Heat - Worth The Hype + Affordable Alternatives

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure most of you would have heard Urban Decay have added a brand new Naked Palette to the Naked Eye Shadow family. This time the palette is inspired by all things warm toned. And regular readers will know I love a warmed toned eyeshadow! When they announced the earlier release I fought tooth and nail to get one, as did everyone else judging by my group chats and Twitter feed. I've been testing so I thought I'd let you guys know if it's worth the hype and I've tried my very hardest to find some affordable alternatives!

Ordering and Delivery... 

Urban Decay isn't an American only brand (thank goodness) but I got this when they released it early so when I tried to buy it and the website kept telling me it was out of stock and had to try like 5 times to actually get through to the check out. The shipping was free and it came 2 days later! Urban Decay is however, available from most department stores in the UK. 


It costs £39.50 which is the same price as all the other Naked palettes. If the quality of the shadows is good I think £40 is average for a good palette. 

The Packaging... 

The packaging is sturdy plastic like the Naked Smokey Palette. I love the Orange design and even the box it comes in was beautiful. I think they've done a good job incorporating 'heat' into the packaging. 

The Product... 

Now for the important part, the shadows themselves. The palette houses 12 shadows. It also comes with a brush, I have heard people saying that the brush is really good. It's alright compared to some brushes that come with palettes but I don't love it, my regular brushes do a far better job. All the shades are warm toned, with a good mix of mattes and shimmers. The shades are:

Ounce - this is a warm pale Beige colour with a peal finish. It makes a good highlight shade, it's not over the top, it's actually very subtle. I also really like to apply this all over the lid as a base colour.

Chaser -  is a pale, warm Peach colour. This would make a great transition shade for pale people or a highlight shade for darker skin tones. On me this doesn't really do anything on my eyes. But the formula is soft and well pigmented.

Sauced - Is one of my favourite shades in the palette! It's a mid to light, matte Brown. It's my perfect transition shade. I also really like all over the lid and blended through the crease for a super speedy eye look. The formula is so soft and extremely pigmented. I find it applies smoothly and blends out with ease. 

Low Blow - Is a matte Brown. It's similar to Sauced but it looks slightly more mustard toned (if that makes any sense). Again this works well in the crease and is so soft and easy to work. 

Lumbre - Is a warm, Orange Coral colour with Gold shimmers in it. This shade was disappointing. It looks stunning in the pan but it lacks pigmentation. The shimmer you see in the pan doesn't translate well on the lids.

He Devil - I feel like I've been looking for this shade my whole life! It's a really rich, warm toned brick Red. I have similar shades to this but nothing quite as warm. The texture is incredible soft and so pigmented! I love this in the crease, outer V and lower lash line.

Dirty Talk - This is a warm, Orangey Copper with Golden sheen. It pairs well all over the lid with He Devil in the crease. The pigmentation is far better than Lumbre and applied evenly and smoothly. 

Scorched - is a warm Red toned Brown with a shimmery finish. Again this makes a good lid colour. 

Cayenne - This is a muted mid to dark Brown, with a matte finish. This is another one of my favourite crease and outer v shades. The formula is buttery soft, blend-able and wears well. 

En Fueco - is a warm Reddish Purple shade with a matte finish. It works well for deepening up the crease and smoking out the overall eye look. Although I did find the pigmentation a little sheer compared to the other mattes here. 

Ashes - This is very simialr to En Fuego but slightly darker. 

Ember - and finally Ember. This shade looks completely different in the pan to how it swatches. It looks like a warm, Orange Bronze in the pan but it translates a lot darker with a Purply Brown under tone with a shimmer finish. This does work well all over the lid but for me personally it's not my favourite shade. 

For me this palette is all about the mattes. I found the formula incredible. I actually think Urban Decay have reformulated the existing formula because these are far better in terms of softness and application. I love the warm tones and the shade He Devil is perfect! 

Worth the Hype?

So is it worth the hype? For me yes, 100%! aside from the Ultimate Naked Basic Palette this is my favourite Naked palette to date. The formula and shades are spot on for me! It can create a subtle everyday look or something more dramatic for evening time. I feel like this palette has all my warm toned shadow needs covered! 


Now I'm aware that not everyone has £40 to drop on another palette launch or maybe you just can't wait for the official release date. I have been trying to find some alternatives for you. When I first laid my hands on this palette I was sure I would have a few palettes similar, but on swatching this palette it was surprisingly hard to dupe! Which shocked me, I have at least 30 warm toned eyeshadow palettes and I struggled to find one that had very similar shades in it. Actually the most similar palette I have is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette which doesn't really count as affordable. But I have a few that have similar shades. I've also found some ColourPop and Makeup Geek shadows that are very similar. 

This is a warmed toned palette but it's not as rich as Urban Decay but it does have a similar vibe. This palette actually has a lot more contrast between the shades than the Urban Decay, which I think some people will prefer. The shade Freshly Toasted is the closet shade I can find to the UD He devil. The shimmers in this palette also have a far better pay off than the UD one. Overall, the palette isn't the same but does have similarities. 

This Zoeva palette actually has some very simialr shades. Alchemy (Zoeva) is very simialr to Cayenne (Urban Decay), Edible Gem (Zoeva) is almost identical to Ashes (Urban Decay), Liquid Centre (Zoeva) is to Dirt Talk (Urban Decay). And Universal Delight (Zoeva) is a dupe for Chase. Like the Cocoa Blend I find the shimmers in this palette far better quality in terms of colour pay off. The mattes are on par with each other, but I think the Heat palette slightly edges it in term of softness. But with almost a £20 price difference you can't complain. If I combine this palette and the Cocoa Blend I think we'd have a pretty good dupe between the two! But overall, this is the closest ready made palette I have! 

Makeup Geek & Colour Pop | £5-$5

I had a bash at making some dupes with my Makeup Geek shadows. Which I thought would be pretty easy as these are the warm tones I tend to go for. But it was actually harder than I had anticipated. That said, He Devil from the Heat palette was the one shade I don't have like it! My Makeup Geek and ColourPop dupes are:

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma - this is very similar to Once, only Shimma Shimma is slightly more Pink toned. On the eyes I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference though. 

Makeup Peach Smoothie - This is a good dupe for Chaser.

Makeup Geek Creme Brulee - Creme Brulee is the closest I can find to Sauced. Sauced is slightly warmer though. But again I don't think on the eyes it makes that much of a difference. 

Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan - is pretty much identical to Lumbre. Although the Makeup Geek offer is far more pigmented and softer. 

Makeup Geek Goddess - Goddess is very simialr to Dirty Talk, although Dirt Talk has a slightly warmer under tone. The formulas though are basically the same - both softer and pigmented. 

ColourPop High Strung - I can't believe I haven't got an out right dupe for Scorched either. Scorched is warm toned shimmery Red, Brown, the shade I would usally go for. But the closet I can find is ColourPops High Stung. Which is similar but Scorched is warmer and has Red under tones. The ColourPop offering has an incredibly soft formula though. 

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear - Cocoa Bear is a good dupe for Cayenne. Both are mid toned warm matte Browns. Although I'd say Cayenne is a tad more warm toned. 

Makeup Geek Bitten - Bitten is a reddish warm, Purple kind of colour, pretty much identical to En Fuego. The formula of Bitten feels a lot grittier in the pan though. 

Makeup Cherry Cola - is very simialr to Ashes. Again, this a lot grittier though. 

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Boy Band - is the closest shade to Ember. Although Boy Band is slightly more of a shimmery Bronze than Ember. 

So after spending hours going through my eyeshadow collection and a body full of swatches later I don't have an out right dupe for this palette. I do think the Naked Heat is 100% worth the money and as a lover of warm tones I don't have anything like it so it's a very welcomed addition to my collection. If you are after an affordable alternative though the Zoeva Caramel Melange will fill the void nicely. 

Do you have the Urban Decay Naked Heat? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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