Rita Hazan - The Brand You Should Know About

Celebrity Hairstylists bringing out their own haircare ranges are popping up left right and centre. Rita Hazan is the latest to formulate a line of haircare aimed at coloured hair. With a client list of Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez this range is something to get in a tiz about! I've been testing a few products and I'm ready to report back.

K-Beauty Brands That are Easy To Get In The UK

K-beauty or Korean beauty has taken the UK by storm, With their innovative formulas and sometimes funky packaging. And for good reason, many products offer real results. Sheet masks, essence and products containing Snail Slime are some of the most famous K-Beauty trends. I've been working on this post for ages and I wanted it to be more of a guide to understanding K-Beauty because I find it quite confusing, but to be honest I still find it confusing. So I decided to go for brands that are easy to get in the UK. I see so many amazing products but some just aren't available in the UK. Most places do ship here but it can be expensive and takes ages to arrive. So I kept this to brands that have warehouses or shops in the UK.

My Thoughts on the Ordinary Serum & Coverage Foundation

The blogging community and the rest of the world went crazy when The Ordinary added two new foundations to their line up, The serum foundation and a coverage. I've actually had both for quite a while so I thought it was about time I documented my thoughts.

Best Skincare Discoveries Of The Year So Far

As promised in my Best Makeup Discoveries Of The Year So Far post, I'm back with my favourite skincare discoveries. I feel like this year I really upped my skincare game and really invested in high-end skincare. Plus there was loads of exciting launches from budget brands! So let's get into it.

Summer Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

Despite the rubbish weather we've been having here in the UK I'm still embracing summer makeup! For me summer is all about warm eyes, bronzed skin and pops of colour. So today I have my favourite summer eyeshadows, blushes / bronzers and lip products.

Overnight Skincare Heroes

I'm instantly drawn to anything that promises to work overnight. Going to bed and then waking up looking like you've had a facial is the most satisfying feeling. So today I have a little edit of some of my favourite overnight skincare heroes.

Best Beauty Discoveries of the Year So Far

I can't believe we're over half way through the year already! Yesterday I spent the day watching Insta stories of all the Christmas launches - madness. Anyway I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favourites of the year so far. There has been so many launches this year already but I wanted to stick to the things I've been using over and over or that I always come back to.

Makeup Lately

I test so much makeup so when it makes it's way into my everyday makeup or products I reach for a lot it means it's something special! So here's the makeup I've been reaching for lately. I do have full reviews on most of these products so make sure you check out the links.

Brazillian Bum Bum Cream - Worth The Hype?

Everyone has been talking about the Sol Janerio Bum Bum Cream, which is actually pronounced Boom Boom Cream. Which is said to be the secret to a toned Brazilian booty! Packed with ingredients to lift, firm and smooth the skin. I've used up a whole pot and I'm ready to report back..

Upping My SPF Game

SPF is such an important skincare ingredient regardless of your skin type. I'm an avid tanner so for many years I've avoided it thinking it would be stopping me getting a sun kissed glow. But I have since released my health is far more important! So I've made a conscious effort to up my game,

Love Me Beauty July & Exciting Changes

Another month, another bag of exciting goodies from Love Me Beauty*. I've spoken many times before about my love for this bag. But this month they have made some changes. It still runs on a credit system, every month £10 will buy 60 credits to spend on the beauty products. But there will no longer be any limited edition edits, which means products will remain available to purchase for as long as they are in stock. I personally love this idea, it means there will be more choice of products (there was before but now it will be even better), it also means you keep purchasing your favourite product without actually shelling the total cost of the product. Now we've got the changes out the way on to this months selection I have.

Achieving a Glowing Base - Skincare & Makeup

Glowing skin is my go to look, and if you're a regular reader you'll probably know that by now. I've recently updated a few things in my stash that really help me achieve natural looking, glowing skin. So here they are.

Underrated Brands to check out From Ideal World

Ideal World is a home shopping channel that offers an exenstive range of DIY and household items. But did you know they also stock beauty products? I didn't either! I've been testing loads of brands they stock and to be honest I hadn't heard of most them so I'm super excited to share the lesser known brands with you guys.

Beauty Pie Take Two

My first experience with Beauty Pie didn't go so well (you can read about it here). Beauty Pie is basically a concept with allows you to buy high-end products at cost price. But you have to pay an additional monthly membership cost which is £10. I'm not going to lie I find the concept a little odd. But for some reason I'm really intrigued by there products. And some are really cheap. And many products have received amazing reviews. So I persevered with the concept. I have been testing loads of there products and ready to report back.

A few Drugstore Discoveries

The Drugstore wasn't really doing it for me this month in terms of makeup. I'm trying to be a bit better with money and tend to find I buy loads of drugstore makeup because it's cheap and most of it rarely gets used. So this month I've taken the time to really focus on stuff that will actually get used. But I actually have quite a little collection to share with you.

Everyday Budget Brushes Worth Checking Out

I remember the days when I had like two powder brushes, one for blush and one for face powder, how did I cope? These days there is a brush or tool for every part of makeup application! Plus there are brushes that will set you back more than £30 for one brush. I don't actually own any high-end brushes and I don't feel like I'm missing out. Affordable brands do some amazing brushes. I thought I'd share with you the ones I reach for daily.

5 Fabulous Hair Products For Any Hair Type

Haircare, like skincare is so subjective. It depends on your hair type whether it will work for you or not. I've been testing a few haircare products that I think would be suitable for most hair types. So let's get into to it.

High End Discoveries

June was very exciting in terms of high end discoveries. I managed to get my hands on some goodies that have been on my wishlist for the longest time! So without further ado.

Best In Beauty | June

I actually can't believe it's nearly the end of June, the month literally flew by! Anyway it's time for me to share my products that have really stood out to me this month.