A few Drugstore Discoveries

The Drugstore wasn't really doing it for me this month in terms of makeup. I'm trying to be a bit better with money and tend to find I buy loads of drugstore makeup because it's cheap and most of it rarely gets used. So this month I've taken the time to really focus on stuff that will actually get used. But I actually have quite a little collection to share with you.

L'oreal Hydro Genius | £10

This moisturiser has been doing the rounds on social media and has had really good reviews. So when it was on offer I snapped it up. This is a water that acts as a moisturiser, the idea of the water is that it absorbs quicker leaving skin hydrated and with a healthy glow. This also appealed to me because lathering on a super thick moisturiser in the heat we've been having isn't the best feeling. The light-weight, water like texture does absorb instantly and feels really refreshing on the skin. I got the option for normal to dry skin. But this isn't hydrating enough for me. My skin feels dry and tight an hour later. Paired with a moisturiser this is better, but I didn't find this added any extra hydration than my moisturiser only. So for me this is a bit pointless.

Caolion Sparkling Blackhead Soap* | £4

Caolion is a Korean skincare band that has just landed in Boots. Korean skincare is well known for it's innovative formulas that deliver results so I was super excited to try this. But the fact is soap in regular bar soap form scared me a bit. But I really like this! It did find it little odd to use in comparison to regular cream cleansers though. The soap itself is packed with ingredients like Charcoal and sparkling water to gently exfoliate the skin without any harsh scrubbing or irritation, It also contains Shea Butter to sooth and hydrate the skin. After rinsing this off my skin felt super soft and not dry at all! I haven't noticed anything dramatic in terms blackhead reducing but I really like this! And it's so cheap.

Caolion Pore Tightening Day and Night Duo* | £30

Another Drugstore discovery from Coalion is this day and night cream. Which comes together stacked in pots. I really like the packaging, I think it adds a nice twist to regular creams in separate pots. Both these creams work together to tighten pores and give skin a glowing appearance, but still adding moisture. The night cream is really nice it has a nice light formula, which is surprisingly hydrating! I find that most 'pore reducing' products aren't. The day cream has a gel like consistency that is instantly cooling on the skin and leaves my skin soft and smooth. It also works really well under makeup. Overall, I'm really impressed by what I've tried from the brand so far.

Indeed Labs NanoBlur* | £19.99

I've been testing quite a few things from Indeed Labs and this primer is one of them. And so far I've loved everything I've tried. The brands brings science to it`s products to ensure the best results and this primer is no exception. It was developed with HD cameras in mind to smooth out imperfections. It uses light defusing technology to scatter light particles and give skin a flawless, smooth looking appearance. I've tried many primers like this, which tend to have a silicone, slippery texture. But this feels more like a hydrating cream! Once blended in it goes a little tacky before it dries but once it does it leaves my skin feeling so much smoother. It does blur my imperfections and dehydration lines. I don't think this is a makeup extender but definitely an excellent blurring primer.

Nip + Fab Liquid Lipstick | £7.95

I've had this for quite a while I just keep forgetting to talk about it! When Nip+Fab launched their makeup line it included a whole bunch of liquid lipsticks, all mainly nudes. This one in the shade Pink Lemonade is the only one that stood out to me. It's a Rosey Pink toned nude colour that would be flattering on my skin tones. The formula is pretty good. I found it applied evenly and dried down completely matte. I didn't find this drying until I needed to touch it up. When the colour started to fade in the middle (after around 4 hours) applying more on top was what dried it out and left my lips with that horrible cracked look. But that aside I do like this.

Jordana Liquid Lipstick | £6

Jordana recently launched on Beauty Bay which is a super affordable brand. I went for a liquid lipstick in the shade Tiramisu. Which is a deep Pink toned Brown. And I love this. I'm actually really surprised I haven't heard more people talk about these. Well I'm not sure on the formula across the whole line, but this one is amazing! It applies really well and dries down matte but this isn't drying at all! It has a Velvety feel on the lips that is very comfortable. It wears for a good 5 hours and touching it up is fine! For a £6 liquid lipstick this really rivals some highend ones.

Skinny Tan 7day Tanner* | £19.99

I do love discovering new false tans so when I received a bunch of goodies from Skinny Tan I was super excited. Skinny Tan is a regular false tan, it's formulated with ingredients to help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This 7 day tan is long wearing in a cream formula. It does have a colour guide too. I have the dark shade. But this didn't develop as dark as I like. But that aside this was easy to apply and the colour was nice and even. It did last around 7 days before the colour started to break down to.

Skinny Tan Express Tan Mousse* | £27.99

Alongside the 7 Day Tanner I've been testing the express version. Which promises to develop in one hour, 3 hours for a deeper tan and leave it on overnight to achieve the fullest colour. I leave this over night because I like to be super tanned. And this does give a really deep tan! The mousse is easy to apply and again is tinted. Some mousses can also be drying on the skin but this isn't at all! It lasted around a week too. I think I have found my new favourite tan!

Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer* | £9.99

Another product from Skinny Tan is this Tan Primer. Which is essentially a body scrub. I'm always on the lookout for good body scrubs to remove my false tan. I'm really impressed with this one. Firstly, it smells amazing and it has large scrubby particles. That really lifts away any tan and dead skin. It left my skin so smooth. The tan then applied beautifully over the top! I can't recommend this scrub enough.

I found some real drugstore gems throughout June!

Have you tried any of these? What have you discovered from the drugstore recently?

Until next time...

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