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I remember the days when I had like two powder brushes, one for blush and one for face powder, how did I cope? These days there is a brush or tool for every part of makeup application! Plus there are brushes that will set you back more than £30 for one brush. I don't actually own any high-end brushes and I don't feel like I'm missing out. Affordable brands do some amazing brushes. I thought I'd share with you the ones I reach for daily.

Real Techniques Your Picks Brush Set* | £24.99

I love the RT buffing brush and contour brush but they can only be brought as part of the Core Collection set which has two other brushes, that aren't very good so I was super excited to see them as part of this limited edition set on Face.co.uk. Real Techniques brushes need no introduction . They're super soft, wash well and perform amazingly. I even have some that are a good 5 years old and still going strong. The brushes that come in this set are:

Buffing Brushes - this is my all time favourite foundation brush. It works perfectly at buffing all liquid foundations. Leaving a flawless, seemless even finish.

Contour Brush - this is designed for contour but I love this as a concealer brush. It fits perfectly under the eyes and because it's relatively large it takes no time to blend the concealer in! I use daily without fail.

Deluxe Crease Brush - this brush is for applying eyeshadow to the crease of the eyes. Which it does do well but I have other brushes I prefer to use for that. But I love this as another concealer brush. Because it's quite dense it blends concealer in really well. I particularly love this for blending concealer over blemishes.

Stippling Brush -  I think this is different to the original stippling brush from RT. This one is more fluffy and works better with powder. The original is more dense and works better with cream products. I do actually prefer the original but this makes a nice addition to the set.

Base Eyeshadow Brush - this is eyeshadow for controlled application. It's a great multi tasking brush, it works well for eyeshadow and also for applying setting powder under the eyes or over concealer.

Brush Works Multi Task Brush* | £5.99

Multi tasking brushes are also a good addition to any brush collection. This one in particular is very similar to the RT Buffing brush but the shade is slightly different. This is a great brush for concealer, foundation or cream blush. I don't really like this for powder because the hair is a bit to tightly packed, it makes it difficult to blend in. But for cream products this works so well. This brush is so affordable and Face.co.uk have a whole range of their brushes.

Spectrum Collection Strobe Set* | £34.99

These look a little odd in the photo because they were wet when I took the photo, please don't let that put you off, this set is amazing! I didn't know I really needed this set until I had it, now I use the brushes everyday and don't know what I did without them. The set contains 4 brushes which are all designed to make contouring and highlighter easier. The brushes are:

D001 Duo Fibre Large Stippling Brush - This is my go to brush for bronzer. It's large fluffy head applies bronzer seamlessly anywhere on the face.

D02 Small Stippling Brush - this is exactly the same as the large one only smaller. It's the perfect brush blush. It also works well with highlighter.

D03 Duo Fibre Large Strobe Brush - this is described as the perfect brush for applying cream or powder highlighter. But I love this for contouring. The brushes are rounded but still have a kind of flat shade which fits perfectly under the cheek bones. Because it's a duo fibre brush it doesn't pick to much product so there's no chance of going overboard! It blends powder products out really well. I couldn't live without this now!

D04 Small Strobe Brush - this is the same as the Large Strobe Brush only slightly smaller. This one is ideal for highlighter! It applies highlighter perfectly to anywhere you want it!

I use this whole set everyday and I really cant recommend it enough. It's definitely work investing in.

Spectrum Perfect Blend Set | £29.99

Another set from Spectrum I love is the Eye Set which includes 8 brushes to achieve the perfect eye look. Now I don't use all of the brushes everyday but they are essential in my collection! The brushes in this set are:

A16 - Procession Crease Brush - This brush has a small flat head. It's perfect for precisely applying lid colours.

B06 Tall Tapered Blender - The B06 has become my go to crease brush. It has long fluffy brissles that are prefect for applying crease eyeshadows. It blends them out seamlessly to.

B04 - Small Angled Shader - The slight angled but fluffy head makes this perfect for adding shadow to the outer v. This also works well as a crease brush.

A08 Medium Fluffy Shader - Is slightly flatter than your regular blending brush, but still super fluffy so it's perfect for deepening up the crease shade.

A07 Stubby Shader - The A07 has short, densely packed and it's quite thick too. This is perfect for lid shades or creating an ombre effect to the lid colours.

A12 Fluffy Pencil - This has quickly become my go to brush for applying shadow to the lower lash line. It applies shadow exactly where I want it but it still blends it out.

A13 Short Smudger - has very short densely packed hairs which makes it ideal for blending out eyeliner and creating a really smokey eye.

C06 Tulip Eye Contour - This brush is very large, it's almost like a concealer brush! But it's super fluffy and is great for blending all eyeshadow shades together.

This spectrum set is perfect, all the brushes are super soft and perform brilliantly. They all wash well too. Plus I think this is good value money.

So Eco Powder Brush* | £8.50

For powder I reach for this without fail, I actually have Two. It's large, fluffy and so soft! It's quite dense so it packs on the powder but blends it in with ease. This washes really well, doesn't shed and is affordable too!

Eco Tool Brush Duo* | £10 for the set

This brush comes in a set with a fan brush, which I do like but I don't reach for it all that often. This One however, is perfect for blush. I find most blush brushes too large for my cheeks but this one is perfect. It's so soft too. It applies blush evenly and leaves it with a natural finish.

Eco Tools Stippling Brush* | £17 (part of a set)

Eco Tools is such an under rated brand, another favourite from them is this Stippling Brush. It came as part of the limited addition set, which I highly recommend (read more about that set here). But this brush in particular I use daily for bronzer. I'm not sure why but this just applies bronzer seamlessly. The size is perfect too - it's not too big nor too small.

Eco Tools Setting Brush* | £17 (part of a set)

Like the Stippling Brush this is also part of the limited edition set. I can't rave about this enough. This is the best setting brush I've come across. It's just the right size to set concealer under the eyes and any small places I want to set. I use this everyday without fail.

There are some of my budget everyday makeup brushes.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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