K-Beauty Brands That are Easy To Get In The UK

K-beauty or Korean beauty has taken the UK by storm, With their innovative formulas and sometimes funky packaging. And for good reason, many products offer real results. Sheet masks, essence and products containing Snail Slime are some of the most famous K-Beauty trends. I've been working on this post for ages and I wanted it to be more of a guide to understanding K-Beauty because I find it quite confusing, but to be honest I still find it confusing. So I decided to go for brands that are easy to get in the UK. I see so many amazing products but some just aren't available in the UK. Most places do ship here but it can be expensive and takes ages to arrive. So I kept this to brands that have warehouses or shops in the UK.


Corsrx are pretty easy to get the UK. It can be found on Cult Beauty, BeautyBay and Amazon. They have a range of products from blemish busters to super intense overnight moisture treatments. I've only tried a couple of things from the brand but they are both everyday essentials in my skincare routine. They are:

Corsrx BHA Power Liquid* | £22 | REVIEW

This is a pore purifying liquid that looks like a toner. But I use it like a serum and just pat it into my skin. It contains Willow Bark which is known for its ability to purge pores, to prevent and treat breakouts. This stuff really does what it claims. I've been using this on my nose where I have blackheads and they do look reduced. I've heard people say this has also helped their pore size, I don't have an issue with that so I'm not sure. I don't find this drying on my dehydrated skin either.

Corsrx Hyaluronic Acid Over Night Cream* | £15 | REVIEW

This is an intense overnight mask packed with hyluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. This comes in a huge pot. I've been using it for months and I've barely made a dent in it. This cream is rich and so hydrating. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine. It definitely plumps and adds hydration. In the morning my skin looks so much better and less dehydrated.


Skinfood have just launched at Boots. It's amazing that K-Beauty brands are actually available in UK stores. Although their range at Boots only consists of 3 products, I'm hoping they'll expand soon because they have some amazing sounding products.

SkinFood Black Sugar Cleanser* | £16

This cleanser contains Black sugar, skin loving oils and refined rice to gently lift away impurities, makeup and cleanse the skin. It has a creamy texture that when mixed with water turns milky. I like to use this as a second cleanser because it feels so nice on the skin. This is actually one of the most moisturising cleaners I've ever tried. Its not drying at all my skin actually feels like I've applied moisturiser after but not in way that it hasn't cleaned my skin, if that makes sense. The pot is also huge, this will last ages. I can't wait to try more from the brand.


Another K-Beauty brand available at Boots is Coalion. Like Skinfood their range isn't huge but they have some real winners. I've tried:

Coalion Sparkling Soap* | £4 | REVIEW

I was a little apprehensive of a soap. I have dehydrated skin and soaps tend to be far to drying. But this is different. It's formulated with Coconut Oil and Hyluronic acid so it isn't drying at all! It claims to target blackheads and breakout. But I didn't actually notice this improving my current blackheads I think it's helped stop more from forming. And leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh without being stripping.

Caolion Pore Tightening Day and Night Duo | £30 | REVIEW 

Another thing I've tried from Coalion is this little duo. I love the stacked packaging. It houses a day and night cream. The day cream is really nice, light but hydrating gel cream. It's instantly refreshing for my skin and leaves it hydrated all day. The night cream claims to tighten pores overnight and give skin a glow. I don't have a pore problem so I can't comment on that. But this definitely leaves my skin looking more radiant, soft and hydrating.

Tony Moly

This is the brand that first introduced me to the K-Beauty world. Tony Moly is available from BeautyBay, Cult Beauty and Amazon. I have few things from the brand but the most famous are the sheet masks. My favourite is the Tea Tree Soothing Mask. I have a whole post on Tony Moly sheet masks here. Pictured is the Egg Pore Steam Blackhead Mask. Which is a self heating mask that lifts out impurities in the skin that cause blackheads. I've not actually used this yet but it sounds promising.

Other brands available in the UK are:

3Concept Eyes

But I've not tried anything from these brands yet.

Have you tried any of these? What are your K-Beauty favourites that are easy to get in the UK?

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