Upping My SPF Game

SPF is such an important skincare ingredient regardless of your skin type. I'm an avid tanner so for many years I've avoided it thinking it would be stopping me getting a sun kissed glow. But I have since released my health is far more important! So I've made a conscious effort to up my game,

I'm sure most of you know the risk of prolonged skin exposure. But if you didn't they include; Higher risk of skin cancer and premature Skin ageing amongst others.

I've been testing various different SPF for what feels like ages and have some favourites to share with guys.


A facial SPF is so important, even on cloudy days. I've started using an facial SPF everyday because my face is always out the sun. Plus I love an AHA exfoliator which increases the skins sensitivity to the skin so it is even more important if you use AHA's.

NUXE Delicious Sun For Face* | £18

This is one of my favourite facials SPFs. It has a factor 30 protection. I've been doing some research and apparently SPF 30 is a good choice to go for - I read that there's not that much difference between a 30 and 50. It has a lighter consistency that melts into the skin with ease. It sits well under makeup and doesn't interfere with it. It doesn't break me out either and it seems amazing. The only downside is I don't think this has UVB protection.

Nannic UV Shield* | £37.99

Nannic have a winning SPF. It's a spray on mist that can be used over makeup! So it can be reapplied throughout the day. It has an SPF 20 but it can be easily reapplied as and when it's needed. There has also been some controversy over the ingredients used in Suncream, to block out the the suns harmful rays they are usually packed full of chemicals that are arguably bad for you body but this one is formulated with extra large particles so they can't be absorbed into the blood steam! It has a light mist that doesn't disrupt makeup at all. You do have to hold this quite far away from your face and it does leave a few white specs on the face. But that aside I really can't recommend this enough. Especially if you're on the go.

Teoxane Advanced Protecting Shield* | £48

This is a relatively new addition to my skincare routine but it has quickly become one of my favourites. This is an SPF skincare hybrid. Not only does it provide sun protection it is also hydrating and has all the benefits of a regular moisturiser. This is hydrating enough for my dehydrated skin so it's a win win. This doesn't leave a white cast and works well under makeup. It has SPF 30.

Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid* | £9

This is the lightest of them all. It's not greasy at all either and really does dry quickly and feels invisible on the skin. It has SPF 30 that protects from UVA and UVB rays so it's a great all rounder. I think people with oily skin would really love this because it looks matte on the skin and doesn't give any extra hydration, it purely protects your skin. The only slight down side is I did find this did flash back a bit under the camera flash.


I'm not as picky with body SPFs as with the face. I think as long as they stop me burning that's all that matters. But  in research for this post I definitely found some I prefer over others. My favourites are:

NUXE Delicious SPF For body* | £18

Another winner from Nuxe is this. This is a great low SPF, which would be ideal for those  who don't burn but would like the protection. It's also hydrating as well. Which I love, my skin is really dry so whenever I apply this it instantly revives my dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Like the Nuxe face SPF it's worth noting that this doesn't contain UVB protection.

Ladival Sun Protection Spray* | £20

Ladival is a brand I've been seeing everywhere so I was super intrigued to try this. This has the recommended SPF 30 and protects against UVA and UVB rays, in a super light weight, non greasy formula. When I was testing different SPFs the one thing I hated was the thick heavy feeling they left on the skin but that doesn't feel like that all. This is also water proof but it is recommend to reapply after swimming or being in water. It's also in spray form so it's super easy and convenient to use. If your looking for a good body sunscreen I can't recommend this enough.

When choosing an SPF its worth remembering that they need to be reapplied, especially in hot weather so go for One that will be easy to do so.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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