A Few Drugstore Discoveries

I think regular readers will know how much I love a good drugstore find. Throughout August I've made some really noteworthy discoveries that I'm excited to share with you guys.

Sukin Facial Recovery Serum | £13.95

Sukin is a brand I'm not too familiar with so when I saw them on offer in Boots I picked up a couple of things. One of them being this serum. Which is packed with natural hydrating and brightening ingredients. The ingredients list is actually readable too, which is always a good sign. It also contains Lactic Acid. The consistency is very watery but it sinks in really quickly. I'm so impressed with this. It's definitely very hydrating and my skin looks brighter and smoother since I've been using this! I really can't recommend this enough.

Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisture | £7.95

Next from the brand I have this moisturiser. It is aimed at sensitive skin, I find sensitive moisturisers work so much better on my skin. They don't make me break out and can be used around the eyes. Like the serum I'm in love with this. It's quite a thick cream, but it absorbs quickly, leaving my skin so soft and smooth. It's also hydrating enough for dehydrated skin. It works well under makeup too. I love this so much I've been using it as part of my evening routine too.

Caolion Hot and Cool Pore Pack* | £24

I'm so pleased to see Korean brands on the UK market and Caolion is one of them. I'm already a huge fan of the products I've already tried and this is no exception. It's a Two step mask that aims to tighten pores, while still being hydrating and anti ageing. The first mask is a Hot Pore mask that gives the skin a deep cleanse, and removes dead skin cells to revel brighter, younger looking skin. I really like this mask. I didn't find it self heating or anything, but it did give my skin a deep clean, leaving it soft and smooth. The second mask has a cooling effect to tighten pores. And I did find this tingled on my skin but not in an uncomfortable way. After using both the masks my skin feels incredible clean and soft.

Revlon Colour Stay Cream Eyeshadows* | £6.99

Cream eyeshadows are just one of the best things ever! They're so easy to use, just sweep it on with a finger and it take minimal blending. These ones from Revlon are definitely some to check out. They are so creamy and pigmented and dry down so they don't budge! I think these are pretty much crease proof. I have two shades 710 and 755. 710 is the must gorgeous shimmery Brown, Bronze shade. It's perfect for everyday wear. 755 is a shimmery Grey colour. It works really well for a more dramatic smokey eye. Overall, I'm really impressed with these! They even come with a little brush that slots perfectly into the lid.

Revlon Colour Stay Brow Pencil* | £6.99

Next from Revlon I have this brow pencil. I've really got into experimenting with my brows and gone are the days where I stick to one product so I was super excited to try this. I have the shade 220 Dark Brown which is too dark for me. But I really like the formula. It's quite a stiff, waxy consistency but I find that this also helps hold the brows in place, kind of like a brow pencil and gel in one! The tip is also super easy to work with. I also really like that it's a retractable pencil rather than a shaped one. It's also comes with a great spoolie on the end!

Revlon Colour Stay 2in1 Angled Kajal* | £7.99

I've become obsessed with this liner! This is the most pigmented, long wearing Kajal I've come across in the drugstore. The shade Onyx is super Black, it has the kind of pigmentation you would expect from a liquid or gel liner. And the formula is so creamy and easy to work with. It even comes with an angled liner brush to smudge and blend it. My only issue with this is that I wish the tip was smaller too so I could get a really fine line on the upper lash line. But that aside this is an excellent drugstore eye liner!

Revlon Mega Lash Multiplier* | £9.99

I'm a drugstore mascara girl so I was surprised I hadn't tried this before! But anyway, I have now and I love it! It has a bristle brush which I don't tend to like but I really like this one! It grabs all the lashes and gives them amazing definition, length and volume. The formula is really nice too. I find it holds the curl real all day and doesn't flake or smudge! This is a good solid all rounder.

L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara | £11.99

Another mascara I've been testing is this one, which has generated a bit of hype on the Blogosphere! It's been dubbed a duper for the famous Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. And I can confirm it is. The brushes are pretty much identical and it does the same thing to my lashes. If you put them both in plain packaging I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. But for me this isn't a good thing. I don't overly like the brush, I find it doesn't grab the lashes well so it doesn't give much length. It does gives good volume though. It is an ok mascara, I just have ones I prefer. If you like the Too Faced one you will love this.

GOSH Strobe n Glow Kit Highlighter* | £12.99

I recently went to the GOSH A/W Launch event and was given a load if their goodies (post coming soon) but I have a few I wanted to talk about. One of them being this highlighter palette. Which is huge and houses 4 different highlighter tones. I think this would suit most skintones. All the shades are well pigmented and not chunky or glittery at all! They blend really nicely into the skin leaving behind a subtle sheen, that catches the light really well. Just a heads up this will replace the Giant Sun Powder, so if you like that or have been wanting to try it go get it while you can. Overall, this a really nice affordable highlighter palette.

GOSH Prime & Set Banana Powder* | £9.99

The new collection also includes their greatly loved Prime and Set powder but in a Yellow shade. Yellow powders are great for setting under the eyes and adding brightness to the face. I really like this powder. The Yellow pigmentation is spot on, it's not too Yellow nor not pigmented enough to actually do anything. It sets my concealer really well, without being overly drying. This is one of the best, affordable Yellow powders I've tried. Definitely one to check out.

St. Moriz Ultra Finish Tan* | £9.99

I think instant tan is a love or hate product. I have personally only ever come across one I actually really like. But I'm happy to report that I do really like this! It's like a foundation for you body! It blurs any marks, scars or veins, leaving skin with a skin kissed glow. It's really easy to apply streak free. And it doesn't transfer or rub off onto my clothes.

Nano Teeth Whitening Strips* | £25

I'm always looking for an affordable way to Whiten my teeth so I jumped at the chance to try these. They're strips that stick to teeth to gently Whiten them. They contain Enamel safe ingredients too. They're actually really comfortable to wear. Whenever I've seen people wearing this kind of strips it looks like that have sellotape over their teeth. But this feels like a really soft, thin rubber. They mould to teeth perfectly and stay in place too. I've been using them everyday, for 30 minutes over the last 2 weeks and I think my teeth do look a little whiter! Nothing dramatic, but I will be definitely be repurchasing.

Aside from the L'oreal Mascara this has been another successful month for the drugstore.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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