Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette - Is it Really That Bad?

The internet has gone crazy about this palette and not in a good way! I've seen videos of people hitting pan on the first use, moaning about the fall out and how powdery they are, people stopping their reviews half way through because they cant work with the shadows. I love the Modern Renaissance Palette last year but I wasn't too fussed about the shades in this palette until an email from BeautyBay landed in my inbox and I decided to treat myself as it was my birthday! When I received it I was a little scared to use it because of all the negative reviews I'd seen. But is it as really bad as everyone claims?

First of all it comes in the same Velvet packaging as the Modern Renaissance but in a dark Blue colour. I personally don't love this type of packaging, it gets messy quickly and dirt sticks to it. But I can over look packaging. The shadows are also laid out the same. And it comes with a brush. It's not the worst brush to come in a palette but I still prefer my regular brushes.

The shades actually look completely different in person to what I've seen in photos. They're a lot warmer and look more useable than I originally thought. There are some really unique shades and don't have anything like this in my collection. The shades are:

Cube - is a shimmery, off White colour with a Pink shift too.

Dawn - Is a matte pale, warm Orange colour.

Destiny - is a matte Olive Green.

Adorn - Is a shimmery metallic warm Copper colour. This is super smooth and not powdery at all. It's not as pigmented as I was expecting. I imagined this to a have a foil finish. But it makes a really nice lid colour.

All Star - this is a rich warm Plum colour. The texture is smooth and works well in the outer v .

Mercury - is a mid to dark toned Brown that leans slightly warm.

Axis - is a deep, matte Teal colour. It's such a stunning shade.

Roxy - is a matte warm Orange. I love this as a crease shade, This is the shade that I've seen videos of it practically disintegrating when a brush is swirled in it. Mine hasn't done that. It is powdery but so soft and pigmented.

Electric - this is a shimmery Gold colour with Green flecks in it. It's not as pigmented as I'd hoped but a very unique shade that I can work with.

Fudge - I think this is an original shade available in a single. In the pan this looks like a warm mid to dark Brown. But it actually translates a lot darker and cooler on the lid.

New Wave - is a mid, warm toned Orange colour. I really like this shade, it makes a brilliant crease colour.

Untamed - Is a muted matte, dark Green shade.

Edge - Is a bright matte, Yellow colour.

Rowdy - is a beautiful deep matte, Burgundy that leans slightly warm.

Most of the mattes are very powdery and do kick up a lot of dust but I had no issue with fallout on my face. In some review videos people were moaning that there was fallout everywhere, I haven't had this issue.  The mattes in this palette are all incredibly pigmented!! The most pigment I've ever seen in an eyeshadow palette and I own a lot! I think the key to prevent fall out is to lightly dab your brush and not swirl your brush in it. Just a light dap will give you enough pigment. They lasted all day on me too.

My eyeshadow application skill is average at best so when I saw people complaining that their eyeshadow looked messy, that's how mine looks if I tried to layer so many shadows and create something dramatic so I didn't think this was overly an issue. It's rare that I use more than 3 eyeshadows for a look so layering and blending them wasn't an issue I had. I will say they are a little more difficult to blend and do take a little longer than other eyeshadows but I think this is due to how pigmented they are.

I had no issue with this oxidising on me either. I think, bare in mind when watching reviews is most Youtubers tend to be makeup artists and are very talented when applying eyeshadows and they've had a lot of experiences with other formulas and textures, I think your average person probably wouldn't have an issue with the shades.

I want to just mention that the shade Fudge, which can be brought as a single is just as powdery as the other shades and no one has complained about this in the pan version (well not that I've seen).

Overall, I really like this palette and I don't regret buying it. I see what Anastasia Beverly Hills were trying to do with this palette - bring us the most soft, most pigmented eyeshadows!

Please remember I think we can tell from the reviews of this palette just how subjective makeup is so just because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you.

You can buy this palette from Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay (£41).

Have you brought this palette? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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