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Charcoal seems to popping up in most beauty products from Face Washes to Toothpaste! I realised I had quite a little collection of products with the ingredient in so I thought I'd put together an Ingredient 101. Charcoal has many skincare benefits and has even been used in medicine. But why is this such an effective ingredient?

The theory behind it is that it attracts toxins and absorbs them. So in terms of using it on the skin it will attract dirt and excess oils and they will be washed away when you remove it. Perfect for fighting acne and those pesky blemishes. When I was putting this post together I realised that products that contain Charcoal are some of my favourites so the theory must have merit.

Products that contain charcoal might also be a good alternative to those who are sensitive to chemical exfoliants like AHA and BHAs, which are also a top ingredient for fighting acne and oils. Although Charcoal doesn't actually renew the skin in the same way AHA / BHA's do (well not that that I've found anyway). If you want more info on AHAs see this post.

My favourite products that contain Charcoal are:

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask | £16

This is one of my favourite face masks! It contains a whole load of skin purifying ingredients alongside Charcoal. This does tingle when it's applied to the skin but not in a bad way! It dries down but is still easy to remove. And the results really speak for themselves. After leaving this on for 15 minutes my skin looks so much brighter, and clearer. It also leaves my skin so smooth. If I have a breakout or my skin looks a bit dull, this is my go to mask. I really can't recommend it enough.

Origins Activated Charcoal Mask | £25 (Full size)

Origins make some amazing masks, this one included. This uses activated Charcoal to act as a magnet to draw out dirt and debris. The mask itself is Black and dries down but not in an uncomfortable way. I like to reach for this after a long day when my skin feels icky and gross! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh. It also looks brighter.

Sukin Anti Pollution Mask | £7.97

I've been testing a few things from Sukin and I'm so impressed (I will have more on the other products very soon) and this mask is so good given its price point. This, like the other mask, contains that wonder ingredient Charcoal, alongside Quince Aids to help reduce pores. While I haven't really noticed a difference in my pores this is a great gentle, deep cleansing mask. It doesn't feel harsh or stripping on the skin at all but it still leaves it feeling super clean and looking brighter! If you find deep cleansing masks too much, definitely check this out!

My Natural Smile Slat Blackwood Tooth Paste* | £14.99 (pack of 3)

Lastly I have a Toothpaste. The theory of how Charcoal works on the skin works in the same on teeth, lifting stains to make teeth brighter and Whiter. I've tried a few Charcoal Toothpastes and I like them. But they are so messy! They get Black stuff every where! But that aside and some I've tried are really difficult to rinse the Black paste off my teeth, so while in theory it does Whiten but then leaves my teeth Black! This one from My Natural Smile is different though, it rinses away fine, without leaving a Black residue! It has a light, Minty taste and leaves my teeth feeling so clean! I don't think my teeth are overly stained so I'm not sure if it helped those but I'm using it as more of a preventative measure! It's also worth noting this contains all natural ingredients.

In my experience Charcoal is a great ingredient that provides real results!

What are your thoughts on Charcoal in skincare?

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